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Posted on Aug 13, 2010 in Weight Loss | 4 comments


Just a quick update to note that I am amazing and have willpower like a rhino. Or… someone that has a lot of willpower.

Just came back from lunch with coworkers (California Pizza Kitchen! I was dreading it) but thanks to my trusty iPhone 4 (::shameless plug::) I was able to look up the nutritional information since it wasn’t posted on the menu, and got something *relatively* healthy. I opted for the half-sized grilled vegetable salad with grilled chicken breast ¬†which is listed at 615 calories (way huge sodium content though.) But it had yummy portabello mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus and avocado over romaine with some kind of vinaigrette-y dressing. So I ate up all the toppings (didn’t eat all the avocado due to my overdose yesterday) and some of the romaine and was SUPER stuffed, so I’m going to assume it was a little less than the 615 for total calories consumed.

Anyway, the iron-willed part comes in with what transpired AFTER CPK. My boss wanted something sweet. So she was going to order dessert at the restaurant, which I declined when she asked if I was interested (a couple points there already, right?) THEN, she remembered the CAKELOVE STAND DOWN THE HALL from CPK in the mall. My first thoughts were, “Oh, Lord help me.” Cakelove cupcakes, fyi, are incredible. I actually have a groupon for a baker’s dozen (13) of them that I bought before I embarked on this whole health venture… may have to use as a treat for my office come Christmas season (lucky them!)

So, your good friend Gretchen here stood in front of the glass display of delicately frosted nuggets of deliciousness and didn’t budge. My coworkers each bought one (and my boss got four, hahaha) but I held my resolve. Hooray! It helped that I was totally stuffed from my salad, but still… I was literally salivating.

So, be proud of me friends! Let’s hope I can keep it up for the rest of the night – it’s potluck time tonight. My roommate and I have big plans for a thorough housecleaning though, so I’m sure I’ll be sweating up a storm (our house is gross, haha.) More to come later!


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