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Posted on Feb 20, 2013 in Weigh Ins, Weight Loss | 20 comments

Sugar, Sugar (Weigh-in)

Preface: You are all MOST welcome for the fact that you have the “Sugar, Sugar” song stuck in your heads now. And if you DON’T know the song and would like to be included, just watch the following video. Gwahahahahahaha!

Hi everyone! Just popping in for a quick post to announce this week’s weigh in (see, I’m already doing better!). I’ve really taken the past week, and my Lenten decision to give up desserts, to reevaluate my diet as a whole. I figured, since I’m giving up sweets, I might as well experiment with reducing all the excess sugar in my life. The first few days were pretty hellish, as I didn’t even realize I had become THAT sugar dependent. We’re talking full-on detox: the shakes, the sweats, the headache. Oy. But! Things have started to stablize a little with me, and clearly it was one of those annoyingly necessary evils, because look!

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 196.0 lbs
This Weigh-in: 193.8 lbs
Difference: -2.2 lbs

Whoooo! A full two pounds down! And since, according to my last weigh-in, it took me over a month to lose the last two, I deem this a ROUSING success! I’m feeling really good about my weight loss this time around, and I feel even better about actually taking the time to truly experiment with what kind of food ratios my body responds to. As I talked about in yesterday’s post, I’m starting put a really big emphasis on protein, which is an obvious one, but, of cousre, there’s still that other macronutrient in play. One that I’ve long avoided, but that I really am trying to strike up a relationship with again.

Yep, I’m talking about FAT. (BUMBUMBUM!) Ah, fat. The horrible word that most of us weight-strugglers have come to identify as being more evil than most curse words. But of course, I’m not talking about the “Yo’ mama so fat…” kind of fat. I’m talking about the kind that you eat. And in fact, there’s a lot of good fat to eat in this world, so I’m trying to fight against 20+ years of indoctrination and embrace a diet that includes plentiful healthy fats.

I’m increasing the amounts of avocado, coconut, salmon, eggs, nuts, and full-fat yogurt and cheese in my diet (while still being conscientious of my calories, of course), and trying to put a serious dent in my carb addiction. Which means I’m taking a bit of a break from refined carbs like pasta and bread (well, as much as a break as I’m able, haha). I’m also currently reading the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat, which I actually bought like a zillion years ago but never got around to reading all the way through. So far it basically seems like one giant love letter to coconut (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing) but the book makes some good points, and I’m excited to try out some of the tips offered within.

So, things are definitely starting off strongly, and I feel really good about getting back down to my lowest adult weight of 186 pounds very soon. The last time I hit that weight was in October 2011 so it’ll only have taken me like a year and a half to get back there! Hahaha…haha….ha… oh, I made myself sad.

Can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of Colbert Report lately? He’s such a genius. Anyway! MOVING ON. I know there’s no point in dwelling on the wouldacouldashouldas. Instead, I need to focus on the onwardanddownwards, right? So, onward and downward… and off we go!


  1. I struggle with fat intake. I know I need it, so I try to concentrate on eating lower sugar things instead of fat free things. I’m doing Weight Watchers and I’m forcing myself to use reduced fat items instead of fat free not just because of the added fat, but because they so often are lower in sugar PLUS, they taste better. And I find that if my food actually tastes good, I’m more likely to stick to my eating plan.

  2. I’ve learned to embrace fat. When I eat protein with some fat, I’m not starving. Quite the ‘light bulb’ moment for me! Eggs with avocado and chicken sausage for breakfast and I’m full until lunch. That’s never happened before!

    Great job on reducing/removing sugar. That’s a tough thing to do!

  3. Look at you go!! That is a rousing success. The like “oh, I just made myself sad” made me laugh out loud at my desk! 🙂

  4. Fat is my favorite. Seriously. I love, love, love it! Full-fat is where it’s at. I get a half gallon of whole milk from a local dairy every week and use it to make kefir, cheese and yogurt and it’s SO YUM.

    I just watched Hungry for Change last night and there was lots of talk about exactly what you mention here. It was a pretty good one (as far as food documentaries go).

    Oh, and I had my first HUGE sugar craving two nights ago. I wanted to eat all the chocolate on the planet. I think the only thing that saved me was my sheer laziness. No chocolate in the house=having to drive 30 minutes to buy chocolate=nope. I ate a clementine instead. And sulked.

    • Oh man, if only I had an excuse like that. There are 4 grocery stores all within like 2 miles from my house, and a Dunkin Donuts just around the corner. THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST ME.

  5. Yes! Fat is SO good for you. It feeds your brain, it helps your body to absorb nutrients (this is why we put dressing on salad, FYI; a lot of foods have fat-soluble vitamins that aren’t available if you eat them plain or artificially remove the fat) and it goes a LOT further in satisfying hunger than the excess sugars in fat-free or even low-fat foods do. In fact, foods like skim milk, which has very little nutritional value, can actually cause you to GAIN weight. I’ve actually read that farmers used to feed their pigs skim milk to fatten them up.

    I drink whole milk, eat a lot of full fat yogurt, cook with butter, and stay FAR away from low-fat “cheese” (shudder!) — and I don’t gain weight eating this way. I actually feel a lot more satisfied when I am done eating, far more than I do if I have a fat free sugary snack. (And as a bonus, it’s also good for your skin and hair.) Feeling fuller and more satisfied = not needing to eat as much. Of course, fat is calorie-dense so it’s not like my meals are fat cooked in fat and topped with fat, but it’s a hugely important part of my diet.

    Basically, fat is awesome. Embrace it. Fat > sugar.

    OK, infomercial over. 🙂

    • Love this comment. Thanks Amy!

  6. Awesome, Gretchen! Sounds like great progress and changes being made. I <3 fat – it's good for you and plus, diet/low-fat products often just have way more sugar or salt or weird additives to compensate.

  7. Hahaha.. oh.. I made myself sad. LOL!! That’s too funny.

    I’d really love to read a nutritional book that is less biased… I HATE the ones that are too preachy or too lovey. I just want to read something that tells it like it is. I’ve tried reading Switch and Food: The good Girl’s Drug, but I quit on both because they just made my eyes glaze over. If you find a good one, will you share?

    • I know what you mean! All the books I’ve read have seemed suuuuper preachy for ONE SPECIFIC THING or product. If I find something else you’ll be the first to know though!

    • You could try It Starts With Food. (FYI, they are the Whole 30 creators, paleo people) It’s very straight forward and they back everything up with science.

  8. It’s definitely hard to let yourself be okay with eating fat after spending a whole lifetime thinking fat is the enemy. No matter how convincing science is it’s just hard to let go in some foods. I can eat salmon and avocado with no problem but letting myself have full fat cheese seems wrong even though I know it’s okay in moderation. I’m really impressed that you’re off the sugar because I personally have such a hard time with giving it up. Are you off fruit as well at this point or just added sugar?

    • I’m still eating fruit, though with more moderation and I’m trying to eat it with a fat (like grapes with cheese, banana with peanut butter) so it’s not all straight glucose hitting my bloodstream at once, hahaha.

  9. I’d rather sit outside and freeze
    Than eat a piece of low-fat cheese.

    I’ll never, ever get to thin
    If I have to eat that margarine.

    I’d face a pack of serial killers
    Before I’d fill my food with fillers.

    You’ll take my whipped cream when I’m dead,
    And hollandaise is by my bed.

    Sure, everything in moderation,
    But count me part of Eat Fat Nation.

    • Ha! Love it!

  10. Fat is your new best friend. Seriously,protein needs fat to digest in the gut. Eat them together and I guarantee your pipes will thank you! 😛

  11. Hi Gretchen…I came across your blog a few weeks ago and I went back to the beginning and read ALL of your posts (not creepy at all, right?)! I find your blog and perseverance inspiring. Keep up the great work, eat fat, and you’ll hit that goal weight in no time!

  12. You can do it, Gretchen!

    I don’t think that the books and all the weight loss hype (cabbage soup diet, anyone?) are much more than a few good ideas that have been repackaged into 100 pages and ‘pushed’ to sell books/ideas/diets/trends… You have to find the balance that works for you and what makes YOUR body feel good. Does avocado have amazing benefits, yup. But, perhaps most important, do you love how it tastes and feel good when you eat it? I have found for me, that focusing on those parts and being mindful of my choices is a huge piece of the puzzle/struggle.

  13. Nice post gretchen.

    Beating Sugar is really hard, i gave up Sugar and wheat 3 weeks ago and it is still hellish 🙂 But i’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

    Keep up the good work!


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