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Posted on Oct 18, 2012 in Dear Diary | 29 comments


Photo by Taylor

I got my first proof copy of my book. The actual manuscript itself isn’t done in terms of revisions/editing, but I wanted to make sure the size I was planning on printing it at was good, and that I knew how to format the interior correctly and whatnot.

I may or may not have done a little happy dance when I opened it. Makeshift placeholder cover and all. (Spoiler alert: the incredible, beautiful, talented Cassie from Back to Her Roots is designing a cover for me! And already it’s AMAZING! Ahhhhh, excitement!!)

I didn’t want to get into too many of the nitty-gritty specifics here, so head on over to my writing blog if you’d like to read more about my thoughts on this proof copy, the process so far, and whatnot.

Also, for those of you who might have been wondering, it’ll be available in eBook format on Kindle, Nook, Google Play, Kobo (you know, in case you’re one of the 3 people I know that has a Kobo? Haha), and — hopefully — iBook (though I hear Apple’s standards for submission are very rigorous). The paperback version will be available as well, through Amazon as well as directly from CreateSpace (an Amazon subsidiary). And you will obviously be the first ones to know when it’s actually ready for publication and is released!

Thanks, as always, for your enthusiasm and encouragement (and generally just putting up with me talking about this nonstop, haha). You guys are the absolute best! We’re still on track for a mid-November release, so… eep!

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