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Posted on Aug 31, 2011 in Fail, Food | 54 comments

Epic Cookie Fail


I was really excited to kick off this Wednesday with a fantastic cookie recipe that would change your life. Not a health-food “cookie”, but a real, honest-to-goodness, made-with-butter-and-everything cookie that would make you the star of Labor Day parties country-wide.

Ingredients for Success

I was, in fact, so confident in this cookie that I even took the time to set up an Oh She Glows-style ingredient photoshoot.


It seems I should really stick to what I know.


I was convinced that I needed to share these cookies with the world after the success of my hurricane cookies (or not-success, depending on how you see my weigh-in, haha), for which I had used this recipe.


Except that recipe originally called for 6 DOZEN cookies (er, that’s 72 cookies, my friends) and, errrr, that’s a lot. Even for me. Plus, I wanted to make it my own. Put my own Gretchenesque-spin on things, y’know?

Bake me!

Weeeeeeeell, I guess that my, er, creative cooking approach does NOT lend itself well to baking. Turns out I was off on my ratio of dry-to-wet ingredients by a mere quarter-cup! Guess it was enough though:


Sigh. Flat as a board. NOT the full, round, chewy cookies I was supposed to pull out of the oven. I die. At least they still tasted great! Well, those that survived, that is…


They were so soft and thin, that most of them were completely obliterated in the process of removing them from the pan. It wasn’t a total loss though. I see many deliciously topped bowls of oatmeal in my not-so-distant-future.


Hopefully, despite the not-quite-intended-result, their deliciousness will still get me suck-up points with my coworkers, hehe.

Are you a cook or a baker? Any epic fails in experimenting with either?

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Posted on Jul 14, 2011 in Dear Diary, Fail | 39 comments

A Gloomy Place


“Good morning, Pooh Bear,” said Eeyore gloomily. “If it is a good morning,” he said. “Which I doubt,” said he.
“Why, what’s the matter?”
“Nothing, Pooh Bear, nothing. We can’t all, and some of us don’t. That’s all there is to it.”
“Can’t all what?” said Pooh, rubbing his nose.
“Gaiety. Song-and-dance. Here we go round the mulberry bush.”


As if you couldn’t tell from the above, I am in a bit of a gloomy place today. Feeling just a little bit hum-drum, dwelling in the doldrums, in a funk, etc, etc. Yesterday wasn’t a great day, I guess. But hey, it’s probably about time for another emotional roller coaster ride anyway.

I thought it would be a good day. A great day, even. When I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, I was back at my pre-Fourth of July weekend weight! Which means that by some miracle I not only didn’t gain weight at the beach, I lost weight at the beach. So, as I said, it had all of the ingredients to become a good day.

But, it just didn’t turn out that way. So by the time lunch rolled around, and I walked into a meeting where free pizza was being served by the boxful, I helped myself to a slice. Then another. And even though I was stuffed after those two (tiny squares of thin-crust these were not), I helped myself to another after that. I’m trying to take solace in the fact that a year ago it probably would have been 5 or 6 slices, but it still doesn’t make me feel good that I still fall victim of my old habits: eating just to eat. Eating because you’re sad, or lonely, or just a little bit off.

After driving home in a scary torrential downpour, my spirits weren’t much higher, but around 6 the sun came back out and had dried out the sidewalk. So I tried. I really tried to take my pity-partying self and turn the day around.


I tried to go for a run.


And barely made it a mile before stopping to walk most of the way back. While the 19:45 pace showing on the watch isn’t my average pace, just the pace from my walking around taking pictures of my sweaty self, it might as well have been. I could probably try to blame it on the humidity (thick), the heat (all-consuming), having just eaten (I had) or other various factors, but really, I just blame myself. How is it possible to have degenerated from being able to run 3 miles at 210 lbs to not even being able to run 1 mile at 192 lbs? It’s just… disheartening.

I so wish that I could be one of those people that spews out quotables like, “You never regret a workout!” or “Running clears your mind.” or “Work out, and you’ll work out your problems.” But I can’t, because most of the time, I don’t really believe them. Running isn’t mind-clearing or peaceful for me, it’s painful. From the first step it is a full-on battle with myself: my body, my brain, my heart, and my willpower fighting to the death, fighting to see when I’ll stop. And yes, I do feel pride when I complete a race, or finish a run strong, and the “after” does sometimes outweigh the misery of the “during.” But it isn’t easy for me. So after a gloomy day filled with drama and tension and stress, a bad run was just the cherry on top of my sadsack sundae.

But okay. Enough. You guys don’t need to hear any more about my irrationally depressing day, and I know that I do have things to look forward to. Namely (perhaps only) this:


The midnight showing for which I shall be in attendance at tonight. If anyone else is going to be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at Tysons tonight, let me know! I’m really cool, and I could use a seat buddy. Yep. I’m so cool that all my friends deserted me and I’m going alone. But if anyone else happens to be going there, you can revel in the awesomeness of my rockin’ Gryffindor track jacket, you lucky thing.

Don’t be surprised if tomorrow I’m depressed too, just for a totally different reason. It’s the end of an era! And today’s run should be a good one. It will involve sprinting to get a good seat in the theatre, and that’s a mental battle I know I can win.

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Posted on Apr 6, 2011 in Dear Diary, Fail, Working Out | 6 comments

Yet Another Workout Fail

Good morning all! Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s Weight Loss 101 post — working out regularly is still something I’m really trying to figure out and embrace.

In the spirit of practicing what I’m a-preachin’, last night I set out all of my workout clothes, bagged up an outfit to change into, and set my alarm clock for an hour earlier than I normally wake up. Yes, that’s right, I was going to work out before work. DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

I’m sure you are all shocked to hear that I’m not really a morning work-outer. I enjoy my sleep, and I work every day from 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM, so it always just made more sense to put off my workouts until after work when I have the time do to it. My building has a gym right in it, so it’s easy enough to pull off… but it’s also easy enough to pull out excuses not to: I’m tired, my lunch isn’t sitting right, I have to run some errands before traffic gets bad, blahdeeblahblahblah.

So, like I said, I laid out my stuff, set my alarm, and went nighty-night earlier than usual in my attempt to get my sweat on when I woke up.

And then I overslept my alarm.

Ah well, I figured. I can just go to the gym after work like normal. I grabbed the bag I had set next to the door and headed out (always in a rush, of course, due to the aforementioned oversleeping. Naturally.)

Halfway to work, I realized that I had packed my WORK clothes into my gym bag because I had planned on wearing my gym clothes there this morning. Womp womp.

So here I am, unable to workout until I get home and hoping I’ll be able to motivate myself to do so when I get back. But hey! At least I have a completely useless set of extra work clothes with me! (I guess this would be the day to spill something on myself, eh?), no gym clothes, and what I feel should be a big, fat FAIL written across my forehead. Le sigh.

Anyway, let’s move onto some happier-ish things:


Dins from last night!

I made up a pasta dish that had green peppers, onion, orecchiette pasta and a chunky tomato sauce. I mixed it all together in a giant Pyrex so that it was easy enough to box up what I didn’t eat and save it to bring to lunch later this week.


On the side, I also cooked up some vegan buffalo wings that I was really excited about:


I got these spontaneously on a grocery trip last week and was looking for an excuse to cook ’em up. Unfortunately, they were pretty much an epic fail. I followed the instructions on the box and cooked them in a pan on the stove as per the manufacturer’s recommendation but the buffalo sauce got kinda gross that way, and the texture and taste was just really off. I ate one, then bagged them up. I can’t bring myself to just throw away the rest, so I’m gonna need to brainstorm ideas for how to incorporate them into another meal without really having to taste them. Haaaaahahaha, sigh. Any ideas?

Question: Are you a morning or after-work workout person? Any tips for getting started in the mornings if you’re trying to transition into becoming one of the former?

Have an awesome Wednesday, everyone! We’re halfway to the weekend (and the beginning of my epic week-long birthday celebration! :P) w00t!!

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Posted on Mar 27, 2011 in Fail, Working Out | 3 comments

Out for Blood

Yesterday morning I awoke bright and early to head up to Columbia, MD to run the Red Cross “Out for Blood” 5K. It was something like 34 degrees outside (so much for all my ideas of a nice, warm-but-not-too-warm, cool-but-not-too-cool Spring run, eh?)


Yep, while everyone else in the blog world was running the DC National Half Marathon, I was failing miserably at my li’l ol’ suburban Maryland 5K. Le sigh.


Amanda, my sister, her hubs, and our friend Jeff all ran the race with me.


As well as some other old friends:


And a huge thanks to my boyfriend Steve for getting up early with us and staking out in the freezing cold to play photographer (all the photos in this post were taken by him.) Our friend Evan also came up and shot a few shots of us throughout the course.

So… the race. Well, it was not good.

I am still stick, so I was running with congestion, exhaustion, and general feeling-icky-ness against me. And that’s aside from the frigid air that I had to suck down my still-sore throat. Blech. From the second that the race started, I knew that it was going to be a rough ride.


After the first mile, I started feeling literally sick to my stomach and, worried that I was going to throw up, I slowed down to a walk. Amanda went ahead and Jen stayed back to keep me company and try to egg me along. It was so depressing. I was so upset with myself for walking, for feeling like I wasn’t strong enough to run the whole thing, and for having had such built-up expectations for how it would go. Future tip for myself: don’t run a 5K if you’re sick. It just isn’t worth it.


The smile above is sooooooo not an appropriate glimpse of how things went from this point on. I probably ended up walking a little less than half of the 5K, though I did try very hard to speedwalk most of the time we weren’t jogging at least (at my sister’s encouragement, that is.)

I did try to at least FINISH strong, so it was a mad sprint for the end:


My face in the following photos is a much closer approximation of how the whole thing felt:


(Jenny is laughing because she was caught so off guard when I took off sprinting for the finish, haha.)

So yeah. Definitely not my strongest moment. There’s another 5K that is part of the Fitbloggin’ conference at the end of May, so I’m hoping to be able to redeem myself then. The silver lining of this whole experience is that our finishing time (42:51) for this race was really not much longer than that of my first 5K (barely under 42 minutes). So the fact that even with having walked half of it I almost matched the time of my first race (where I did jog the whole thing) is a fair measure of my fitness progress, IMO. No?


Hoo boy. Onward and upward, I guess.

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Posted on Mar 11, 2011 in Dear Diary, Fail, Pup Posts | 4 comments

Fail Friday

Sooooooooo yeah. Posting fail.

I really don’t have much to say this morning. I guess I can tell you that last night I got Chinese food because of the gloomy rain miserableness combined with the super amazing nerdiness that is the video game Dragon Age II. Don’t judge.

On the bright side, I found out that my favorite Falls Church Chinese restaurant, Happy Family, has a whole menu section with vegan dishes! Whaaaaa? How progressive. I love it. I got a spicy eggplant dish and a vegan General Tso’s “chicken” that I only had like 5 pieces of before Ben ate all the rest. Brought the rest of the eggplant for lunchsies today, NOMMMM.

So instead, here are some pictures of sleepy puppys! Everybody wins!

Well, everyone would win if I had taken the time to take real pictures with a real camera instead of these iPhone monstrosities. But oh well, you still get to see a smooshy-faced Daxter so are you really complaining? 😛

PS – I went to Starbucks yesterday to meet my friend Darcie for coffee, and saw that they’ve implemented the new Starbucks logo:

What do you guys think of the new logo, it being all green and missing the actual word “Starbucks”? For comparison’s sake, here’s the old logo:

Okay, I swear I’ll do better with the relevant posting next time. Have an amazing weekend, everybody!!

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