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Posted on Nov 9, 2012 in Fashion | 32 comments

Fashion Friday: I Hate Pants

I am most decidedly not a lover of pants. In fact, a lot of the time, I hate them. I hate them good.

See, pants get all up in your business. They bunch, and they creep up, and they cut across your stomach pooch. Really, they’re just cruel. Because when you find that one elusive pair of pants, that holy grail of trousers, the ones that make your ass look downright smackable? Of course, they’re too big in the waist. Or too short. Or too tight. There are just too many measurements, too many opportunities for something to look wrong, for them not to fit. And let me tell you, as a professional loser of weight, making sure things fit is really important. For, like, self-esteem or something.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have my fair share of jeans, skinny and bootlegged and colorful. I have them, and I wear them, but it’s always with the slightest tinge of regret. Because if I had my druthers, I would wear dresses 100% of the time. See, dresses I get. Dresses fit, even if you’re in between sizes. Dresses can skim over your hips and accentuate your waist. Dresses flatter, feel flirty and feminine and… whoa, that’s a lot of F’s. Where was I?

Oh yes, dresses. They are my fashion loves. The ultimate clothing for the lazy gal: top and bottom in one. But, alas, until I move to paradise, I am not in a position to be able to go bare-legged all 12 months of the year. I must make concessions.

Fortunately, those concessions really ain’t so bad because of a little thing called… spandex. Yep, with this miracle of stretchy miracles, covering up my legs can be kind of fun! Which is why my winter wardrobe actually doesn’t differ all that much from my summer one. No matter what the season, it’s comprised of lots and lots of dresses, just paired with a cardigan and… tights.

YES, TIGHTS. No longer just for old ladies and cotillions, tights are the ish, my friends. They make dresses winter-wearable, they can make slightly-too-short things work appropriate, and as a bonus, they even often slim and smooth you down. Self-esteem, I’m sayin’! And tights’ cousin, leggings, are something I’m an equal fan of. I guess technically leggings are pants, but again, spandex. No zipper, no button, just streeeeetch. Alls I gotta do is pair ’em with a tunic or long sweater, and I’m good to go. Which is why when I saw a post opportunity through the Clever Girls Collective for No nonsense tights and leggings, I jumped right aboard that train.

No nonsense sent me one pair of their tights, and one pair of leggings, to try out and style in my normal fashion. Already an avid fan of both types of clothing (bahaha, how lame does that make me sound?), but always one to stray from anything boring (I literally have, like, 6 pairs of black tights — leftovers from my school uniform days, hahaha), I was excited to see that the samples they sent me were really fun. You doubt me? Hey, check ’em out for yourself!

No nonsense-2.jpg No nonsense-7.jpg

I got sent a pair of dark purple patterned tights, and a pair of red CORDUROY leggings. Woot! All my leggings until now have just been black ankle-length ones ($6 at Target, what up!), save for one pair of long purple ones from Old Navy that I have literally worn into the ground. No, seriously. There’s a giant hole at the bottom of one leg, cause I always leave ’em looped around my heel. Oops. I guess you guys can be the judge of whether I “styled” them well, eh? (Please ignore the fact that my hair is a not-so-hot mess. It was wiiiiindy today!)

Tights, you’re up!

No nonsense-3.jpg
No nonsense-1.jpg
No nonsense-4.jpg
The middle shot is what I like to call my “mail-order catalog” look, hahahaha.

Wrap Dress: Old Navy, Tank: Loft, Shoes: Cole Haan (from DSW)

No nonsense-8.jpg
No nonsense-6.jpg
No nonsense-5.jpg
Did I have a little too much fun with that pumpkin? Nahhhhhh.

Lace tank: Old Navy, Sweater: H&M, Shoes: Cole Haan (from DSW)

I’m always quite honest about the products that I receive to review, but I really don’t have any complaints! The leggings are ridiculously comfortable, and they’re really warm, too. They do have some funny creases in the corduroy, but I’m sure those will go away with washing. The tights seem like they’re high quality, and the control top is smoothing but not spanx-like. The first outfit is actually what I wore to work (explains the wrinkles, haha), and I got a few compliments on the tights specifically!

My understanding of No nonsense’s distribution, based on their product locator, is that they are available in pharmacies and grocery stores (at least in my area). I will admit that normally, I probably wouldn’t buy them if I just saw them hanging in CVS, because it seems sketch and that’s not where I go to buy not-pants. That said, I now know better, and will definitely be keeping an eye out! (And I just realized they also have an online store. Whoo!)

Are you a leggings and/or tights kind of gal? I used to be vehemently opposed to tights, because they’re a pain in the butt to put on. But I’ve come to realize that some things are just worth the struggle. And I’ve always been pro-leggings (for once, the Leggings Are Not Pants! argument actually works in my favor… because I hate pants. I don’t know if I’ll ever be okay with jeggings though.

Find your pair of affordable No nonsense tights and leggings here. I was sponsored by No nonsense for this opportunity. All opinions are my own.

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Posted on Feb 15, 2011 in Dear Diary, Fail | 22 comments

Spill Fail

Wellps, I started off my Wednesday morning outstandingly, I must say. I managed to knock over an entirely full cup of hot green tea all over my desk at work the second I put it down, which effectively killed my computer mouse (though honestly, who uses a roller track ball-mouse anymore?!) In retrospect I probably should have taken a picture of the gloriousness of the spillage, but oh well. All’s well that ends well, I suppose, and I did get to steal a snazzy laser mouse from one of the unused computers in the back, at least. On to less stressful things!

So as you all are probably aware, I’ve been perusing the fashion blogs a lot lately and attempting to emulate at least a little style, now that I don’t feel (and hopefully also don’t look) like a beached whale in certain kinds of clothing anymore. I’m all about the NSVs (non-scale victories) so I’m going to relay my latest one to you lucky, lucky folk. About a week or so I ordered a couple pairs of colorful tights from We Love Colors after seeing how awesome people were making them look. Plus, I wanted more of an excuse to wear skirts while it’s still cold out. However, immediately they became more of a future investment after seeing the size chart:

S/M 4’11” – 5’5″ 90 – 135lbs
M/L 5’5″ – 5’11” 135 – 168lbs

As we all know, while I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the past 6 months, I am NOT 168 pounds yet. I don’t even know if I’ll be 168 lbs at the END of this journey. I don’t even think I know that many 5’11” women who weigh 168 pounds, let alone my little 5’9″ self, haha. I got two pairs in the M/L size anyway, figuring that in another few months I should be able to fit them as I continue to lose weight. Just for kicks I tried a pair on last night, and lo and behold… they fit! Granted, I have to shimmy a little to get them positioned right at the top, but I can totally pull them off. 😉 My pride was the focal point of my outfit today:

And while the dress itself is now two sizes too big (w00t!), I thought that I should probably wear something toned down and neutral on top if I’m going to try to pull off colorful tights. Does it work? You tell me, hahaha. While my tights-fittage makes me question We Love Colors’ size chart a little, I guess that creating a size chart for tights in the first place must be kind of challenging. After all, everyone’s weight is distributed a little differently throughout their bodies — why do you think we have so many different body shape out there? Hourglass, apple, pear, boy-shaped, lanky… depending on which magazine you’re reading, there are a kajillion.

What body shape do you consider yourself to have? Do you ever find it difficult to dress a certain way, or pull off a certain style because of it?

I consider myself to have an hourglass shape, because I find that my chest/shoulders and hips/butt are pretty equal in proportion, and I have a defined waist (well, at least it’s defined now even if it wasn’t before!) Because I’m “curvy” though (and I do believe that term will always apply to me, even if I weighed 150 libbies) I find it’s hard to pull off a lot of the trendy styles that don’t have a defined waistline, like an unstructured sheath (example) I also find that empire-style tops and dresses just make me look preggers, hahahaha.

Btw, in case you can’t see too clearly in the pics above, on my tootsies are my new Nine West hidden-platform booties:

They make me into a giantess, but I’m really loving wearing high heels a lot more now that I’m a little lighter. I guess it’s really true about how much being overweight can affect things you don’t even consciously think about — like the pressure on your feet! While I’m still getting used to wearing them regular as I’ve lived the past 22 years almost exclusively in flats and flip flops, I would say it’s roughly 45x easier to wear heels now that I’m -45 lbs (ha!) Oh, and also, apologies for all the blurry pics (again). Somehow I’m not sure I could manage snapping a shot of my own outfit with my DSLR without making a full-scale studio production of it, hahaha.

Question for the ladies: Are you a heels-wearer? Got any tips for wrangling ’em? Or if you’re not a fan, why? Is it just because of a comfort thing, or are you (like my mom) opinionated on how terrible it is for your back, etc?

Oh, and out of curiosity I guess I have a ? for the guys, too: Do you prefer your ladies in high heels? And does it make you feel awkward if a gal is taller than you when she’s in heels?

Peace and release, playas. Happy Wednesday!

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