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Posted on Feb 20, 2014 in Dear Diary | 4 comments

Lingual Braces: Weeks 2 & 3

So after my initial bitching session post about what having my new lingual braces is like, I feel it’s probably time that I update you on how I’m doing with them now.

Not surprisingly, just a few days after I spent like 1000 words complaining about how much my tongue hurt, my teeth hurt, and how miserable I was, things got much, much better. My tongue did indeed get used to the metal and is no longer hurting. My lisping is like 800% better (in my opinion), and really the only thing that still catches me are my S’s. But I’m definitely getting used to it, and some folks tell me that they can’t really notice… though I don’t really believe them, hahaha.

My teeth also have stopped hurting, some of them just still feel loose — which is admittedly a semi-scary feeling, because even though logically I know that my teeth aren’t going to fall out of my head, I had a dream that they did and now it’s like all I can think about. Also, biting into stuff still isn’t as easy as it used to be, though I can eat most things without too much incident (no gum or caramels or biting into apples still though).) It’s just mostly annoying because stuff gets stuck in there really easily – especially rice and stringy things like cooked onions. Also, sandwiches are still a bit of a challenge… which is super sad because I loooove sandwiches. Womp womp.

But all in all, things have really turned around almost 180*, so I am no longer hating the world and regretting this decision. Huzzah! Since it’s only been a couple of weeks I can’t see any kind of difference yet, but hopefully when I go back to the ortho in a couple of weeks he’ll have an estimate of how long it’ll really take to get my chompers nice and straight — since the only timeline I’ve been given so far is the very specific prediction of “probably less than a year.”

I have my first wire adjustment the second week of March, so I’ll be back to update you again on how things are feeling after that!


  1. Your braces are so cool! I never realized they even had that kind. I am going to need them as well. I may look into that kind.

  2. Yes your Braces are awesome 🙂 I also need them soon and I’ll be definitely looking into these type 🙂

  3. I came across your blog through a search, and your post is exactly what I was looking for!
    I just got my lingual braces put on earlier this week, I’m on day 2 and my tongue is dyyyingggg. I have top and bottom on the front 8 teeth and my tongue is soo bruised, I was really questioning if this was normal and if I really can manage all of this pain for a year.because I too am skeptical if my condition improving lol. I’m thrilled to know that it actually does get better! Please keep updating your progress, reading your posts was incredibly helpful. 🙂


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