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Posted on May 28, 2013 in Dear Diary | 29 comments

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

So remember when I was going through my list of all the crrrrrazy changes that have been going on in my life? You know, stuff like my beautiful niece being born, my super cool big bro getting married, and everything in between? Well, I kinda left one thing out, and it’s actually one of the biggest changes of them all (at least, with regard to affecting me specifically).

See, about a month ago, I started a new job.

And while I’m hesitant to actually say (type?) the words “perfect job” for fear of the karmic retribution for my humblebraggery… that’s kind of what it is. Perfect for me, at any rate. And I think if you just take what you know about me, and lay that against the main functions of this job, you’ll probably agree with me.

Taken straight from the job description:

About you

  • Lives to write; writes to live. You know who you are… pencils down!
  • Has a fire in the belly. Walks through walls. Takes no prisoners. In a word: driven. Even when no one is watching. Especially then.
  • Social connector. You are the hub of your social world. You know everyone. Everyone knows you. The fun one. Diplomatic, too.
  • You reside in Northern Virginia and consider yourself a local expert.

About the job

  • Writing. Write locally compelling newsletters weekly and inspiring reviews daily, as well as persuasive pitches to venue owners and marketing partners.
  • Event planning. Conceptualize, negotiate, plan and execute cool, fun and buzz-worthy (big wow factor!) events/parties.
  • Marketing outreach. Connect with the right local organizations, barter weekly newsletter sponsorships for promotion.
  • Socializing and adventuring. Meet up with folks. Attend civic events. See and be seen. In the scene. Always on.
  • Communication. Be accountable with stellar communication to your peers and those who support you at HQ.

See?!? I mean, granted, some of these points might be bordering on the “toot your own horn” category (I’m pretty sure not everyone knows me), but you see where I’m coming from, right? Let’s line up the pieces:

  • Writing: Even if this blog weren’t enough proof (and in case I hadn’t mentioned it for the 86,000th time), did you know I wrote a book?
  • Event planning: Cue my last two themed birthday parties.
  • Social connections: What, you don’t follow my inane blatherings about food and the Vampire Diaries on Twitter yet?
  • And the cherry on top of this epic life sundae, Northern Virginia: If you guys should learn anything about me, it’s that I am weirdly obsessed with Northern VA. As in, people really do think I’m weird for loving it so much. My own family included.

So what is this magical, splendiforous new company I work for, you ask? Well, here’s a hint:

Adorable schnauzer faces too distracting? Let’s see that from another angle:

You are talking to the brand spankin’ new Northern VA Community Manager for Yelp.com!

Excuse me while I squee a little over that… again. 🙂

So! That’s the big announcement, one which I have literally been BURSTING at the seams to tell you all about! It’s also the reason why blogging has come to a sad slowdown over the past few weeks, since I have been seriously wrapped up in this new job, and couldn’t even tell you guys about it! Well, the cat’s officially out of the bag now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I am officially the person spearheading everything hot, fresh, and local in Northern VA! It’s a work from home position (wheeee!) that allows me to traverse all across the 703/571, spreading Yelpy cheer far and wide! I get to throw awesome events for local yelpers and the Northern VA Yelp Elite Squad, write the Weekly Yelp newsletter, man the @YelpNoVA Twitter and Yelp NoVA Facebook pages, and, best of all, continue doing what I love best: Write about (and take pictures of) my life… especially all the epic food in it!

So what does this mean for you, my lovely readers? Well, I promise you that I will remain my good old schnauzer-obsessed, Harry Potter-lovin’, ukulele-crooning self. Only, now that it’s officially announced and whatnot, I can finally start blogging about the things I do in relation to my new position (without being sketchy about it, like my ubervague post about the South Moon Under event I attended, hahaha).

In terms of the blog, this means you’ll start seeing a lot more of the usual stuff again — restaurant recaps, recipes, life stories, sad attempts at fitness, even sadder attempts at fashion, and photo smorgasbords — as well as lots of new content, too! I think it’ll prove especially interesting as I (attempt to) navigate through what this new position will have on the whole semi-healthy living blogger thing I’ve got going. It’ll definitely be a challenge having food on the brain 24/7 (as opposed to how it was before, with me only thinking about it, like, 19 hours a day), and it poses some interesting questions.

Like, how will this job affect my healthy living efforts? (DUM DUM DUM!) Will it undo everything I’ve worked for over the past few years? (Ha, probably.) Will it provide me with new ways to balance out my life now that I’m not chained to a 9-5 anymore? (Hopefully!) Your guess is as good as mine! One thing’s for sure: I will definitely be reporting on the trials, tribulations, and good times that come out of this new adventure. This is as new and uncharted for me as it is for you, and personally, I can’t WAIT to see what happens.

Thanks for sticking around to watch things unfold! You can bet your sweet bippy that I’ll be expecting a friend request if you’re on Yelp, and while you’re over there, feel free to check out the official announcement of my Community Manager-ness!

Wellps, guess there’s nothing to do but play myself off now… See you on Yelp!

PS: If this sort of thing sounds like it might be right up your alley too, Yelp is still hiring Community Managers across the country — and the globe! See if there’s an opening in your area here!

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Posted on Mar 1, 2013 in Dear Diary | 9 comments

Fun Friday: You and I

Holy moly, it’s Friday already? Well, sorry I haven’t posted anything over the last couple of days. Believe or not, I’ve actually been on quite a roll in writing the sequel to Terra (hooray!) — which is the good thing that’s been keeping me distracted from blogging. The NOT good thing that’s been keeping me distracted is the Federal sequestration that’s about to be confirmed. I guess TECHNICALLY it hasn’t been officially signed yet, but as far as I can tell, it’s pretty much a done deal. For those of you who don’t know, my dayjob is working for a government contractor so this sequester is going to affect me directly — I’m just not sure in exactly what capacity yet. It could be anything from reduced hours (3-day weekends, all right!) to layoffs (forever weekends, not as all right!).

But! You know me, I’m never one to doldrum dwell. So I recorded a little happy ditty by the goddess of indie music herself, Ingrid Michaelson. Video’s below if you’d like to watch. Otherwise, I will be reporting back in on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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Posted on Oct 22, 2012 in Dear Diary | 12 comments


Alas, I have nothing really to update you with regard to this weekend, unless you’d like to hear about the epic hangover I had yesterday — the aftereffect of an equally epic wine & cheese party that Sean and I attended Saturday night. And, yes, it was indeed a wine hangover. Which if you’re lucky, you haven’t experienced for yourself. But if you have, you know it’s the very, very worst kind. Nothing that some Sprite, crackers, and back-to-back-to-back-to-back episodes of Nikita couldn’t fix though. Heh.

My distinct lack of healthy living (what, it’s not like I’m a healthy living blogger or anything!) aside, I do have some pretty exciting news to share. Er, that is, provided you’re not totally, 100% sick of hearing about my book yet! (It’s okay if you are, though. I won’t be offended… probably.)

Here’s what it’s regarding…

Ignore that weird printed line in the middle…

Thaaaaat’s right! Cover is DONE thanks to the amazing Cassie from Back to Her Roots, who is a true graphic design genius. Head on over to my writing blog to see the final product, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

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