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Posted on Feb 13, 2012 in Food | 41 comments

DC Food & Wine Festival 2012

Okay, before I say anything else, let’s pay special attention to the most exciting part of my weekend:

My brother proposed to Taylor, and she said yes! SQUEEEEE!! He whammied her with a proposal on her birthday — and she was COMPLETELY surprised. Though I had a hunch it was coming soon (I have a sixth sense about these things, hehe), I was blown away by Ben’s sweet and thoughtful proposal. Knowing how much she loves hidden object games (where you click around a screen to uncover items), he created one especially for her! He also videotaped the entire thing, so watch the video below if you want to know how it all went down. Fair warning: I totally started crying.

(Click through to the blog to see the video if you’re reading this via email!)

Okay, as I try to get my composure back, let’s recap another one of the weekend’s events, shall we? We’ll skip over the fact that I did not end up running the Love the Run You’re With 5K on Sunday (and with no good excuse as to why not), and instead flash back to Saturday, pre-proposal, where Ben and Taylor accompanied Sean and me to the DC Food & Wine Festival!

The face of someone who has no idea that she will be engaged in less than 24 hours…

It was my first time attending this huge wine-tasting event, and it was awesome! There were tons of people there, as you can see from the photo above, but as long as you were willing to finagle your way between folks and stand in the occasional line, well, there was plenty of wine to go around. I even ran into a familiar face there (Hi Amanda!) between sips of wine and bites of food. Not going to lie, I was definitely a little sloshed by the end, haha.


As you know, I’m not the biggest wine connoisseur (yet!) so this was yet another opportunity for me to suss out my likes and dislikes.


While I’m still definitely a white wine gal right now (especially a SPARKLING white wine gal, keke!), I think I’m coming around to some reds. I really like pinot noir, and even the occasional shiraz. Also, I now can say with absolute certainty that I dislike chardonnay. Hooray! I’m learning!


The food situation was fun for me too (obviously, haha). There wasn’t a TON of food, but the pickings were pretty good. There were general stations with bread, cheese, and hummus set up all around, and then there were vendor-specific booths offering samples as well. My favorite was the slices of filet with blue cheese sauce from the Old Hickory Steakhouse. I was VERY tempted to go back for seconds fourths. Heh.


Overall, a pretty fantastic weekend! Excitement on the family front and wine in mah bellah — not bad, not bad at all. Of course, this is still a mere prelude to the MAGICAL TIME that awaits me this coming weekend. I am now mere DAYS away from going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (a Christmas present from the ‘rents!) so hold onto your hats when it comes time for next week’s weekend recap! *high pitched squeal*

Oh, and for those of who you (accurately) think I’m neglecting my race training: the passing of my Harry Potter World visit will also mark the end of my half-assery. (Confession: I haven’t run more than 2.5 miles since, er, December? Eep.) This means I really will have to literally hit the bricks if I want to survive the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April and the Reach the Beach Relay in May. So that’s coming, worry ye not. Just let me just enjoy this final ring of freedom while I can, mmkay? 😉

What’s your proposal story? Or, if you aren’t engaged/married, your dream proposal scenario?

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