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Posted on Feb 19, 2014 in Dear Diary, Food | 7 comments

Eggs & Lightning

As you may already suspect based on the title of this post, this is very likely to end up as a bit of a haphazard and non-sequiter post. But seeing as how it’s been quite a few days since my last post, and I find myself slipping dangerously into non-blogging mode, I figured I’d at least update you on a few things.

So, obviously Valentine’s Day was Friday. Let’s talk about that. Sean took me to Me Jana, a lebanese restaurant in Arlington, and dinner was delicious – you probably know very well by now that I love sharing food! So tapas, mezze, small plates, family-style dining, sushi… anything sharable is pretty much the key to my heart. I know, I know. I’m sure that some of you are shaking your heads at me talking about yet another occasion where I went out to eat and indulged, and I’d totally come up with some sort of justification or provide my reasoning (which is basically just that it was Valentine’s Day, duh) but ehhhh, at this point, what am I really gonna say?

I’m always gonna go out to eat, I’m always gonna want to celebrate occasions at restaurants. But I promise, I really am learning. I mean, sure, there was not a small amount of cheese involved in dinner that night, as well as a glass of delicious and sweet white wine sangria, but aside from that I was actually quite restrained and ate relatively well. Seared scallops, a salad with salmon on it, I resisted the siren call of the pita bread basket (well, I mostly resisted it)… really I think I did quite well! Snaps for me, hehe.

The other bonus points for the evening, of course, come from the fact that it was the perfect occasion to wear my latest Stitch Fix acquisition:


I really love the wrap dress that I was sent in my box this month — the neckline is kind of vintage/forties-inspired, and the pattern is like part-chevron, part-Mike & Ike. Plus it went perfectly with the Seychelles heart shoes that have been hanging in my closet, yearning for their V-day release.

ANYWAY, back to the food thing: Aside from Valentine’s Day dinner, as well as a late-night post-Valentine’s dinner grocery store run to get dessert which resulted in me purchasing two things of Lunchables, I’ve actually been feeling pretty good on the food front! I’m really into eggs lately, which is semi-weird for me, because I used to hate eggs (except the fried egg sandwich that only my mom knows how to make perfectly, of course). But I pretty much throw an egg on errrrverything now, which is an amazing way to turn any kind of leftovers into breakfast food, by the way. I’m really not sure why I went so long living without thinking of breakfast pasta.

It actually really works out that pretty much every time I wander into the kitchen looking for something to eat, I just end up putting a bird an egg on it, since eggs are good for you (protein!), crazy easy to make (microwaved egg sandwich, anyone?), and easy to fit into my daily intake (70 calories per egg).

The protein thing is particularly important, since I am basically clawing my eyes out trying to maintain a good protein ratio in my diet. Even on days when I feel like I’ve eaten really balanced meals, my protein percentage is still at like… 20%. I don’t get it! Aside from having like an entire steak for dinner every night, I don’t know what else I can do to increase my protein ratio. Aside from, well, eating less carbs to lower that part of the formula, I guess…. hahahahahaha. Please. C’mon, serious suggestions only.

Other updates from this past weekend include starting and, subsequently, finishing my newest video game — Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. (Just in case you guys forgot, I am a HUGE nerd.) And I somewhat suspect that all that binge-playing may have had something to do with my other news, which is that I changed my hair color… again. And I did it aaaall by myself this time.

Don’t tell my hairdresser.

Lol, JK, he already knows because we are friends on Facebook and there is obviously no way I can prevent myself from posting every single thing I do on social media. He said it looks good. 🙂 Anyway, it’s kind of hard to see with the bad bathroom lighting, but I bleached the purple out of my hair (bye for now! I’ll be back!) and now it’s a super pastel, soft pink. Just like Lightning.

Going about dyeing my hair on my own this time was very interesting, incredibly educational, and SUPER scary. This is probably deserving of a longer post at some point, but suffice it to say that I had no idea what bleaching the already bleached-then-purpled parts of my hair would do. Well, as it turns out, putting bleach on already bleached hair, even if it has color over it, takes like half a second to get it back to the pre-colored blonde. Seriously, it seemed like the SECOND I put the bleach over my lengths, the color lifted out. Which kind of made me freak out, because I didn’t want my hair to snap and fall out from being over-bleached, so I ended up washing it out after only like 10 or 15 minutes, and so my roots only lightened a tiny bit. But oh well — consider my lesson learned! #themoreyouknow

Aaaanyway, and that about catches us up! In addition to a post on the necessary magic needed to dye yourself some pastel locks, I also owe you an update about how my lingual braces are going (they are MUCH, much, much, much, much better), as well as some exciting things that will be happening soon for my job. Plus, you know, all the regular weight loss stuff and pictures of my food and definitely some humblebragging about how many times I made it to the gym this week (twice so far!). So, you know, good stuff ahead… stay tuned!


  1. Frankly, I would like more information about breakfast pasta.

  2. Saw your update on facebook and squee’d LOVE IT.

    Have you seen my latest entry on GW2? It’s INSANE. Plus, Jeff got into the Wildstar beta this weekend and I’m definitely planning on stealing some of his game time.

    nerds ftw.

  3. I don’t eat meat so me and protein – we’ve got a complicated relationship 🙂 But here are some suggestions: nuts (on their own as a snack or in a salad – Trader Joe’s is really affordable); dairy products – yogurt, cheese (I like to use the good stuff, just less of it, I don’t like how low fat tastes), almond or soy milk (I especially like this when I get to the end of the night and realize I did NOT get enough protein); beans of course 🙂 (beans in salad = yum); tofu; fake meat products – these are less scary then they seem, but I would recommend starting with veggie burgers and going for a kind that isn’t trying to taste too much like meat – gardenburgers for example; quinoa; and by-products of nuts and beans – like peanut butter or hummus (but of course these can get dangerous fast). That’s pretty comprehensive – good luck!

    • I wanted to add my two cents as a fellow carb lover who is trying to eat more protein and fewer carbs. Like, seriously, my whole family is obsessed with carbs (especially breaaaaad), but I’m slowly getting used to not eating as much of the stuff.

      Breakfast ideas: MORE EGGS! Omelets filled with leftovers, some scrambled eggs with greek yogurt on the side, corn tacos with scrambled eggs and beans, or an open-faced fried egg sandwich. Seriously, make more egg dishes and you won’t feel like you need the carbs as much. And don’t feel like you have to TOTALLY cut the carbs. If I want toast or flour tortillas, instead of doing two pieces like I used to, I’ll do just one and make more eggs so I’m still full. And it really only takes like five minutes to make these dishes, so it’s even good for the weekdays. I usually set out all my cooking equipment the night before, and make a little stack of all my ingredients in the fridge, that way I can grab it and cook super quick in the mornings.

      Lunches: You seem to like lots of little bites just like me, so let me tell you….SNACK LUNCHES FTW! Basically I call these adult lunchables, and they can be varied a trillion ways. Get yourself a cute bento box and then just think of all kinds of different combinations.

      Classic lunchable: deli meat, maybe like an ounce of thinly sliced cheese or a small handful of nuts or trail mix, Blue Diamond Multi-nut crackers, seasonal fruit, crunchy veggies like baby carrots, cucumbers, radishes, etc.

      Mediterranean: hummus, hard-boiled egg, half a pita, a bunch more crunchy veggies, seasonal fruit

      Mexican: canned black beans jazzed up with herbs & spices, corn tortilla or two, veggie scramble to go in the tacos (corn, squash, jalapeno) or even something like broccoli slaw, seasonal fruit.

      Circus: a ton of peanuts in the shell, popcorn (bagged stuff is cool if it’s just popcorn, oil, and salt), fruit, veggies, some leftover meat or hardboiled egg dipped in some kind of dressing

      Lettuce wraps: I’m sure you’ve probably had asian lettuce wraps before, but you can really take any kind of sandwich and make it in a lettuce wrap instead. Especially good: avocado/marinated chicken/tomato/green goddess dressing in a lettuce wrap, egg salad in a lettuce wrap, chicken salad in a lettuce wrap. Make sure it’s got some fun ingredients like avocado or dressing or else it’s not as satisfying.

      You probably get the gist. Think of protein sources (I try to do non-meat sources if I can, but simple grilled meats like grilled chicken breast work too), and then try to come up with a theme around them because then it’s more fun. Then add a little bit of carbs (preferably in a non-bread way, just because it seems really easy to eat several pieces of bread, and I find that I enjoy some crackers or tortillas or pitas more), and then fruit and veggies. Sometimes a square of dark chocolate, too! 🙂

      Note–if you make the exact same snack lunch all week, you’re gonna get bored, but if you make five different ones, you’re gonna spend too much money on ingredients. I usually shoot for one “theme” with a few things I can vary throughout the week (like changing from turkey to ham, changing the cheese, getting two kinds of crackers, etc.)

      Dinners: When you are meal planning for dinners, try to think of something that’s more veggie-focused, or at least lean-meat-focused, not carb-focused. I usually stay away from the “meat and two sides” thing because it makes me feel really uninspired and then I end up slapping too many carbs alongside the meal. So look for something that’s more of a one-pot or doesn’t even need sides. If you stay away from the “meat and two sides” combo, you will likely find you don’t even need carbs in the meal at all, or need very little. Add a lot of healthy food blogs to your Feedly and you’ll be getting ideas all week. My favorites to cook from are blogs like 101 cookbooks (sometimes more fussy/weird, though), Edible Perspective, Green Kitchen Stories, Happyolks, La Tartine Gourmande, How Sweet It Is (warning: mix of healthy fun stuff with REALLY BAD FOR YOU THINGS), Love & Lemons, and Sprouted Kitchen.

      Try to limit the number of times you make refined-carby things like pasta to maybe once a week, or once every two weeks. When you do make it, only cook half the box, that way you don’t have as many carby leftovers.

      WHEW. Sorry for posting the longest comment ever, but hopefully these tips are helpful!

      • Oh, and feel free to email me if you want more suggestions or have questions!

  4. For me, it is less about adding more protein and more about taking out some of those carbs. I have a hard time saying no to any bread item but, for example, at a dinner last night I stuck to the straight plated meal (salad, entree, dessert) and by-passed the bread bowl (this was not easy!). It may not seem like it will make a big difference but not having bread/carbs with a meal that is already satisfying can make a big difference in the calories and you will see your percentage of protein shift in your day.

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