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Posted on Jun 4, 2013 in Food | 9 comments

Iron Chef Gretchen

Hey, hey, hey! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I most certainly did, thanks to a myriad of reasons, really, but a big part of that was attending Taste of Georgetown on Saturday!


I love “Taste of” events because they really appeal to that part of me that is never satisfied only being able to order one thing off a menu. I’m too indecisive! I’d always rather get a bunch of things to share (or at least steal food from my friends’ plates, hehe) because I am greedy like to sample lots of different things.


In addition to getting to nom on great foods from some of Georgetown’s hottest restaurants, I also participated in a chef showdown challenge at the festival with the Yelp DC Community Manager, Kimberly, and her fiance, Rob!





It was crazy fun, albeit it SUPER hot (just check out how red my face is in the pics above, hahaha), and I got Sean to come along and play photographer. Each team was paired with a local chef — ours was Chef Bryan from Paolo’s restaurant — and came up with a master chef meal that included our secret ingredient…




I’d never even eaten rhubarb in anything but a pie before, so it definitely proved challenging to incorporate into a savory meal. Under Chef Bryan’s tutelage, however, we came up with a surf-and-turf plate that my mama would’ve been proud of.




Drumroll please….


Ta-da! Not too bad for a butane burner meal, eh?



We made a red snapper with a raw rhubarb and asparagus slaw on top, and a filet atop a corn and asparagus succotash with red wine rhubarb compote on top. The filet was AWESOME, and the fish turned out great, although I was a little iffy about the use of raw rhubarb in the slaw. It’s just got a very naturally sour/tart flavor, and is really fibrous, so I don’t know if I’m such a fan of it raw. Cooked, though, it’s delicious, and I have so many ideas for incorporating it into savory meals now!



Unfortunately, I guess the judges agreed with my assessment because we came in second (though the judges said it was super close!) but I still think Team Yelp were all winners that day. It definitely makes me want to start showing off my knife skills (I really am quite proud of my quick-chop prowess!) on a more regular basis. I think between this and watching marathons of Food Network Star, I’ve been bitten by the bug…

If you had a cooking show, what kind of show would it be? Or, as they say on Food Network Star, what would you “Culinary POV” be? I like to think I’d be able to have some sort of Whasian-related hook, but the truth is I actually know how to cook very little Chinese food! Hahaha. Guess I’d actually stick with my healthified comfort food thing.


  1. If I had a cooking show, it’d be as a judge =P I just love to *eat* good food!!

    Speaking of which.. what is pictured in the first panel?! It’s got my mouth watering, wondering what’s inside.

    • It’s an empanada from the Bandolero food stand — it was crazy delicious!

  2. I agree – I love taste of events. That way I get to try a little bit of a lot of things!! And super good job on the competition –> looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Your new job looks like so much fun! If I had a cooking show, I think it would be super neat to have it be book themed–ok that sounds weird but wait for it. There’s a Redwall cookbook, a Harry Potter cookbook (I’m trying to convince my friends that we need a Literary Feast)…and a bunch more. The food in books always *sounds* amazing, it would be cool to see it all come to life.

    Also I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and finally started my own, so thanks for the inspiration! I feel like a stalker finally coming out from hiding…yeah ok creepy.

  4. I’d probably want to do something with garden fresh veggies. I’m really into my garden this year (first year that it’s doing something. LOL), so doing something that shows what you can do with a veggie garden interests me. 🙂

  5. Burger-nanza. That would be my show. I LOVE burgers. There are so many creative AND healthy things you can do with them, that are all delicious!

  6. This looks SO fun! I’m impressed with what ya’ll came up with!

  7. Gimme a baking show.

    I like your upbeat and fun approach to anything.Just like with your other endeavors, you rock here,Gretchen. What’s for dessert?

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