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Posted on Mar 15, 2012 in Food | 20 comments

Pi vs. Pie

As some of you may have noticed, yesterday was March 14th, also known as National Pi Day (3.14 — get it?). Though I made the egregious error of referring to it as National Pie Day (which, as it turns out, actually happened back in January) on Facebook, it did give me some food for thought (zing!). Initially, I had all sorts of ambitious plans to create a multi-course meal for dinner that included both savory and sweet pies, but that sort of fell apart after I realized that there’s virtually no way to make a low-calorie pot pie, and I hate quiche. (Mini-quiches, on the other hand, I love. Seriously, you could miniaturize anything and I’m pretty sure I would love it.)



So instead, I decided to solely focus on the sweeter side of things. To go along with my dinner of roasted brussels sprouts and nothing else (oh come on, as if this is the first time that’s happened!), I whipped up two delicious and healthy…ish desserts! Just call me The Piemaker (any other Pushing Daisies fans out there?)… who didn’t have to actually bake either of these pies. Score!


First up, a slightly modified version of my No-Bake Chocolate Creme Pie. This time I omitted the extra sugar completely, got a reduced-fat graham cracker crust, and used a combination of vanilla and almond extracts.


It was the slightest bit less sweet than last time (in a good way!), and still tasted nothing like its protein-packed secret ingredient!


For my second pie, I was inspired by Gina’s Skinny Banana Cream Pie to make something light, airy, and sweetly magical. Well, maybe it’s not so much “pie” as it is chopped fruit smothered in whipped cream, but it’s shaped like a pie so we’re calling it a pie.


As I imagined it, this pie called for only four ingredients: strawberries, bananas, coconut milk, and sugar. Oh, and the pie crust, which I went store-bought on.. duh. I chopped up some gorgeous strawberries that I found at the supermarket along with a couple of ‘nanas and attempted to whip up some coconut whipped cream to use instead of the Cool Whip that Gina’s recipe called for. (Part of me trying to clean up the remaining part of my diet that’s still processed-food dependent.)


I say that I ATTEMPTED the coconut whipped cream, because evidently I did it oh-so-wrong. I was impatient (shock!), and didn’t let the coconut cream fully separate from the coconut water. So despite like 20 minutes of solid work from my KitchenAid, it never really, y’know, got whipped. And thus the final product was JUST a little on the runny side…


Okay, so maybe it was less pie than… can we call it a cobbler? Regardless, it’s still freaking delicious. And a full “slice” (we shall apply that term lightly) is less than 200 calories! Coconut milk is quite high in fat, I will admit, but blahblahblah healthy fats blahblah. I may or may not be eating it for breakfast right now. Oh, and I will say that it did set and solidify a little more in the fridge overnight (I gotta work on that patience thing!). The water separated out a little bit and the cream holds its shape better, so the piece I brought to work with me almost looked like an actual slice of pie… almost. I will certainly be working on perfecting this one in the future!


I fully intend on having these pies bookend my days in the form of breakfast and dessert for the rest of the week. I mean, if people can have wedding pie instead of wedding cake, I can totally claim pie as a breakfast food, right?

What’s your favorite kind of pie? I used to be a pecan girl all the way, but I’ve really come around to fruit pies. One day I will attempt an apple pie from scratch!

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Posted on Sep 2, 2011 in Daily Eats, Food | 9 comments

Daily Eats – 9/2/2011


Repeat of yesterday:

Naner: ~70 cal

Unpictured whole wheat toast with small smear of Nutella: ~150 cal


Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal: 210 cal


Trader Joe’s Alaskan salmon frozen dinner w/spinach orzo: 350 cal


Wasabi almonds: ~150 cal

Krinkle-cut kettle chips: 150 cal (must stop eating free office food.)


Mixed green salad with raw corn, bell pepper, cucumber, onion

Butternut squash potstickers (!!)


12 oz. cup of Taro (!!!) and mango fro-yo topped with fruit, coconut, and a single mini-Twix: likely (hopeful) overestimate of ~300 cal

I met up with Ania tonight at T.H.A.I. in Shirlington for dins. I wanted to save room for frozen yogurt, so I took dinner light, and successfully avoided my delicious Thai pitfall foods (namely, panang curry and pad see ew… nommm.)

Then I ate my weight in frozen yogurt. Seriously. TARO FROYO. SO delicious. Who knew?!

Known calorie counts: ~1,380 not counting dinner. So the overall damage probably wasn’t TOO outlandish (the salad is negligible but the potstickers were pan-fried) even with the ridonk amount of froyo (which is why I love froyo. Because it’s like 70 – 90 calories per half-cup at Yogiberry!)

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Posted on Sep 1, 2011 in Daily Eats, Food | 4 comments

Daily Eats – 9/1/2011

This ain’t going to be pretty, what with the iPhone pics and all, but in dedication to me Septembering my resolve, I figured I had better throw a Daily Eats post up stat. Behold!


Banana – 70 calories

Plus an unpictured slice of whole wheat toast (100 cal) with <1 tbsp PB (~80 cal) and 1 tbsp organic strawberry preserves (30 cal)


5 dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) – 175 calories


Homemade veggie taco salad with vegan soy protein crumbles and a salsa + greek yogurt dressing (~350 cal)

1 serving (9 chips) Krinkle-cut Kettle chips – 150 cal


1 tbsp PB (100 cal) and 6 celery sticks (5 cal)

Oh Nuts! Dried fruit mix from HLS swag bag – Not sure of calories so I’ll guess conservatively. ~200 maybe?


1/2 cup rotini pasta (~100 cal) with 2 pieces squash (10 cal) and a small grilled chicken breast (about 3 oz; ~150 cal)


A disgusting-looking but rather tasty winged attempt at microwaved Nutella cake a la Cassie. I reeeeeally need to stick to recipes, hahaha – ~250 cal.

Total: 1,770 calories

Not too bad. Not great, but not too bad. Onward!

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Posted on Oct 10, 2010 in Food | 2 comments

Sweet Treats

Still waiting to get the pics from my happy hour so I can show you guys the yummy eats we made for it, but I did want to share the sweet treats that I made myself today!

Homemade applesauce and homemade vegan blueberry softserve!

The applesauce was super easy and totally inspired by my friend Tania. We went to middle school together and recently reconnected now that we’re back in the same area again! She just started a new blog you should definitely check out! It’s really just steamed apples, blended. I did add a squeeze of honey and a pinch of flaxseed, but nothing else! Although I’m sure it would be extra delicious with some cinnamon somethin’. I really need to put ground cinnamon on my grocery list…

For the blueberry softserve, I saw on Oh She Glows (amaaaazing blog) all kinds of various vegan/raw softserve ice “cream” that she layers into her overnight oats. I figured I’d give it a whirl (literally! You make it in the blender.) It’s really more of a blueberry-banana softserve, because that is literally all that’s in it: frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, and a splash of vanilla almond milk.

You just toss the ingredients into a food processor (or, in my case, a blender. I reeeeeally need to get a food processor. It would probably be much easier than having to shovel the banana chunks down every 5 seconds to get the goods moving!) and whirl away. Before you know it, you are looking at a beautiful creamy mess of fruity goodness that has the exact texture and look of frozen yogurt or softserve ice cream!! I love it!

Anyway, that’s all I have for you right now. Weigh-in tomorrow AHHHHH!

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