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Posted on Jan 4, 2012 in Dear Diary, Food | 33 comments

The Timing of Eating

Another day of successful eating (complete with almost complete calorie counting) was had yesterday, huzzah! I had voiced some slight concern that getting back into the groove with work would mess with my eating habits. See, when at work, I tend to push off eating even if I’m hungry because I’m busy or, occasionally, because I’m just too lazy to get up from my desk (I’m awesome, I know). This lends itself to my willpower faltering due to hunger and the odds of me getting that steak & cheese from the deli downstairs increasing exponentially. Because of this, I actively tried to pay attention to my hunger cues yesterday. This led to a mildly strange distribution of my eats throughout the day. Observe:

7:45 AM: Chicken sausage link (100 calories).

In case you were wondering, there really is no good way to take a picture of a plain sausage link.

I know, I know, a random sausage for breakfast isn’t really breakfast. But I was busy putting together an actual lunch to bring, and I kinda let the b-fast thing slide. At least I ate something at all, right? I’m working on it, I’m working on it. At least all that protein kept me full!

10:30 AM: Salad with mixed greens, onion, grapes, grape tomatoes, craisins, blue cheese crumbles and balsamic dressing (~250 calories).


I got a little peckish around 10:30, and because I hadn’t dropped my lunch off in the fridge yet (again, out of laziness) the salad was nice and ready for me already. My lunch was a two-parter, just like yesterday’s. No, literally just like yesterday’s: an exact repeat.

1:00 PM: Turkey chili (~300 calories).


I started to feel a little bit hungry again around 1-ish, so I ate the rest of my lunch then. It tided me over until I got home from work, which is when my mind started to mess with the whole hunger-cues-listening game (yep, now all I can think of is the Hunger Games. #obsessed) a bit.

See, I was due at my parents’ house for our weekly family dinner wherein we would have a repeat of homemade pizza night because the ‘rents were really anxious to see my new pizza stone in action. And even homemade pizza makes calorie counting kind of hard, so I wanted to have a nice big buffer zone. But because of my brother‘s teaching schedule, we wouldn’t be eating until 7:45 PM. Soooo, my mind started messing with my body, and eventually I got so fed up with trying to decide whether to eat or not, that I just gave up and went to Starbucks.

4:45 PM: Grande skinny peppermint mocha (130 calories).


Amazingly, it did the trick! It staved off hunger for a little while and for a mere 130 cals. Thank GOODNESS I didn’t succumb to the lure of the eggnog latte instead (let alone that thick slice of iced lemon poundcake… sigh…) because something big was about to go down.

7:30 PM: Coke Zero (0 calories).


No, not the Coke Zero, though it was delicious (and, in combination with the coffee, probably contributed to my incredibly poor sleep last night, hahaha.)

IMG_4755 IMG_4758
IMG_4760 IMG_4763

7:45 PM: PIZZA AND WINGS, YO. (Calories unknown. Heh.)


Yeeeeah. Good thing I did count all those itsy bitsy calories up until then, eh? Dinner was epic. I only had 3 squares of ‘za, but I had 3 chicken wings, plus all the noshing I did while I was prepping the pizza, haha. All in all, it probably wasn’t too bad since I only had ~780 up to that point, but we shall never know because again, and I can’t stress this enough, I am just too lazy. 😉

I guess the point of this post is to ask you guys: how do you handle the timing of eating? Do you follow the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner schedule? Or eat every 2 hours? Or eat when you’re hungry? I feel like I definitely do best with small meals throughout the day, but I’m not sure even how I should be managing those. Sigh, it feels like I’m starting over. All the my holiday overindulging has made me forget how to eat normally, haha.

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