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Posted on Jun 15, 2012 in Dear Diary, Food | 28 comments

America, This is Why You’re Fat

So I saw a lovely little gem of an article making its way around Facebook the other day and felt compelled to discuss it. The article is entitled: Burger King bacon sundae goes on the menu.


This fast food masterpiece is comprised of vanilla soft-serve ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce, caramel, and is topped with bacon bits. It clocks in at 510 calories, with 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar, which is honestly not as bad as I thought it would be. I imagine that the serving size can’t be too impressive.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I love bacon as much as the next person. Probably more than the next person, actually. I think it really can belong on anything. In general, of course, I have a pretty weird palette and tend to enjoy flavor combinations that others find strange (case in point: my Green Curry Mac & Cheese recipe). Whereas many people see something like this and probably have an immediate, visceral reaction of “Ew!”, I don’t. I actually think it would probably taste pretty awesome, and I’m probably not alone.

I can only imagine how something like this would have gone over with me just two or three years ago. Back during my most disordered eating days, capping off a “meal” of two chicken sandwiches, a junior whopper, and large fries with a bacon sundae might have been just the ticket. I shudder at the thought. Which is precisely why I need to give all fast food places (perhaps with the exception of the occasional visit to my beloved Chick-Fil-A, hehe) a wiiiiiiide berth.

I just don’t understand what the point of adding something like this to Burger King’s menu is. Especially now, when most fast food chains are revamping their menus to appeal to the healthy eating trend. I heard on the radio that KFC is working on reducing their sodium content across the menu by 20% and that other major fast food chains are reworking their kids’ menu offerings to be healthier. McDonald’s added oatmeal to their morning menu, and every Wendy’s commercial I see lately is advertising their latest chain of “gourmet” salads. BK’s latest menu addition just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me in light of all that, I guess.

I would say something about hoping that consumer responsibility is high enough that people won’t be tacking this thing onto their meals willy-nilly, but I don’t think I have enough faith in the average American consumer for that, haha. Oh well, supposedly this is a limited-time-only thing for BK’s special “Summer Menu”, which also will supposedly include items like BBQ pulled pork burgers and sweet potato fries. Hopefully, for the sake of prolonging the general lifespan of the American people, any interest sparked from morbid curiosity won’t be high enough to make the sundae a permanent menu item.

I say, if you’re really curious about how this might taste, make it yourself! A scoop of Breyers Natural vanilla ice cream (130 calories), a tablespoon of chocolate syrup over it (50 calories), and a strip of bacon (70 calories) on top. Your curiosity and taste buds will be (probably) satisfied for less than half the fat and calories of the original.

Would you be willing to try BK’s newest culinary creation?

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Posted on Jul 13, 2011 in Dear Diary | 13 comments

Bright Lights, Ocean City

Hallo! Here we are with part dos of my Ocean City beach weekend adventure. Need to catch up on Part 1? Clickity click, you know the drill.

I Heart You, Ocean.

I know I left you in rapt anticipation of reports on the rest of my weekend (which, of course, I’ve deluded myself into thinking you actually care about, mwahaha) so let’s get to it!


After the beach happened on Sunday (since every day started off with the beach, duh!) we went a-mini-golfin’. This was not just your average, everday putt-putt though…


This was PIRATE mini-golf!




I was purple, natch.

Swing and a miss!

I was also terrible at mini-golf, natch.


At least I had fun trying!


I’m pretty sure that losing at mini-golf is not the thing that will set me over the edge anyway. Besides, I knew I’d be able to drown my sorrows at the Boardwalk afterwards anyway!

Ocean City Boardwalk

Drown my sorrows in ice cream, that is! Dumser’s is amazing.


As you can see, I basically made love to my soft serve orange and vanilla swirl.


You’re welcome for that.

Monday morning ended with more time on the beach, my back getting wrecked by the sun (worth it!) and a long, lazy drive home — complete with a Cracker Barrel pit stop. All in all, a fabulous weekend.

Now when’s the next beach trip? 😉

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Posted on Jul 12, 2011 in Dear Diary | 30 comments

The OC

Just Beachy

No, you silly geese. Not the show. The place!


I’m back from my beach vacation thoroughly satisfied and sunburnt. Hooray! I think I did a fairly good job sticking to my plan to eat better even if I wasn’t eating great while there. Check it out:

Game on.
The Fridge


*My* Shelf in the Fridge

Yup. Hahahahaha. There was, of course, room for a few indulgences though!

Hurts Donut?

Portion control, baby!


The condo we stayed in was small but definitely fit the bill, and it was right on the beach! What else can you ask for? The first picture of this post is the view from our balcony — sweet, right? And the nautical decorations were, well, you know. We all have a special relationship with those fish now.


Even though my friends are fail at pre-ordering their Harry Potter 7: Part II midnight showing tickets (guess who’s gonna be standing in line at Tysons all by her supercool self?), they were a pretty fun gang to spend time with at the beach, I guess. 😉

A New Kind of GameIMG_0024.jpg

We make a pretty studly group, if I do say so myself. Even if we are incapable of taking a decent picture without constant threat of photobombs.


Le sigh. <3

I did discover rather quickly that beach = sand, and sand = fear for expensive camera’s life. So, not too many photos were actually taken of me ON the beach (sad, I know!) But I did take plenty of mini-golf and our boardwalk adventures. As well as several self-indulgent portraits of myself, haha.


As for the aforementioned activities, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to see those puppies since I don’t want to be responsible for your death via photo overload, haha. So! I’ll either be back later on today or tomorrow with the rest of the pics from the trip. Since I love you though, I will give you a preview of our epic putt-putt game (where I respectably and unsurprisingly placed second-to-last, haha):

Swing and a miss!

Bahahaha. I am the best mini-golfer ever.

What’s your boardwalk must-have? Are you a taffy person? Boardwalk fries? Pizza? This weekend the treat that took the cake for me was the ice cream from Dumser’s on the boardwalk. I got vanilla-orange swirl and it was amazing!

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Posted on Aug 15, 2010 in Weight Loss | 0 comments

Discovery Alert!

Discovery: Coldstone Creamery’s Sinless Sans Fat Sweet Cream Ice Cream. 140 calories for a Like it! size, 0 fat. Additions: strawberries and raspberries for a fairly healthy burst of flavor. Granted, sugar is probably quite high but sometimes you just need a sweet treat to get you through! Whoo-hoo! Just felt like updating you all on that. Big things to come in the very near future: new recipe (low-fat chicken fajitas!) and *GASP* Weigh-in Monday! I’m so nervous…

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