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Posted on Apr 11, 2013 in Blogging | 20 comments

My Quarter Quell

Today, I am 25 years old.


A quarter of a century.


Does this mean I’m a grown up yet? 😉

I’ve been sifting through some of the dozens and dozens of old family photos my brother has posted on Flickr, and happened upon a few that are particularly apropos to today’s date. Y’know, the day of my birth and all. So while there will likely be lots of ridonkulous photos and good timery to show you after my Hunger Games-themed party on Saturday (get it? My Quarter Quell birthday? Hunger Games? Eh? Ehhh?), for now, I think I’ll take a stroll down memory lane–a journey through birthdays past. Care to join me?

1996 – My 8th birthday

2000 – My 12th birthday

2001 – My 13th birthday

2006 – My 18th birthday (first in college!)

2009 – My 21st birthday (legal drinking age booyah!)

2010 – The big double-2 (and my last birthday at 246+ lbs)

2011 – My 23rd (down maybe 40 pounds at this point?)

And of course, last year – My Potterlicious 24th!

Regardless of how far I may have come, how much weight I may have gained or lost throughout the years, and what the state of my health has been at various times throughout my life, one thing had remained the same: I frakkin’ love my birthday. But even more than that, I love that now I get to share this slice of my life with all of you! Thanks for being with me through the past 2 birthdays–here’s looking ahead to the next 25, eh?

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Posted on Dec 12, 2010 in Dear Diary | 7 comments


Okay, okay, okay. You got me. I was totally lame last week for not posting, uh, at all. But in my defense, I was having a rather melancholy week, so I honestly didn’t feel like bringing all of you down with my super emo-ness. Consider it a favor from your Friendly Neighborhood Gretchen!

All right, that’s a pretty lame excuse. Nobody to blame for not posting (and for the aforementioned emo-ness) but myself. I’m not really sure what’s been going on with me lately, if I’m feeling like I’m failing at losing weight during this holiday season (and thus, dreading the thought of not meeting my goal of 200 by the cruise), or if it’s just that things at work are starting to really affect me personally, or what, but I’ve been pretty down. I guess something’s just gotta give. It’s freaking Christmas and I’m not feeling so jolly, people! That is simply NOT okay. But on the bright side, I’m back for right now, at least! And I have legitimate things to post about! Huzzah!

So, Saturday my family and I went to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze at the Kennedy Center:

It. Was. AWESOME. Seriously, the kinds of things that people can do with their bodies is just crazy to me! There was ridonkulous balancing, crazy pole tricks, people hanging from those long rope things, people unicycling on tight ropes… yeesh! It was definitely a much more family-oriented show compared to other Cirque du Soleil performances I’ve seen, but it was still seriously sweet. Very entertaining, and a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Today’s activities were family-oriented again – after church with my Pops I went to brave Tysons with my mom and my sister! The mission: to find my mom a cocktail dress to wear for the cruise’s “Formal Night” at my dad’s behest (his anniversary present to her was to pay for said garment.)

We definitely succeeded! We found this nice little fitted purple knee-length dress for my mama which is super flattering and super pretty! And, of course, I couldn’t go dress shopping without trying on a few things myself! It was actually kind of, dare I say it, fun to go shopping, since I could actually find items in my size every store we went! Imagine what it’ll be like when I’m a 12… whenever that ends up happening. I didn’t end up buying anything (aside from a couple pairs of sweet tights to winterize my rapidly dwindlingly wearable wardrobe) although I was pretty tempted to go for this little number:

Yes, that’s me and my sister in the exact same dress – my mom tried it on, too! It was a winner in all our eyes, haha. And, lucky for you guys, that’s the last amateur, poor quality phone-pic you’re going to be seeing in this post, because it’s now time for the main event! Last Monday (December 6th) I met with the amazingly talented and beautiful Ali to do a celebratory photoshoot!

It was so great to see Ali again (we were housemates in college!) and she was awesome – I think we got quite a few pretty good ones! I’ll try to be nice to your corneas and try to only post some choice ones, but no promises. She’s such an awesome photographer, and I actually felt kinda pretty, hehe (although contrary to my beliefs on modeling ascertained by watching all known seasons of America’s Next Top Model, modeling is freaking hard!!) We found some pretty cool Falls Church locations to shoot around – including the State Theatre (although they wouldn’t let us inside when we asked! I’m sure the guy in the box office found us pretty amusing shivering outside, haha) and Clare & Don’s and Lazy Sundae’s delivery trucks, hehe. Also, minor fact, it was freeeeezing! As in, cold. Which definitely didn’t make the whole modeling thing much easier, but I rallied and made it through, hehe. Proof:

But that’s enough talk from me – pictures are worth thousands of words or something like that. 😛 There are a few additional ones posted on Facebook too, if we’re friends like that, hehehe. Enjoy! And thanks again, Ali. You are seriously the best.

(All photos copyright Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen! and Alisandra Photo or something. :))

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