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Posted on Jan 15, 2014 in Dear Diary | 6 comments

Sore Loser

I’m not a particularly competitive person when it comes to games, sports, and the like (unless we’re talking Disney Scene It, of course, and then it is ON), so the title of this post does not, in fact, have anything to do with being a sore loser in the traditional sense. No, instead, I was just trying to figure out a cutesy, clever way to title a post in which I am basically planning in complaining nonstop about how physically sore I am.

I cashed in my free personal training session at the gym the other day, and it definitely put me through the ringer. It was a great workout, where I learned how to use the TRX tension straps (or whatever the official wording is), which I’d never used before. I left feeling most definitely worked out, and knowing that I would be sore in the morning. But boy, oh boy, I tell you what, I did NOT really know HOW sore I would be. I definitely don’t miss delayed onset muscle soreness, no sirree. And I know that I’m only so sore BECAUSE I’m so out of shape, and it’ll get better, and blahdeeblahdeeblah. But still… when it hurts to sit down on the toilet, you know that it’s gotta be a little bit bad, eh?

Anyway, I took yesterday as a rest day to recover a bit, which ended up working out because I had an appointment to get my hair re-did anyway, since my pre-Thanksgiving fabulous purple locks had faded into more of a pale blue, semi-purple mess (although actually, given that it’s been almost 2 full months, it actually didn’t look TOO bad, right? RIGHT?!)

Since my amazing hair stylist (I see Linh from Be Scene Hair Studio, for those that are in the market for someone incredible!) is located in Bethesda, AND because it takes a few hours to get hair as unnaturally vibrant as mine currently is (squeeee!), it took a pretty big chunk out of my day. So looks like the whole rest-day timing worked out for me. Plus, pretttyyyy:

If I’m being honest, guys, now that I’ve gone purple, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back.

Anyway, I’m still feeling pretty sore today, especially in the quads/glutes region, but (be proud of me!) I went ahead and did some light cardio and as much stretching as I could handle to help shake things out. The calorie counting has been going strong for the past couple of days as well, and while my diet is not 100% cleaned up yet, at least I’m being very good about tracking everything that I eat. It’s all about getting back in the habit, right?

Here’s to hoping that my weigh-in on Friday (I’m going to be doing Fridays for the next little while since that’s the day when we have to report our percentages for Yelp’s Biggest Loser) reflects my new (old) habits. Remember how in August 2010, at my very first weigh-in, I lost 11 pounds in one week?! I’m not quite that hopeful this time around, but still, it’s nice to remember the good times.

Here’s hoping!

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Posted on Apr 21, 2011 in Food, Working Out | 22 comments

Double the Pain.

So I found out what taking hot yoga classes two days in a row does to your body! Hint: it don’t feel good. I’m soooooooo sore today!

Now don’t get me wrong, mentally I feel pretty good. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, and I’m super proud of myself for going yesterday even though I was already kinda sore from the day before. However, for a complete non-yogi like myself… it’s hard. People don’t think that yoga is hard but believe me, it IS! So, I’m not 100% I should can go again today. Initially I was like, “Yeah! I’m going to go three days in a row this week!” because I’m headed to Delawhere? to see Steve on Friday, but now I dunno. Am I just being lame? I feel like I’ve heard that when it comes to soreness and working out, you should if you’re just a little bit sore, but you shouldn’t if you’re a lot a bit sore. Thoughts?

In other news, last night Ben, his girlfriend Taylor, and I walked the puppers over to my parents’ house for dins! I think that she felt that after seeing my (vegan) Whasian spin on her classic Sweet & Sour Pork recipe she had to show me what SHE would have done if given the chance to veganize it herself. And thus:

Sweet & Sour Soy Gluten was born.

Hahahaha, that name doesn’t sound too appetizing now that I think about it, but the dish really was delicious! I like soy gluten because it resembles meat much closer than tofu does, so it’s an easy substitution in recipes like this. The other vegan dish she made was a vegetable dish with mushrooms, Chinese hairy squash (yuck name, yum taste), and my favorite vermicelli noodles!!

And in the corner you can kind of see the third dish my mom made – something with beef and Chinese broccoli that looked delicious but that I did not partake in. Just 3 more days, Gretch… you can do this! For good measure, here’s a snap of my bowl:

Sorry for the iPhone pics, but in our haste to get over there I forgot to bring my camera. Plus, we were walking with two dogs and a bag of stuff to return to my mom (including some now-too-big workout clothes to give to my aunt! Hooray!) so I feel like traipsing down the street with a DSLR might not have been a super fun addition anyway. And since the picture quality in this post is less than stellar, I shall now try compensating by providing a higher QUANTITY of them. Hahahahaha, I’m really not sure why I find that so funny. Mayhaps yoga has officially addled my brain sense of humor? Ah well.

Breakfast this morning for moi:

A whole wheat english muffin with Tofutti “Better than Cream Cheese” and organic raspberry preserves;

Some of nature’s candy in the form of strawbs, bluebs, and a deftly cut up orange;

And finally rounded out with some cashews (for protein & fat! Gotta stay full!)

So there you have it. Not the most exciting of posts, but perhaps all the lactic acid build-up in my muscles is affecting my creativity. You may just have to let it slide this time, I’m afraid. 😉

What is the right way to go about exercising with sore muscles? Yay or Nay? I feel like there’s a lot of talk on both sides when I Google it (I’m classy, I know.) Help me out, pros!

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Posted on Oct 19, 2010 in Food | 5 comments

Self-Made(ish) Dishware Delights

So just a quick update on yesterday and today. Work has been CRAZY. I work in an external building from where most of our employees are located, and most of my immediate coworkers split their time between here and there. It makes things kind of difficult though, because when you’re trying to get things signed and sent over it all takes a really long time. So I’ve been dealing with a lot of that, and so I’ve been running around like a crazy person all morning. Oh well, at least stressing out burns calories! Hahaha.

I went to the gym yesterday after work (see? Proof of my whole “not letting .4 lbs knock me down” thing) and ran & speed-walked on the treadmill. I did about 10 minutes of each, which ended up being a little over a mile and a half, and 20 minutes all together. Trying to do that whole “keep an elevated heartrate for at least 20 minutes” thing, y’know. I really wasn’t feeling it, but I dragged myself down there anyway. I don’t know, my body just felt sluggish and heavy. I think it’s because I’m about to start my you-know-what (Overshare? Mmmmmaybe… but I’m okay with it.) and I’m just feeling very bloated and physically blah. And today when I woke up I am pretty sore, even though I definitely didn’t do more than I did last week… weird.

I also think I did something weird to my knee because it was bothering me last night and now it’s still feeling kind of funky. Like I need to crack it or something. Hopefully it won’t be like this for long.

Anyway, the title of this post comes from the delightful dinner I enjoyed last night. Well, Second Dinner, at any rate. For my first dinner, I made myself a little stir-fried chicken on a small wheat wrap. But… I ate it at like 5:00. So by the time 7:30 rolled around and all the roomies were starting to poke around in the kitchen, I was hungry again. So I whipped up a little bowl of — you guessed it — oats!

This is 1/2 a cup of oats, 3/4 a cup of unsweeted almond milk, 1/4 cup of water, a dollop of honey, a scoop of milled flaxseed, and some frozen peaches and blueberries added to the mix. 1/2 a cup of oats goes a LONG way! I poured them into my beautiful Cupcake Mug that I made painted at Clay Cafe Studio in Falls Church the summer my sister got married (2008).

And when I was done enjoying this warm, comforting bowl of natural goodness, I uncovered the magic at the bottom of my mug, and the reason it is called the Cupcake Mug:

How cute is that? It’s got a little cupcake at the bottom of the mug. I am simply a dishware genius. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all I have for right now. Must get back to the grind… sigh. ‘Til next time!

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