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Posted on Oct 10, 2012 in Food | 13 comments

Surprise Feast

Last night Sean and I went over to have dinner with my parents and my uncle & aunt who were in town visiting. Unbeknownst to us, my mom and Aunt Dorothy really pulled out ALL the stops for this dinner. Earlier in the day, I’d asked my mom what we were having. Her answer was simply, “Western food”. I guess that’s technically true, though I have a feeling a meal like this deserved a little more buildup.

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Well, surprise! We ended up with a feast in every sense of the word. It ws the kind of meal that made me tres, tres desole that I forgot my real camera at home. iPhone pics do NOT do it justice!


There was a dijon glazed pork roast, spanish rice, a cranberry-apple-pear compote, roasted vegetables, and a delicious little caprese salad on the side. Whoo-ee! If I had known that it was going to be such a feast, I would have prepared myself! As it was, however, I’d had a late lunch so I wasn’t able to demolish my plate like it deserved. Sad panda.


Of course… that didn’t mean I still didn’t have room for dessert. You can’t really see it too well in this picture (fail), but my mom made pears poached in red wine and served it alongside a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream and a li’l slice of apple pie. Random? Maybe. But delicious? Hells yes.

You know, it’s funny, I never really used to consider myself as someone with much of a sweet tooth. I would always prefer an appetizer over dessert, salty snacks over chocolate and candy. But over the past year or so, my appreciation for the sweeter side of life has REALLY increased! I find myself legitimately craving baked goods now, whereas I never used to give them a second thought. Which, of course, is probably a bad thing for my weight loss. But it’s a good thing for my general sense of happiness and wellbeing, hehe.

Do you find that your food tastes change/have changed? This could be a general thing, like my shift in starting to prefer sweets to savories, or something more specific, like my unadulterated love for brussels sprouts now even though I used to fake-gag every time I saw them.

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Posted on Dec 14, 2010 in Food | 2 comments


So unfortunately nothing too exciting to discuss today, other than the fact that I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and I was really excited about my lunch today!

So we’ll skip the part about how I’m always, ALWAYS sick, and go straight to the good stuff:

Mm-mmm! That’s, corn, green beans (canned, I know, but I was rushed throwing it together this morning) and the result of my very first attempt at making pulled pork! Smothered in muy delicioso Bone-Suckin’ BBQ sauce.

Turns out it’s really easy to make pulled pork. I tossed half a raw pork tenderloin we ended up not using in an earlier night’s dinner into the ol’ crockpot with a chopped onion, salt, pepper, and a whole lotta beef stock (low-sodium, of course!) Then I just let it do it’s thing on High for about 3 hours, turning it to low when I realized we weren’t going to be eating it that night. Checked on it until I could pull apart the meat with no effort, then shredded it up with 2 forks and voila!

It’s not superduper flavorful on it’s own, but it’s fantastic with the BBQ sauce (doesn’t compete with it!) and I’m sure if I had seasoned up the meat or onions just a smidge more it would be mighty tasty on it’s own. Anyway, I’m chalking it up to success!

And that’s my exciting news for today, y’all (can you feel the Southern comfort going on in mah bellah?) 🙂

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