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Posted on Sep 28, 2012 in Fashion | 12 comments

Fashion Friday: Work It

Whew. We made it! My legs still don’t work, but we made it to Friday! Let the weekending commence!

To ease you into your weekend after what can be referred to as the heaviest (no pun intended) post I’ve ever written, here’s a fashion post. Hooray?


I hadn’t really posted any work-appropriate outfits yet, so I figured that since I actually put some effort in yesterday it would be a good opportunity to showcase the kinds of stuff I wear to the office. It was really nice outside, so I made my friend & coworker Rachel take pictures of me right outside of a federal building where I’m sure I didn’t look ridiculous at all.


Especially not when I essentially stripped. I’m so glad she caught this on camera.


Oh well. Worth it? Obviously while at work the cardigan stays on for the most part. But it was hot and sunny and I wanted to show off how cute this LBD is so I made the decision to shed a layer temporarily.


And of course, no Fashion Friday would be complete without an awkward look-how-candid-I-am totally un-posed (ha!) shot. But can I just take a second to talk about the camera on my new iPhone 5? I used to loathe posting pictures with my phone, but as I am lazy, I don’t enjoy toting my DSLR with me absolutely everywhere. I mean, a phone camera will always be a phone camera, but I’m still pretty impressed. But if you were wondering why all my photos are not quite up to par lately, that’s why.

Anyway, here the outfit deets, just in case you were curious. I got almost everything on sale, so unfortunately I can’t find links to most of the products anymore. But with the kinds of places that I shop, generally similar things are always in rotation anyway.

LBD: Old Navy
Cardigan: New York & Company
Shoes: Payless (comfiest flats ever, btw, and they come in a few different colors)
Belt: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange (birthday gift)
Necklace: Gift from sister
Bag: Kate Spade

It’s too bad I don’t do Fashion Saturday posts, since tonight I’m going to a costume party for my freshman roommate Joanna and her twin sister Aileen. It’s actually their birthday today! Personally, as you all know I am OBSESSED with my own day o’ birth, I cannot imagine being forced to share it with anybody. Not even someone with whom I also shared, you know, the womb. (I may or may not have already threatened Jenny’s pregnant belly that if her baby is overdue and encrouches on my birthday month — she’s due at the end of March — there will be some seriously ‘splaining to do.)

Twinsies on the left

The party is Mean Girls-themed (!!), and since Aileen and Jo showed up at my own (Harry Potter-themed) birthday party in some pretty fetch costumes (a golden snitch and Dobby the elf respectively — see above), I figure I owe them at least a moderate effort. Right now I’m thinking about going as a “Cool Asian“. Unless anyone knows where I can get a purple tuxedo at the last minute.

Have a great weekend!

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