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Posted on Jul 16, 2012 in Dear Diary | 34 comments

Zoom Zoom Sigh

Happy Monday, folks! Title is to be sung annoyingly in your head for the rest of the day to the tune of the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow”. You are so very welcome. 😉

So hey, remember that time when it was my birthday and my car died and I spent 4 hours in the autoshop getting the battery replaced?

And then remember that other time, when it was a month ago and my car died in the exact same way, and I spent another 4 hours getting one of the post relays (or something) replaced?

I’m sure you see where this is going.

Yep, yesterday my car died, again. My sad, old, tired 2000 Chrysler 300M is apparently just not loving life anymore, and decides to continually test my sanity by dying without warning over and over and over again. Seriously, it is the most frustrating thing ever. It’ll be fine, zooming along, business as usual. I’ll drive it to work. To home. To Starbucks. To the gym. And then suddenly, without warning, without even the SLIGHTEST indication that anything should be amiss (i.e. no battery light or anything like that), I’ll try to turn it on. And it just won’t.

No lights.

No engine trying to turn over.


Like all of the power has just been completely sucked out through some kind of power-sucking machine.

This time, it happened at the Exxon station, mere seconds after I had filled up my tank. My brother Ben came to my rescue and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to jump it, but for whatever reason it just was not jumping from a car. Taylor’s parents ended up stopping by and trying to help as well, but still nothing. Eventually, I had to call USAA (because of course, with all of my OTHER car dying stuff, I’ve already eaten through my free AAA service calls and AAA would have cost me $75+ to jump it whereas USAA only cost me $53) to come out and help, and in an act that only served to infuriate me further, the car jumped on the first try with his little jumper box thing.

Enter the “sigh”.

Sean lent me his little portable jumper box, which I need to charge up so that this doesn’t end up happening again, but in the meantime I dumped my car at my parents’ and borrowed one of theirs instead. I was just sooooo not willing to spend the rest of my Sunday (it literally took hours to get the freaking car jumped and moved) in the waiting room of Sears Auto Shop (yet again), so I will deal with it later. And also in the meantime, I will be fantasizing about buying a new car, complete with warranty and new car smell. I still have yet to test drive them, but these are the top contenders in my mind right now:

Kia Soul (yep, pretty much just because of the hamster commercial)

Nissan Cube

Scion xB

Scion xD

I also want to test drive a few compact cars, like the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta, but I do like the idea of having something just slightly bigger for not that much higher of a price point (the xB is the most expensive one on the list). I particularly like these ones because they’re big for their price, they come in fun colors, and they’re just a little bit weird, which, y’know, so am I. Obviously, I don’t have my heart set on any one thing in particular just yet, aside from the knowledge that I will never again own a Chrysler. NEVER. AGAIN.

I know you guys are all probably pretty sick of me whining about wanting to buy a new car, but there’s a reason I haven’t yet. Unfortunately Ben and I are tied up in a mortgage refinance right now, so I can’t extend my credit right (i.e. take out a new loan) yet. I’m not sure when it’s going to be resolved, unfortunately, so until then, you’ll just have to put up with my whining.

What car do you drive? Do you love it? Give me your recommendations!

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Posted on Oct 26, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food, Weigh Ins | 35 comments

The Ultimate Frustration (Weigh-in)

All right: first things first. Thank you all so, so much for your comments on yesterday’s post on debt. I was more terrified publishing that than I have ever been about posting my weight (though that may have changed after this morning’s weigh-in…) and I was blown away by your willingness to share your own financial stories as well. It is, as always, very comforting to know that I’m certainly not alone in my struggles.

So what better way to recover from the emotional stress of confessing my financial woes to the world than by spending even more money on my favoritist thing ever?


Oh, c’mon, I kid! I kid! Don’t worry, this guy paid:

Tag Along
And he was super psyched about it, too!

Yep, even amongst all my preparing for my upcoming Ottawa trip (I leave tomorrow!), Steve and I managed to find time for a quick but awesome (as usual) sushi dinner at Koi Koi. Well, sushi for me, teriyaki for him. Getting his sushi-resistant self just to take me to the restaurant is progress enough for me though!


And before dinner? A smile-inducing trip to the dog park!

Leader of the Pack

Daxter, ever the social butterfly, managed to make friends with the big dogs…

Big Dog, Little Dog

… as well as the even-smaller-than-he-is dogs.

Who's the wiener?

While Harry, reporting for duty as the fun police, was quick to break up encounters with any of the aforementioned big dogs that could have possibly roughed up his little bro.

Roaming Free

It’s actually pretty cute that he’s so protective of Daxter, though somewhat obnoxious. I guess Harry’s just a family man dog, through and through.


And now for the main event. I hope you have the above images of happy puppies deeply ingrained in your mind, ’cause it’s weigh-in time. And I’ve already alluded to the fact that this morning did not bring pleasant news (which is just what I wanted right before taking a trip to the land of beavertails and poutine!) There’s no use delaying the inevitable, so here it is:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 186.0 lbs
This Weigh-in: 188.3 lbs
Difference: +2.3 lbs


*Deep breath*

Okay, so perhaps you can see why this is, er, mildly frustrating. Like, back to the 5 Stages of Grief type-frustrating. The last time I stepped on a scale, albeit unofficially, I was down to 183 lbs. Of course, this was in the wake of my latest kidney stone episode and my eating & drinking had been totally out of whack. Since I hadn’t been eating much, I knew that weigh-in didn’t count. Still, I couldn’t simply forget about that three-pound loss, “real” or not. And now I’ve actually gained two pounds from my last “official” weigh-in, which actually puts FIVE extra pounds on the scale from what I had last seen!


This isn’t necessarily an “I don’t know what happened!” kind of situation. It’s not like I can’t guess at some of the probable factors that contributed to this gain: My body trying to regulate itself after three days of barely eating and haphazard fluid consumption. Sushi last night, which means soy sauce, which means sodium, which leads to water retention. Celebrating my dad’s early birthday Sunday. Emotional tensions running high in my house leading to emotional eating. And so on, and so forth.

But it isn’t as if these things (aside from the kidney-stone-induced loss of appetite) are that out of the ordinary for me. And part of what makes this gain particularly frustrating is that I’ve actually been exercising, running, and legitimately TRYING in terms of physical activity, which, as you’re all aware, is certainly NOT the norm for me. I’ve been sticking to my race training plan surprisingly well, and the miles are starting to get easier. But evidently, the scale doesn’t really seem to care about how hard I’m trying in the fitness department. Ugh.

It’s just so difficult, because the truth is that I often feel quite happy at the weight I am right now. I feel accomplished for having lost as much weight as I have. I feel beautiful most of the time, and sometimes, if I’m dressed just right, I even feel–gasp!–thin. But acknowledging that, I still KNOW that I want to lose more weight, that I can still be much healthier, that I have further to go. I know that I’m still overweight, though VASTLY less so than I used to be, and I want to continue to make strides in the right direction. It sometimes feels as if I am battling myself, almost as if being in any way happy with my body means I can’t make progress in my weight loss. And that kind of thinking borders very dangerously on the self-loathing mentality that I swore never to return to. Like I said: it’s frustrating.

Sorry to be ending this wit a bit of a downer. Just scroll back up to the puppies and everything will be okay! I mean, it’s not like I’m not giving up (aw, HELL no!), I knew from the beginning that I was in this for the long haul. So I let myself deal, I get it all out here, and I press on.

So say we all.

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Posted on May 2, 2011 in Dear Diary, Weigh Ins, Weight Loss | 10 comments

Great Grapes! (Weigh-in)

First things first, not that I think you could have avoided hearing this news, but it’s official: Osama Bin Laden is dead as a doorknob! Check out POTUS’s speech here! (POTUS stands for President Of The United States in case you were wondering. It’s the one thing I most remember learning from watching The West Wing, hahaha.)

Allrighty, now that I’ve made a small mention of this incredibly momentous news, I can feel totally justified in moving onto the more important stuff, right? Namely, my weekend! Hahahaha. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, the big to-do this weekend was attend the Great Grapes Festival in Reston with my friends Reema, Laura, and her fiance Conrad.


It was a lot of fun! I’ve never been a big wine aficionado but I feel like this weekend definitely helped me hone my taste buds a bit. I even bought a few bottles! Of course, they taste like alcoholic grape juice but hey, baby steps, right?

Sunny Day

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and a lot of fun times spent with friends. There were so many puppers there, too! But I think I definitely made the right choice in leaving my fur babies at home, where they got to go to the dog park with Uncle Ben.


Some people have HUMONGOUS dogs, that’s all I can say. The one on the left was the spitting image of my family’s first dog, Shadow! 🙂

Naturally, I came home with a few goodies, too:


I especially enjoyed getting to taste the various oils and vinegars that were set up in stands all around, and just couldn’t resist picking up a bottle. I can’t wait to use this cherry jalapeno jam in all sorts of dishes, too. It’s SO delicious – sweet but with HEAT!

After the festival, Reema, Laura, Conrad and I all headed over to hang out with fellow blogger Julie and her boyfriend Dan! It was low key and the perfect way to spend a night after being out in the sun (and y’know, drinking) all day. Hehe.


Yes, there was both pizza and cake consumption, and it was marvelous. 🙂 If you’re curious about the necklace I’m wearing in the above group shot (where I’m totally out of focus, ahahaha), here is a closeup of the awesomeness:


Mwahaha! It makes me feel so delightfully sinister.

Also, check out the awesome scoopnecked sunburn I got from being out in the sun all day at the festival (in my new CK dress which I am totally in love with and you should go to Marshall’s right away to see if they still have any left – $30, yo!)

Scoopneck Sunburn

Yeah, that’s hot.

Anyway, let’s move onto the judgement of the hour, shall we? I’ll make it short & sweet:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs.
Last Week’s Weight: 196.0 lbs
This Week’s Weight: 195.6 lbs
This Week’s Loss: -0.4 lbs
Total Loss-to-Date: 50.4 lbs.

Erm. WTF? I am not happy. I thought I was doing so well this week! Maybe it’s my body holding onto all the wine and pizza from Saturday. Either way, I’m getting a little bit sick of being stuck in the 190s. It feels like I haven’t REALLY lost weight since February! All this yo-yoing and tiny, minute losses are really started to get to me. I’ve been doing yoga and weights/ab work at home legitimately regularly, too! Blargh.

Ah well, I’m not going to let this ruin my memory of a perfectly good weekend. I’m feeling pretty sick today too (when am I not sick, huh?) so I’m just going to go ahead and blame it on that, haha.

Oh, one last thing. On Friday’s post a lot of you commented asking about the groupon I received for my laser hair removal. Coincidentally, it turns out that today on What’s the Deal, the group deals site for the metro DC area I told you about, has another deal for the same place I’m going, the Esthetic Laser Clinic. It’s not quiiiite as good a deal as the one I got, but it’s still a HUGE discount if you’re interested in getting laser hair removal on your bikini line, or a microderm/facial session. If you’re in the area, sign up (free!) and check it out!

Peace and release, my friends.

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