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Posted on Nov 14, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 39 comments


Thank goodness for long weekends, that’s all I have to say! Mine was a-hustlin’ and a-bustlin’ with trips to the dog park, homemade sushi, and getting schwasted-faced at my friends’ band’s show. Before all of that, though, my work-free Friday started off with a trip to the zoo!

Autumnal Zoo

I always forget that the National Zoo is so easily accessibly, picturesque, and the best part, FREE! So when my friend Sarah suggested we hit it up, I was more than game!

Zoo Lights
Asian Trail

As evidenced by the incredibly wind-blown hair I’m sporting in the picture that Sarah took of me above, it ended up being quite the blustery day. That certainly didn’t stop us from getting trigger happy with our cameras though!

Say Cheese!

Cheetahs and pandas and elephants, oh my!

Cheetah Cheetah!

We had been hoping that the new elephant house they’re building would have been ready, but we were off by… oh, about 2 years. (2013 y’all!) I really like that the National Zoo brings so much attention and fundraising to the diminishing Asian elephant population, so the existing exhibit was still a lot of fun to check out.

Donate to a Good Cause

Especially for those of us with an incredibly sophisticated sense of humor…


Post-zoo, we went to have lunch at Open City, a neat little coffeshop/restaurant/bar right by the metro.

Open City

It was really cute! The place was hoppin’ so the service was a tad slow but I loved their drink menu: so many different kinds of teas! Sarah got a mulled apple cider that was to die for.

Also, she has the best iPhone case EVER. I want.

Inevitably I ended up being too indecisive on the beverage front, so I just stuck with water to go alongside my Open City burger. Cheeseburger + bacon, yes prz!


After nommage, I continued my social Friday by meeting Hilary for coffee! I felt horrible because with all the travel time from the zoo I ended up being SUPER late for our meeting (and I generally pride myself for my punctuality, shocking as that may sound) but she graciously forgave me and we had a great conversation.

Hi Hilary!

She also generously gave me a couple cases of La Croix sparkling water because she ended up trying it and hating it, haha. More for me!

Are you a zoo-goer? I know that many people feel strongly against zoos and aquariums, and that they can be kind of controversial. That being said, I have to admit that I do still like visiting them. I think part of it continues to stem from my continued hope that one time they’re just going to let me take one of the otters home with me.

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Posted on Sep 5, 2010 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Lions and Tigers and Pandas, Oh My!

So today we visited the National Zoo! After a little bit of a fiasco finding a parking spot and then trying to walk to the park FROM the parking spot, we made it in, and I got to see a few animals. Unfortunately the pandas AND elephants were all inside each time I went to those exhibits so I didn’t get to see any. If that wasn’t enough, the sea lion and otter habitats were closed for construction too! But I did at least get to see some Asian Small-Clawed Otters (river otters) which were soooooooo adorable. Alas, I forgot to take pictures while I was there, but they were super cute. It was also a really beautiful day today, and between the zoo and the parking situation I got a LOT of walking in.

After the zoo, I headed back to the house to rescue the pupsters, chilled for a bit and then walked them (more walking!!) over to my parents’ house since some relatives were in town. So we grilled out with my uncles and aunts and the parents and the sibs (and the pups) and ended up randomly watching the Thomas Crown Affair on TV. Such a clever, engrossing movie but I had totally forgotten just how much you see of Renee Russo’s boobs, hahahahahaha. I did end up indulging a little in a small slice of blueberry pie after dinner with some vanilla fro-yo. A sweet way to end the day though, and hey — blueberries have antioxidants! 😛

Anyway, to recap the rest of this nice weekend, yesterday morning I went to the Farmer’s Market with my mom and aunt and picked up some delicious fresh produce:

I got some interesting items, too! A white eggplant, an assortment of peppers (including some hot chilis that will be interesting to play with!), some more romano beans (love), and a few summer squash which includes a half-yellow half-green one that I had never seen before!

As I walked home (even more walking!!) I passed by this small (and I mean TINY) Asian grocery store and decided to check it out. I’m always driving by spice stores, small grocery stores, etc, and saying “I need to check that out!” and then forgetting about it. So this time, I made good on that thought and stopped in! It was, as I mentioned, really tiny but I did find some great sauces that my mom keeps at home.

I love these sauces! And they’re definitely the kind of thing that you never think about actually buying until you see them. So very happy with that discovery. I also picked up some shrimp crackers for Ben (my brother), which considering he finished the entire bag in one sitting, I’m assuming was much appreciated. Haha!

While I was at the market, Ben and his girlfriend (Taylor) headed to Ikea and bought some new furniture. We got a couple of awesome shelf units for the kitchen, and now I feel it looks so Better Home & Garden!

Any excuse to class up my kitchen! Anyway, we filled it up with knick-knacks, and still have a couple of empty shelves but I really feel like it adds a lot to the kitchen. I’ll have to post a few full-kitchen pictures at some point to give you all an idea of what it looks like. There’s still a lot to be done to truly make it a domestic haven! After all, the prettier the kitchen, the more time I’m going to want to spend in it cooking healthy meals!

Anyhoo — tomorrow is Monday, and it’s Labor Day, which means I don’t have to labor and in fact get to do NOTHING! Which I am exceedingly excited about, in case you can’t tell. I look forward to sleeping in and relaxing before hitting the work week again. Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday weekend!!

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