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Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in Uncategorized | 7 comments

The Past 4 Months, As Told By My Hair


So actually, after publishing that last post, I realized it’s not really fair for me just to pop in with a hi, hello, here’s a new recipe, kthxbye, now is it? I mean, you guys need CONTEXT for what I’ve been doing for the past few months, don’t you? Well, even if you don’t, I’m going to give it to you, so there. After all, You’re up to date on the fact that I got LASIK back in October (it’s AWESOME, in case you were wondering), but other than that, I’ve been terribly lacking in details. Well, here’s a brief recap! Fair warning, though my life is like 85% Yelp now.

Powell Family Reunion over the summer

My friends Lara’s and Aileen‘s weddings in September!

Visiting my sister and niece in Macon, GA in October

Yelp’s HallowMEME Elite Event at the State Theatre for Halloween (can you guess which Hipster Disney Princess I was?)

Briefly met celebrity chef Mike Isabella in November (spoiler alert: we did NOT become best friends and he’s kiiiind of a dbag…)

Carly + Alex Leaves

Shot engagement pics for the enchanting Carly and her fiance, Alex

dad 60th-005

Threw a superhero-themed birthday bash for my dad’s 60th cakeday!

And, most recently, threw Yelp’s Ho-Ho-Holiday Party Elite Event!

Oh, and just in case you haven’t been able to see in these photos, or haven’t been keeping track via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, here is a specific timeline of what my hair has gone through over the past few months. Because I like to have a chronicle of these things, and also since, you know, that’s what this blog is REALLY all about. 😉

I feel like the last time I checked in on the coiffure-front might have been when my hair looked like this:

Buuuut that was back in… August. Soooo, eventually all that blue-pink-purple hotness faded out, and I ended up finding a new hairdresser/soulmate in Linh from Be Scene Hair Studio in Bethesda. And back in early October, he turned my punked out, turned up hair into this:

Mmmm, ombre…

Of course, as I’ve now had a taste for the wonders of dramatically colored hair (and because I can get away with it now due to my rocksome job with Yelp), eventually I had to have MORE.

So now my hair looks like this:

HAHAHAHAHAHA, just kidding! That was just phase one in getting it to look like THIS:

Oooor, if you put me in a photobooth at a Yelp event and turn the flash on, it looks like I’m wearing a ridiculous purple wig:


Regardless of what particular shade it looks like in whatever the current light situation is, I love it, love it, LOVE IT, and I’m pretty sure I’m never going to stop. Now, that said, I’m taking suggestions on what color I should go for next. I mean, it’s kind of big decision, trying to figure out what shade should I end up kicking off 2014 with! So feel free to leave a comment with your choice du jour, and have an amaaazing night.

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Posted on Apr 2, 2013 in Uncategorized | 188 comments

I’m Back, Baby! (Giveaway!)

EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. To see if you were one of the winners, click here!

Ohhhhh hey guys. Long time no see/talk/read. Well… I’m back! Yep, back from Houston full of adorable baby memories and a huuuuge backlog of work to sift through, heh. Technically I got back on Saturday, but I’ve pretty much been playing catch-up since then. (Also, there has been some major snuggling with Harry since he didn’t get to make the trip with Daxter and me.)

Getting to spend the week in Texas with my sister, her husband, my parents, and my brand new baby niece was amazing, but it may surprise no one to hear that it wasn’t really a vacation in the traditional sense. Nope, up by 7 every morning, helping to change poopy diapers, and watching a LOT of TLC (okay, well, that part was pretty vacation-y, heh), I almost feel like I need a vacation from my vacation! Alas, that won’t be happening (at least not until Sean’s and my epic Ireland trip in July!) but at least now I’ll be back on a (hopefully) regular blogging schedule.

Part of my going down to Houston was to do a newborn photo shoot with baby Amelia! I’ve only just started editing some of the photos, but in case you haven’t already seen these plastered all over social media (and apologies if you have, hehe), take a look!

mia awake

mia asleep

jen and mia

She is the most alert and curious baby when awake, and soooo freaking adorable when asleep. Of course, not every shot was a winner…

crying mia

I honestly think this one might be my favorite of them all, hahaha. Anyway, like I said, this is only a preview of the gazillion photos I still have yet to edit (seriously, I took almost 300 shots! Hahaha) but I thought you might like to see proof of the one productive thing I managed to do in Houston. 😛

Speaking of Houston… so. My sister, who some of you may already know works for UnderArmour, sent me home with a smorgasbord of UA goodies. One of the things I was sent back with is an exclusive collection of awesome UA headbands!


They look really great AND are super functional for working out. They feel nice but are grippy (without tearing out hair or anything horrible like that). Even though my hair is super straight and sleek, they really don’t slip very much! This particular pack comes in really fun blues and greens. I get compliments on my UA headbands ALL the time when I wear them, and I want you guys to experience the same!

20130402-124205.jpg 20130402-124211.jpg

Giveaway time!

I’ve got FIVE (yes, five!) packs of headbands to give away to you guys! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite thing about Spring is!

As always, extra entries for those who follow me on Twitter, Like HISTG on Facebook, and tweet/post about this giveaway. Just make you sure you leave separate comments back here for each thing you do! I’ll pick the winners on Friday, April 5th.

Note: This giveaway is not sponsored in any way by UnderAmour. I just have the good fortune to get freebies through my sister, and know I’m not gonna need 20 more headbands to add to my own collection, hahahaha.

Happy April!

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Posted on Jul 17, 2012 in Dear Diary | 3 comments


Oh herro. So I’m not even going to pretend like I have anything new or exciting to report to you all. After this coming weekend, it may be a different story (I’ve got The Dark Knight Rises, a yoga boat cruise, and my sister’s 30th birthday wine tour all happening!) but for now, things are pretty much same old, same old. You know, with the exception of the fact that I’m driving my mom’s sweet ride instead of my own devil car because I enjoy things like staying (relatively) sane.

So here are a few things for you to enjoy in the absence of an actual post from me:

– The engagement photos I took for my brother and his fiancee while we were in St. Maarten are all up on his photography blog! Go check ’em out!

– I posted a Daily Eats post this morning! I shall let the shock settle in for a little bit like that.

– I subscribe to one of those mail-order giftbox things where they send you a bunch of items to try out. You know, like Birchbox does for beauty products, except the one I subscribe to is called Barkbox and it’s, yep, for dog stuff! They recently sent me, among other things, a nifty little towel thing that you use to wipe down your dogs after they come in from the rain. Well, Taylor found it and thought it had a different purpose…

Hahahahahahahaha. I pretty much solely rely on Taylor for photos of the dogs now (she’s doing a 365 Photo Project just like Ben did), so here’s another one of hers for good measure:

Aaaaand that’s about all, folks. Happy Tuesday?

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Posted on Dec 28, 2010 in Dear Diary, Food | 4 comments

Viva La Italia!

Well, despite work itself not being busy at all today (something about other people enjoying their holiday and NOT returning to work right away, maybe?), as soon as I got home I feel like it’s been a whirlwind! Immediately after I got home, Daxter was being super cute (well, let’s be honest — when isn’t he?) so I had to take some practice shots with the new cam’:

After that, I hung around the house and talked camera-shop-talk with the bro, his gal, and my guy. Ben just got a new super schmancy, super exschpensive lens, so he was playing with it, and now that I have a little DSLR buddy of my own, I always want to jump in on the learning experience! There are quite a few cameras and lenses populating the Powell household these days, to say the least!

I’m trying to experiment with actually learning what the different settings and features of my fancy new camera are — aperture, ISO… it’s a lot but I’m trying to soak it in! My newest lesson is trying to put into practice what I’m learning about aperture and that sweet, sweet blurred background thing that makes photos look so pro:

I think it’s the lower the number of the aperture, the more light that is let in, and the blurrier the background is. Or… well… if I’m wrong, someone out there with far more photography experience can correct me. I’m here to learn!

The night’s big event was a bunch of my friends and I set out to surprise our friends Evan & JP with a big birthday gathering orchestrated by their loving girlfriends — dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy!

Because there were so many of us at dinner, it was a pre-fixed, family-style meal. I didn’t get to choose what I got to eat, but since I knew I was going out to dinner at an Italian restaurant anyway, I had tried to budget my calories from earlier in the day anyway. Besides, it was a celebration! I tried to take little samplings of everything – it was a LOT of food regardless!

My first alcoholic drink in many months... a frozen peach bellini! It was yum-o. 🙂

Calamari for the table! Yum!

My appetizer plate: a piece of bruschetta, some calamari, and salad in the background.

My dinner plate: small servings of lasagna, gnocchi, chicken marsala, and salmon.

Dessert was two options: delicate, delicious tiramisu and creamy, decadent creme brulee.

I had a few little nibblings of each, obvi. 🙂 I did go back for extra bites of some stuff – I kind of gave up on actual counting calories for the meal pretty early on, admittedly. I also had a piece of bread dipped in olive oil at the very beginning — I just couldn’t resist. I was in the Italian mindset! 😛 Anyway, needless to say I was in a super-attractive food coma mode by the end of it:

But it was, of course, totally worth it for delicious food (that I will definitely be trying to work off tomorrow! Squats at my desk, anyone?) and good times with great friends. With that being said, it is officially past my bedtime, peeps. Not leaving a restaurant until 11 PM really puts a cramp in this whole beauty rest thing, huh? Sweet dreams!

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Posted on Dec 12, 2010 in Dear Diary | 7 comments


Okay, okay, okay. You got me. I was totally lame last week for not posting, uh, at all. But in my defense, I was having a rather melancholy week, so I honestly didn’t feel like bringing all of you down with my super emo-ness. Consider it a favor from your Friendly Neighborhood Gretchen!

All right, that’s a pretty lame excuse. Nobody to blame for not posting (and for the aforementioned emo-ness) but myself. I’m not really sure what’s been going on with me lately, if I’m feeling like I’m failing at losing weight during this holiday season (and thus, dreading the thought of not meeting my goal of 200 by the cruise), or if it’s just that things at work are starting to really affect me personally, or what, but I’ve been pretty down. I guess something’s just gotta give. It’s freaking Christmas and I’m not feeling so jolly, people! That is simply NOT okay. But on the bright side, I’m back for right now, at least! And I have legitimate things to post about! Huzzah!

So, Saturday my family and I went to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze at the Kennedy Center:

It. Was. AWESOME. Seriously, the kinds of things that people can do with their bodies is just crazy to me! There was ridonkulous balancing, crazy pole tricks, people hanging from those long rope things, people unicycling on tight ropes… yeesh! It was definitely a much more family-oriented show compared to other Cirque du Soleil performances I’ve seen, but it was still seriously sweet. Very entertaining, and a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Today’s activities were family-oriented again – after church with my Pops I went to brave Tysons with my mom and my sister! The mission: to find my mom a cocktail dress to wear for the cruise’s “Formal Night” at my dad’s behest (his anniversary present to her was to pay for said garment.)

We definitely succeeded! We found this nice little fitted purple knee-length dress for my mama which is super flattering and super pretty! And, of course, I couldn’t go dress shopping without trying on a few things myself! It was actually kind of, dare I say it, fun to go shopping, since I could actually find items in my size every store we went! Imagine what it’ll be like when I’m a 12… whenever that ends up happening. I didn’t end up buying anything (aside from a couple pairs of sweet tights to winterize my rapidly dwindlingly wearable wardrobe) although I was pretty tempted to go for this little number:

Yes, that’s me and my sister in the exact same dress – my mom tried it on, too! It was a winner in all our eyes, haha. And, lucky for you guys, that’s the last amateur, poor quality phone-pic you’re going to be seeing in this post, because it’s now time for the main event! Last Monday (December 6th) I met with the amazingly talented and beautiful Ali to do a celebratory photoshoot!

It was so great to see Ali again (we were housemates in college!) and she was awesome – I think we got quite a few pretty good ones! I’ll try to be nice to your corneas and try to only post some choice ones, but no promises. She’s such an awesome photographer, and I actually felt kinda pretty, hehe (although contrary to my beliefs on modeling ascertained by watching all known seasons of America’s Next Top Model, modeling is freaking hard!!) We found some pretty cool Falls Church locations to shoot around – including the State Theatre (although they wouldn’t let us inside when we asked! I’m sure the guy in the box office found us pretty amusing shivering outside, haha) and Clare & Don’s and Lazy Sundae’s delivery trucks, hehe. Also, minor fact, it was freeeeezing! As in, cold. Which definitely didn’t make the whole modeling thing much easier, but I rallied and made it through, hehe. Proof:

But that’s enough talk from me – pictures are worth thousands of words or something like that. 😛 There are a few additional ones posted on Facebook too, if we’re friends like that, hehehe. Enjoy! And thanks again, Ali. You are seriously the best.

(All photos copyright Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen! and Alisandra Photo or something. :))

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