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Posted on Nov 29, 2011 in Food, Recipes | 15 comments

Jalapeño-Cranberry Relish

So as it turns out, my protestations over hospitalizing Daxter because of cost were for naught. ‘Cause, you know, he ended up in the doggy hospital anyway and I feel like a terrible person for delaying the inevitable. The latest update is that if he can keep down food and water he might be able to come home around noon. So in order to distract myself from the fact that my little guy spent the night in a hospital bed… cage… thing… instead of being curled up awkwardly on top of my laptop as I try to type this (CRY.), I wrote up another recipe. Hooray for filler!

Okay, I promise that this will be the last uselessly late Thanksgiving recipe I’m going to lay on you guys… for now, haha. And to be fair, it really does translate past Turkey Day, since it’s spreadable on everything from leftover sandwiches to crackers & cheese.


It’s a bit of a spin on traditional cranberry sauce, with as much zing as you want! Even if you’re not a huge fan of spice, the slightly bitter flavor of the jalapeño peppers and the zip of the orange and lime makes it a dish that’s so complex you’d never believe how easy it is!


Jalapeño-Cranberry Relish
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This zesty cranberry sauce will leave your tastebuds satisfied with its mix of sweet and spice. Make it hotter by including some of the seeds from the jalapeño, or downplay the spice by only using one pepper. Enjoy!


2 jalapeño peppers
1 12 oz. bag of fresh cranberries
1 cup sugar
1/2 orange, zest and juice
1/2 lime, zest and juice
1 cup water


1. De-seed and finely mince the jalapeño peppers. Zest your orange and lime halves and set aside.

2. Heat a pot to medium heat with a bit of nonstick spray or a small sprinkling of oil. Add the jalapeño and heat for 30 seconds to a minute. Add lime and orange juices.

3. Add cranberries, water, and sugar. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat until sauce is simmering. Add lime and orange zests and simmer until cranberries have burst and sauce begins to thicken, 10 – 15 minutes.

4. Remove from heat, transfer to serving bowl and let cool. The sauce will thicken and become more gel-like the longer it cools. I like my cranberry sauce cold, so feel free to refrigerate!

Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce

Nutritional info per 1/16th (~2 tablespoons) serving: 58 calories, 0 g fat, 15 g carbs, 0.1 g protein. WW Points+: 2

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Posted on Feb 8, 2011 in Dear Diary, Food | 0 comments


Well, here we are again. Sickness: 1, Gretchen: 0. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Well, I do. My stomach is all wonky and (shield the eyes of the sensitive) I threw up this morning. Vom. Literally. Ew. But it’s so weird because just like yesterday, I felt fine when I went to bed, fine when I woke up, and it started like twenty minutes after that. :-/ Anyway, so today I’m taking it easy, trying to drink lots of water and eats lots of non-tummy-upsetting foods. I am feeling a little better now, but I don’t want to take any chances. I just hate that I am ALWAYS getting sick! Boo!

Anyway, I *was* all pumped to update you all today on the fact that I signed up for my second 5k yesterday! Scratch that, I’m still excited to tell you all! 🙂 I’ll be running the American Red Cross “Out for Blood” 5k in Columbia, MD! It takes place on March 26th, so any DC area locals, feel free to join me!

So I guess that my (re)training schedule isn’t going to start today like originally planned, but I’m looking forward to having a scheduled goal to work toward again. I think this was really key in keeping my exercise ramped up in working towards my first 5k, and it was after that was accomplished that my exercise rapidly decreased. So! Something to work towards, now! Once I’m back to a non-nauseated state, that is.

The breakfast that I’m currently nibbling on is a bowl of warm oats with honey, dried cranberries and a few dark chocolate chips on top (hey, I’m sick! I need comfort!):


And a slice of whole wheat toast with natural PB and some strawberry preserves:


I made it about halfway through the oatmeal and ate my toast, so hopefully I can keep it down and everything will be back on track tomorrow. Gotta get better and back to work, especially since I’ll be missing another day at the end of next week to go to Ottawa! I’m so excited to go back and visit all my friends in Canada I haven’t seen in multiple years. For those of you who don’t know, I spent my senior year of high school (and graduated) from a school in Canada, and my parents stayed there through my junior year of college. I haven’t been back since the summer of 2008, and I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately. So I booked a flight for over Presidents Day weekend, and I’m totally jazzed! Needless to say, I need to get my health back in tip-top condition, because you just know that going to Canada in February is NOT going to help that immune system much, haha.

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