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Posted on Jan 21, 2013 in Pup Posts | 8 comments

They Grow Up So Fast

Happy MLK Jr, Day/Inauguration Day, everyone! I have the day off here in DC for both of those reasons, but if you’re stuck at work today I definitely sympathize. Of course, today is also important to me because it’s a very important day in dog world too: Daxter’s birthday!

Clean Daxter

So yes, feel free to roll your eyes at the fact that I’m the kind of person who celebrates dog birthdays, but also, I mean, you really shouldn’t be surprised, hahaha. My little pupster is a whopping THREE YEARS OLD (sniff, sniff, they grow up so fast!) and it shall be duly celebrated. While Harry rolls his own schnauzer eyes in the background (he turns 9 in April!).


Hehe. I’ll be back tomorrow with a smorgasbord of pictures from the baby shower that I threw for my sister (it was super adorable and OH SO VERY PINK), but for now, enjoy your day! I know Daxter will definitely be enjoying his. 🙂

Dogs like Yogurt too?


  1. I think pet birthdays should ALWAYS be celebrated! Especially when they are as adorable as Daxter. Happy Birthday Chum!

  2. Happy birthday to the pup! I just wanted to tell you I read Terra and it was AMAZING. I am so impressed that you could write such an engaging, intelligent, page-turning novel (not surprised, but impressed because I couldn’t do it!). I couldn’t put it down and even now that I finished it, I can’t stop thinking about it. That’s the sign of a really great book. I am so excited for the next one, I need to know what happens!!!

    • Doriiiiii, thank you!!! That is awesome to hear, and I’m SOOO glad you enjoyed it! Fear not, I’m definitely working on book 2! 😀

  3. Happy Birthday Daxter! Our pups are just a week a part, our Blue turned 3 last Tuesday. They do grow up so fast… So nice that you have the day off to celebrate with your little buddy!

  4. so cute! can’t wait to see the upcoming pictures!

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