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Posted on Dec 10, 2012 in Dear Diary | 21 comments

5 Things I Cannot Fracking Wait For

Do forgive the Battlestar Galactica-style swearing in this post title, but there are a few upcoming things that I am pretty gosh-darned-tootin’ dang-nabbit excited for, and you are about to hear all about them. Happy Monday! Hahaha.


I know, I know, you are probably (definitely?) sick and tired of hearing about book-related stuff here. But rest assured, we can all see the light at the end of that tunnel! The release day of Terra is THIS WEDNESDAY (which happens to be 12/12/12. I actually did not plan this on purpose, but it really worked out nicely, hahaha) and I am SO EXCITED SOMETIMES I JUST SIT AND BOUNCE UP AND DOWN IN MY CHAIR. Or on my feet. Or laying prostrate in my bed. (Have you ever tried bouncing whilst laying down, by the way? Not as easy as one might think.)

Auuuuugh, I’m just so excited and terrified but mostly excited and pipe-dreamily hopeful and… eeep! If you’re one of the sporadic-check-in readers and aren’t too sure what all this book-talk is about, feel free to check out my writing blog, or the book’s Goodreads page. THREE DAYS!

Preggo Jenny!

2. My super preggo sister!

My “big” sister Jenny (I use that term loosely since she is 7 inches shorter than I am) and her husband are coming home for the holidays on the 19th! They moved to Houston over the summer, just when they found out that Jenny was super-dee-duper preggo (for the first time, yayyyy!) and even though I’ve been lucky to see her sporadically since the move, I’m SO excited to get a nice long period of hang-outage with my sissy poo.

I do need to prepare myself though, because every time I see her, she is more and more pregnant (um, duh) and it’s always a little jarring. As in, I pretty much just hone in straight on her belly and start to cry. Luckily, this surprises no one.



Poor, unaware readers who have found this job in the time between last Christmas and this one… I’m sorry. You are probably not yet aware of the extreme, dear, obsessive, passionate love I have for this time of year. I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. And this year is, of course, no exception. Once Jenny & Dan get back into town, there will be much cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, eggnog drinking, and general merriment. Yayyyyyyy!

4. Les Mis

Speaking of Christmas, guess what movie comes out Christmas Day? Yep, Les Miserables! (Well, the musical movie, not to be confused with the non-musical movie that came out in 1998.) I am a die-hard Les Mis fan (I’ve seen the musical like five times, and would gladly see it a dozen times more) and am SO excited about the cast, the director, the everything. Ahhhhhh, it’s gonna be so gooooooood, ermahgerrrrrd.

5. Game of Thrones

I know this is kind of a jump, since the new season of Game of Thrones won’t be starting until March 2013 (whyyyyy?), but I really needed something to round out this list, since 5 Things always sounds better than 4 Things, hahaha. Anyway, if you’re not already a GoT fan, you need to load up on Seasons 1 & 2 ASAP, because it’s flippin’ amazing. Although, fair warning, there is not a small amount of boobage shown, hahahaha. Anyway, this is definitely one of the most highly anticipated shows on my list (y’know, given the fact that Vampire Diaries is already on TV… though this week is the last episode before the winter break, nooooo!) and I just wanted to spread the word. Jon Snow forevs!

Aaaaand, there you have it. Just a little taste of what’s whetting my appetite lately.

What upcoming things are you most excited for right now?

PS: There’s still time to get your entries in for my Blue Diamond Almonds giveaway!

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Posted on Mar 3, 2011 in Dear Diary | 7 comments

Do you hear the people sing?

Tonight is the night.

Les Mis at the Hippodrome in Baltimore with the sis and her hubs. And it’s not just any Les Mis production — this is part of the show’s 25th Anniversary tour! That means brand new cast, brand new staging, brand new set pieces… Ahhhh! I. Cannot. Wait.

For those of you who may be slightly less well-versed with the world of musical theatre, Les Miserables is a musical (well, it’s really more like an operetta — no spoken lines) set during the French Revolution. It follows the story of Jean Valjean, a prisoner who was sent to jail for stealing a loaf of bread 10 years prior, being released on parole and trying to make a new life for himself and the daughter he adopts, Cosette, after her mother, Fantine, dies (Valjean feels responsible for her death.) The whole time, he is being pursued by the police officer that granted him parole, Javert. (Make sure you’re pronouncing all these names super Frenchy, of course! :P)

It’s an amazing production, with amazing songs and just general amazingness. You should check the website to see if it’s coming to your city! For those of you who are a little more local, it’s playing at the Hippodrome in Baltimore until Sunday, February 6th.

Of course, all of this excitement for tonight means that my morning had to be ridiculous and a little bit awful to balance it out, right? Hahaha. It all started with running late for work (well, let’s be honest. Most days start like this.) My roommate and I were prepping lunch at the same time in the kitchen, and as a result of my rushedness (I’m making that a word) I snagged her plastic bag of goodies instead of my plastic bag of goodies. I didn’t realize it until I got to the office, at which point I freaked out and hastily called her, emailed her, then called her again (overkill? No way!) to apologize for grabbing her grub. I offered to bring it to her at her office, but she was really cool about it and told me not to worry. She even told me I could eat it if I wanted! I told her I couldn’t do that, I’d just feel way too bad, but thanked her for being awesome about it (after like 20 “Are you sure?”s, that is, hahaha.)

Phew! Crisis averted! That’s all you’ve got to throw at me today, right, Life?

Er. Wrong. Mere moments after all this occurred, I had a rather unfortunate run in with my cup of steaming hot green tea:

It found a rather unfortunate placement on my dress, and also managed to run down both of my legs. I don’t know, what do you guys thing — is a green tea bath good for your skin? Hahahahaha. Oh well. Hopefully the rest of the day is less eventful (especially on my hour-long drive up to Columbia with Daxter!)

Question Du Jour (trying to keep up this French theme, natch): Are you a musical theatre buff? Or are you amongst the many who think it’s, well, laaaaaaaaaaame (and thus are, yourself, lame. Hehe.)

Obviously, I am a HUGE fan. In fact, not only am I going to see Les Mis tonight, but I’m seeing Wicked at the Kennedy Center in July AND am trying to plan a trip up to NYC to see Daniel Radcliffe (otherwise known as Harry Potter) star in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway!

Photo by Ben Powell

I also starred in my very own high school musical as Lucy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (the photo above is from this past Halloween, when I re-wore my costume because I was just so darned proud I could fit into it again!) What can I say, I’m a natural ham. 😛

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