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Posted on Sep 30, 2010 in Fail | 2 comments

Turning the Corner?

Hey y’all – sorry I’ve been MIA. As you may have gathered, I’ve been sick pretty much all week. Some kind of stomach bug I’m assuming at this point. The good news is that I haven’t thrown up since about 3 AM yesterday morning, so hopefully I’ve turned the corner. Still feeling pretty queasy, and just generally not great, but I’m hoping that will rectify itself soon so that I’m back to my old self!

Needless to say, I have not really been eating “to code” this week. Monday I had a grilled cheese sandwich, this morning I nibbled on a bagel (carbs really do help the nauseousness, unfortunately.) So I keep going back and forth between whether my weigh-in this coming Monday will be bad or good. It could be bad, because I haven’t been counting what I’ve been eating and I had a really good weigh-in last week so that could affect things. However, it could be good, too, because I threw up most of what I ate Monday – Wednesday. Guess we’ll see!

Alright, I’ll stop this overshare here, and hopefully the next update I have for you will be much livelier. Thanks for all your positive thoughts! Stay dry on this awful, rainy day.

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