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Posted on Jan 22, 2013 in Dear Diary, Food | 15 comments

Baby Shower


Words cannot adequately prepare you for the photo explosion that is about to happen on this blog. I’m not gonna lie. It’s going to be intense. There were a lot of photos taken at my sister’s baby shower this past weekend–some by me, more by Taylor (our future sister-in-law). So many, you may wretch at the sight of polka dots and tulle after this point. So many, that the very mention of the color pink makes you want to claw your eyes out. But, then again, maybe you like this kinda stuff so it’ll all be okay. 😉


On Saturday afternoon, some of my older sister’s nearest and dearest friends (as well as a few of my awesome extended family members) gathered at my mom’s house for a baby shower: I was hosting and Taylor helped me plan.


Also, they brought presents.





We set up a buffet in the dining room with fingerfoods and glasses of sparkling pink lemonade (the ruffle ball thingies and lemonades were modeled directly after a Pin on my sister’s Pinterest that Tay found!), and then everyone pretty much gathered in the adjacent living room.


As mentioned, Tay and I played dueling photographers (she won), and she also helped me plan the entire shower. We had quite the smorgasbord going on!


Christmas-2012-16 Christmas-2012-14
Christmas-2012-11 Christmas-2012-12

There was a veggie platter, a fruit & cheese plate, hummus & crackers, THREE kinds of finger sandwiches (apricot, marionberry, and cucumber)…


And my mom made these vegetarian curry puff things which were delicious. (My sister is a vegetarian, so the only non-Jenny-friendly food was a little plate that had some smoked salmon and crackers.


Of course, the main event (in my opinion) was the tower of Georgetown Cupcakes that I ordered special for the shower. Funny story, I ordered two dozen cupcakes — half with pink icing and a white duck, and the other half with white icing and a pink duck — in chocolate and vanilla. What we ended up receiving was one dozen cupcakes — chocolate and vanilla — with pink icing and a white duck… and one dozen red velvet cupcakes with pink discs on top that said “16” in sparkling print.


Lol, I guess we ended up with half of someone’s Sweet 16 order (I’m sure that kid is gonna be thrilled to have gotten our baby shower cupcakes, hahaha). I called the bakery and they offered to redeliver but it would take too long. So they gave me a gift card to make up for the mix-up, and we kept the red velvets. Actually, it worked out, since red velvet is their best flavor in my opinion. We just turned the “16” discs upside down, and voila! Totally shower appropriate. 🙂

Christmas-2012-24 Christmas-2012-20
Christmas-2012-21 Christmas-2012-22

As for activities, the main thing was watching Jenny open her million, gazillion presents. It was a lot of clothing. Really, really stinkin’ adorable clothing. That pretty much consistently made me react like this to every gift:

BUT OH WAIT. Thanks to Tay’s wide angle camera lens, YOU DON’T HAVE TO IMAGINE ANYTHING because I’m in the background of each shot. Enjoy. (Stupid technology.)


In addition to the, you know, shower itself, I got Jenny (or, rather, I got my niece) a couple of super adorable outfits that had tutus and pop-out ice cream cones and cupcakes on the top. (As if you’d expect anything less!)


Hilariously, Anne ended up getting Jenny one of the same outfits, just in a bigger size. So this kid is gonna be rocking tutus and cupcakes until she is 2. (Couldn’t have planned it better myself, gwahaha.)


So yes, the present-opening was definitely the main event, but we did a few other things as well. There was also a onesie decorating station that we set up in the kitchen (which was SO much fun, and if you have/host a baby shower, you should absolutely do this).


The guests decorated onesies, and then at the end Jenny picked a winner (who got a small prize). Plus, now the baby has awesome, hand-crafted, personalized onesies to wear… for however long that fabric paint will last in the wash, hehehe.



And as for the last activity…


…I forced everyone to eat baby food. MWAHAHAHA. But at least I made it look pretty by putting them in nice glasses, and I only chose fruit flavors because I’m the nicest person ever. (Pear, Banana, and Apple, in case you were curious.) Also, the people who guessed right got a prize (a prize of Starbucks giftcards which, ironically, went to the two pregnant people at the shower who can’t really drink coffee, hahaha).

WHEW. Did you make through all of that? If so, congratulations. If not, you should know that this isn’t even all the photos that were taken that day. I actually managed to practice a smidgen of self-restraint so… you’re welcome. 🙂

I cannot wait for this little alien baby to join the world in March! I am gonna spoil the crap outta this kid. Because, you know, she’s definitely not spoiled enough already.


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