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Posted on Oct 21, 2011 in Dear Diary, Pup Posts | 27 comments

It’s Friday, Friday

So, somewhere in the blur that was yesterday, I remember getting a really good idea for today’s post. Of course, after my MIND WAS BLOWN by yesterday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries (which I got to watch nearly live for once thanks to a well-timed family dinner and my parents’ DVR), I can’t actually remember WHAT that idea was. Fail. Amazing, heart-stoppingly intense fail.

I’m sure that said brilliant idea will come to me eventually, but in the meantime please enjoy the fact that you probably now have Rebecca Black’s “Friday” stuck in your head after reading the title of this post, bwahaha. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if for any reason you might have forgotten that yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday, or that Sunday comes afterwards.

We so excited

Haaaaahahahaha. Okay, sorry for that. To make it up to you, here’s an incredibly embarrassing picture of me from dinner last night. We had burritos.

Can you tell I’m having a little too much fun playing with layout templates?

Urrrrk. I think we’re even.

More of me telling you things I like, under the assumption that you actually care.

1. Vlogging

Still hate the word itself, but I am really digging turning on the video charm (HA!) for you guys. Be sure to let me know if the videos are too much or whatever, but they’re fun for me to make so I’m going to assume they’re fun for at least some of you to watch. Consider this your warning that more will be coming, hahaha.

2. 90s Television

If you are 21 or younger, you might not remember the amazing programming that was available for our impressionable minds to absorb. Boy Meets World, Clarissa Explains It All, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Hey Arnold!, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Pinky & the Brain… the list goes on. When Nickelodeon announced they were bringing back some of my favorite childhood shows, I immediately went to seek them out for myself since we don’t have TV anymore (SOB.) Thank goodness for Netflix and the interwebs!

Butternut Squash

3. Autumn Vegetables

After yesterday’s post, you are probably well-aware of my current obsession with spaghetti squash, but the truth is that I’m excited for all the autumn vegetables that are hitting the Farmer’s Market! Brussels sprouts on the stalk, butternut squash, carrots, beets… I have all sorts of recipe ideas stirring. I’m trying to put more of an emphasis on seasonal eating, so hopefully this excitement about colder-weather veggies will last through the winter, too!


4. Canada

Ottawa, specifically! I’ve mentioned a few times now that I’m taking a trip up there soon. Well, by this time next week, I’ll be back in the Great White North (where I graduated from high school). I’m so excited to hit up all my old stomping grounds!

5. Kidney Stones

PSYCH! (Another 90s throwback for you with that particular word, haha.) This week’s kidney stone episode was NOT a pleasant part of my week. Luckily, they passed without issue (y’know, other than the blinding pain and whatnot), and things have turned around quickly since then. I even managed to pound out two excruciatingly slow miles on the tready yesterday! Be proud. Be very proud.

Anything new you’ve been digging on this week? Colder weather sweeping in? Scarves, hats, and boots taking back the streets? Gaddafi’s death? Oh yeah, we just got all political up in hurr. Sidenote: I was going to make Vampire Diaries part of the original list, but then figured it doesn’t really require a mention. I’m pretty sure my obsession there has been made abundantly clear, hahaha.

Have a great weekend!

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Posted on Nov 8, 2010 in Weigh Ins | 7 comments

Triumphant Return to Health & Weight Loss (Weigh-in #12)

Gretchen: 1
Kidney Stone: 0

Well, except for the excruciating days of pain and whatnot that I had to endure. But whatevs. The point is, I am victoriously returning to health! I passed the kidney stone on my own, and any residual pain is just from my kidney normalizing after being inflamed and engorged all sorts of grossness. Hoorah! I am also, however, returning to intense stress. After being out of the office for FOUR days I have a LOT of catching up to do. Plus, my coworker gave birth to a beautiful baby girl over the weekend which is absolutely wonderful, but it also means that she is officially out on maternity leave and I have to absorb her job responsibilities in addition to my own. (Insert mental breakdown.)

This morning has been an absolute madhouse, and I can barely even concentrate on everything I have to do because in addition to all of this, my mom is in surgery as I type. So basically it’s the perfect storm of stressors. Which is why this post is going to be a shortyshortyshortshort, but I couldn’t leave y’all hanging. So here we go with this morning’s weigh-in:

212.2 lbs.

Yay! A 4.6 pound loss, can you believe it? Well actually, I can, since I spent Wednesday prostrate on the bathroom floor, cradling the toilet. I couldn’t keep food or water down that entire night, and then spent the next two days eating mashed potatoes and drinking ginseng water that my mom kept forcing on me. So I guess the secret to breaking a weight loss plateau is getting a kidney stone.

This brings my total loss-to-date to 33.8 lbs. Wow. That feels like a big number. Feels like I’m really finally getting somewhere with all of this. So, I guess a little something good has come out of the bad, although I’m sure next week I’ll squeak out a minuscule number (if not a gain). That’s for another week, though. For now, I just have to live through today. Wish me luck, friends, cause it’s time to jump back into the fray.

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