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Posted on May 8, 2012 in Daily Eats | 7 comments

Daily Eats – 5/7/12

And yes, this really is the strange, strange chronological order in which I ate yesterday. Sandwiches for brunch and cereal for afternoon snacks. Don’t judge me.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I took some of these photos with me awkwardly in them, it’s because I was too lazy to take my phone out of it’s case (which doesn’t have a hole in the back for the rear camera), haha.


Watermelon, NOM. (40 calories)


Sandwich: whole wheat white bread, turkey, cheese, sprouts, lettuce, light Miracle whip (~350 calories)


Steamed broccoli – I ate about half of what’s shown (50 calories)


Uncle Sam’s strawberry cereal (~200 calories)


Whole wheat white bread with peanut butter and jelly (~230 calories)


Green grapes (60 calories)


Velveeta shells and cheese. This bowl, x2. Whoops! Hehehe. (~800 calories)

TOTAL: ~1,730 calories

Yeah, I know, dinner was bad news bears. But still, consider my overall caloric amount plus the fact that I got a run in, and I’m definitely counting the day as a win. 🙂

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Posted on Apr 27, 2012 in Daily Eats | 9 comments

Daily Eats – 4/26/12

Yesterday was one of those grazing days where breakfast, lunch, and the snacks in between all kind of melded together into one long day of eating. ‘Twas glorious.


Banana: 70 calories

Unpictured Oatmeal: 100 calories


Roasted Maple Brussels sprouts: ~150 calories


Mini pickles: 30 calories


Luna bar: 180 calories


Leftover chicken kapow with brown rice: 200 calories


English muffin with spray butter and raspberry preserves: 120 calories

Unpictured Chipotle burrito bowl: 600 calories… and chips (500 calories).

Total: ~1,950 calories

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. Not my finest choice, getting chips from Chipotle. (Damn their deliciousness!) In my defense (not that I really have one, nor that I especially NEED one since overall I still stayed within a healthy, if over-target, calorie range), I only intended to eat half of my burrito bowl & chips, then take the other half for lunch today, but… yeah. Oh well. Today’s a new day, and I’m already off to a good start!

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Posted on Apr 25, 2012 in Daily Eats | 4 comments

Daily Eats – 4/24/12



Quaker High Fiber Oatmeal: 160 calories
Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter: 190 calories
Leftover scrapple: ~150 calories



Baby pickles: 30 calories




Leftover homemade sushi with soy sauce: ~200 calories? I ate less than half because it wasn’t very good as leftovers.



Green smoothie with yogurt, apples, apple juice, edamame, spinach: ~350 calories?




Tom Ka Gai Soup: ~200 calories
Chicken Ka Pow with Brown Rice: ~400 calories



Grape popsicle: 40 calories.

Total: 1720 calories.

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Posted on Mar 26, 2012 in Food | 16 comments


Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had fabulous, Hunger Games-filled weekends! I had intended to go see the movie again on Sunday, but ended up getting sick and bailed. I’m planning on seeing it this week though, kekeke.

While my Sunday ended being of the invariably lazy variety, my Saturday was chock-full of activity and social whatchamacallit. For lunch I had the pleasure of meeting up with a few local bloggers for lunch! The fantastic Lauren reached out to a few of us to see if we’d be up for a little group date. Initially we had settled on taking in the sights of the National Zoo, but the weather put a bit of a damper on that. So instead, we met up for lunch in Dupont Circle at one of my old faves, Sweetgreen!

Sarah, Jenny, Lauren, Ashley, and yours truly!

For once, I was the one who left her camera at home, so thanks in advance to Lauren for letting me snag these pics! It wasn’t until I saw these pictures of our little group that I realized I was the only brunette one there, haha. I guess we should have had this meetup back when I was still in my blonde phase, huh? Bahaha.

The group of us all got awesome salads (Lauren and I both got the Pickle Madness! Perfect for me, no?) followed by delicious froyo. We ended up chatting about life, weight loss, food, and The Hunger Games (what else?) for three hours! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Lauren & me – as you can see, I’m still inspired by Katniss to attempt to work braids into my hair, haha.

Jenny & me – Thanks for the pic, Jenny!

One of the really interesting (to me) topics that we ended up discussing was the concept of the subjectivity of one’s weight. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: weight is SO subjective. 150 pounds on one person can look a heck of a lot different than it does on the next. This is one of the main reasons that I disagree with the BMI table as a tool for determining a “healthy” weight. According to BMI, at 5’9″ I would be within a healthy weight range if I weighed between 128 and 169 pounds. Now, I can’t really speak for how I would look at 128 pounds (the word that comes to mind, however, is skeletal), but I know that at my goal weight of 165 I will probably look pretty dang slim. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that I would be healthy if I weighed 128 pounds. I have a large frame, an hourglass figure, and I’m not trying to justify my weight but sometimes I feel like I need to. Like, if I say that I’m a weight loss blogger who weighs 189 pounds, it’s very easy to feel like that’s not good enough. Because to a lot of people, 189 lbs still seems like a lot. Even though for me, formerly 246+ pounds, it is nothing but health and progress.

I’m still working towards my weight loss goal, but I’ve mentioned before that the number itself isn’t something I’m dead set on. I want to feel healthy, slender, and strong but I am trying very, very hard to dissuade myself of the need to feel THIN. (It’s hard to do, believe me!) I want to be able to be in a place where even if my actual weight ends up at 160, 170 or 180 pounds, if I’m eating well and exercising regularly and able to MAINTAIN that without too much trouble… well, I want to be able to be happy there. And let’s be honest, when you get down to brass tacks, 5 or 10 lbs? It’s really not a lot for me. I can understand how those single pounds can really make a difference when you’re 5’2″ or what have you, but for me? I mean, I gain and lose five pounds between breakfast and bedtime every day. After all, a pound of feathers and a pound of gold weight the same, but you’d never know it from looking at ’em, right?

What are your thoughts on BMI as a way to determine healthy weight? Or on the subjectivity of weight in general?

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Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Dear Diary | 25 comments

A Day in the Life

I’ve been seeing these kinds of posts all over the place lately (starting with Cassie’s extraordinarily detailed one about her impressive and far-busier-than-mine life, haha), and am totally jumping on the bandwagon. I always find these kinds of things fascinating, and thought that at least one of you might be interested in what a typical day is like for me these days (especially now that I’ve factored gym-time into the equation). Admittedly, I’m not that great at following an extremely rigid schedule. Things always tend to shift in one direction or the other. Still, there are definitely a few basic things that tend to stay the same day-in and day-out for me, so here’s a glimpse of what the average day might be like!

6:15 AM: My alarm goes off, blaring the cheerful Parks & Recreation theme song through my room. I unfortunately have to be at work extra early today, so it’s going off earlier than normal. I immediately silence it, and proceed to take a nine-minute nap (the length of the iPhone’s snooze feature).


6:24 AM: With an audible groan, I extricate myself from the two schnauzer-shaped lumps on either side of my legs and peel myself out of bed. It’s straight to the bathroom where I turn on the shower, pop in my contacts, and brush my teeth.


6:30 AM: I realize that I forgot to weigh myself yesterday, so I quickly hop on the scale before popping into the now-warm shower. It’s a non-hair-washing day, plus I’m heading the gym later, so I just quickly scrub down and rinse off. I am a master of the speed-shower, so I’m out in less than 5 minutes. Boom.


6:35 AM: I deliberate in front of my closet for a couple of minutes before inevitably slipping a dress over damp-around-the-edges hair (blow drying is just time wasted, after all!).


The thought of having to pair together a respectable looking outfit that consists of more than one continuous piece of clothing is simply too challenging before 7 AM. Success!


6:38 AM: I throw some makeup on (on weekday mornings it’s usually just eyes: shadow, liner, mascara) and part my hair with my fingers in an attempt to look presentable.


My last act before leaving the sanctity of my bedroom is to rouse the hibernating beasts still curled up on the bed. Lucky mutts.


6:40 AM: To the kitchen! I let the dogs out back and scrounge around the kitchen for potential breakfast items. The fridge yields one last pineapple Chobani and a frozen waffle, which I throw in the toaster. I also pull out my dinner leftovers from the night before to bring for lunch.


6:45 AM: I let the dogs back in, feed them breakfast, and hightail it out the door with the waffle between my teeth.


6:50 AM: Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go! Traffic is surprisingly heavy considering how early it is, but these months spent commuting into the city have turned me into a douchebag, so I jut in and out of the merge lanes and make it to the office in pretty good time.


7:15 AM: Since I’m one of two people that are actually in the office at this outrageously early hour, it’s pretty dark inside. I flip on all the lights and head back to the kitchen to fill up my water bottle. Once I’m back at my desk, I break open the yogurt I had hastily tossed into my purse. I look around only to realize that despite having JUST been in the kitchen, I did not bring a spoon back with me. I have a fork at my desk though, and I know from past-precedence that it will work juuuuust fine. This is not the first time this has happened. Laziness wins again!

The next few hours are full of work-related boringness, so let’s skip ahead, shall we?

11:30 AM: I don’t normally eat lunch yet, but since my schedule has been skewed to the early side, I’m already starving. I eat my lunch at my desk and get a few more things done. More work-related boringness ensues. It is a loooooong day.

4:15 PM: Quitting time! Time to hit the road and pray that traffic isn’t bad.

4:16 PM: Traffic sucks. My normal exit is backed up to high heaven thanks to an accident, so I get off at an earlier one. Because it’s already HOV time on 66 though, I’m forced to take a detour through Arlington. I’m mildly freaking out because I’m not that familiar with driving through this area, but I guess it beats sitting in gridlock.


4:55 PM: I had a few errands to run today, but unfortunately my detour threw me off schedule. Since I most needed to stop off at the dermatologist’s office to pick up an itemized receipt to submit for my Flex Spending Account, that’s what I went with. Luckily, it’s only a few blocks away from…


5:00 PM: … the gym! Normally I would have gone straight here from work. I’ve been putting in about an hour here most trips, but my legs are still really sore from my last session on Wednesday (sad, I know) though, so I only make it 40 minutes. I do get to try out the arm exercise from the Hunger Games workout though!)

5:45 PM: I arrive at home. I am greeted by loud and excited schnauzers, give them a few snuggles, and spend a few minutes chatting with my roommate Erin. Then it’s time to head upstairs to shower (again). I am of the unfortunate breed that must shower after working out — that’s how much I sweat (TMI? What’s that?). At least this time I wash my hair? Ahahaha.


6:30 PM: Squeaky clean yet again, I head back downstairs to give the dogs their dinner, then root around in the fridge myself. I desperately need to go grocery shopping (what else is new?), so it’s a quick game of pantry roulette that results in salad and eggs. It makes me feel like I’m in college again, haha.


7:00 PM – 11:00 PM: The rest of the night is spent editing the photos for this very post, pre-writing it, watching Netflix, and greedily pawing through my new issue Glamour that just arrived.


Not only does it feature my new girlcrush Jennifer Lawrence, but it has an extra special bonus inside too!


Ahhhh, Ian Somerholder, my not-so-secret Vampire Diaries love! Best issue ever.


11:00 PM: Bedtime for me! We’re right back where we started. I crawl under the covers and pass out. It all starts again in the morning… but at least it’s Friday!

Have a great weekend!

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