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Posted on Dec 11, 2012 in Dear Diary, Uncategorized | 33 comments

5 Favorite Holiday Films

Keeping on with this theme of random lists of 5 things I evidently have going this week, we move onto… HOLIDAY MOVIES!

This is a countdown of all my Christmas-y & holiday-y faves. I absolutely LOVE this time of year, and part of the reason for that is because it’s acceptable for me to watch these movies pretty much nonstop (and back to back). First up…

5.The Nightmare Before Christmas

What with ditties like, “This is Halloween” and all, you might think this is actually a Halloween movie. YOU WOULD BE WRONG. This movie is Christmas through-and-through, and is so much fun to watch year after year. It’s charming, heartwarming, funny, and just so, so good. Oh, claymation. I miss you.

I’m going to assume that everyone who is anyone has seen it already, but if you’re part of the no one group at the moment, I think you know what needs to be done.

4. Holiday Inn

You might not know that “Holiday Inn” wasn’t always a reference to economic hotel stays. In fact, it was first a 1942 movie starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. Yes. Both of them, in one movie. Epic. I’m a sucker for old movies in general (“Singin’ in the Rain” is still my all-time favorite movie!) and this is no exception. This is THE movie where “White Christmas” first originated (well, the song, not the concept), and is such a delight. It’s about an inn that’s only opened on the holidays (go figure), and is chock-full of singing, dancing, and amazing 40s-style writing.

Fair warning, there is an entire part of the movie that centers around the characters wearing blackface (in commemoration of Lincoln’s Birthday). I mean… it was the 40s. So yeah. But that aside, the movie really does hold up!

3. Love, Actually

As if I’d have a holiday movie without “Love, Actually.” I’m sure there aren’t too many of you out there who haven’t seen this delightful Christmas-themed British film of interwoven vignettes. It is THE ORIGINAL (and without fail, the best) of all the subsequent vignette-ridden holiday-themed movies that have come out (Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, blah blah blah).

If nothing else, the movie is worth it just to see Rick from The Walking Dead pour his adorabe cue-carded heart out to Keira Knightley. I think it’s safe to assume that this film takes place pre-zombie apocalypse.

2. The Holiday

I’m a sucker for the rom coms, it’s true. And I’m a sucker for Jude Law in… just about anything (though I have to admit, the way he’s styled in Anna Karenina doesn’t do much for me, hahaha). And since the first time I saw this movie, I have loved it.

The basic summary is this: Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) are two equally unlucky-in-love women, who trade houses with each other over Christmas in an attempt to shake up/escape their lives. Hilarity, friendship, and romance ensues. OH, and the score is AMAZING. Like, seriously. Hans Zimmer wrote the score (he is also the amazing composer responsible for Pirates of the Caribbean, and other huge blockbuster films) and it is just wonderful. Like, makes you want to fly up out of your seat and go chase after the one you love.

1. ELF!

And yes, to put the cap on this cake of delicious holiday festiveness, we have the piece de resistance: ELF! I don’t care how many people think Will Ferrel is annoying or this movie is over-quoted or whatever. To me, it is perfect. And I will watch and laugh and quote ’til my heart spilleth over!

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s got Zooey Deschenel in it (do you guys watch New Girl? UGH I DIE LAUGHING EVERY WEEK). Of course, she is blonde in Elf, which is kind of weird, but she sings, so it makes up for it. (If you’re looking for Christmas music to get into, by the way, the She & Him Christmas album stars Ms. Deschenel’s sultry tones and is really delightful.)

ANYWAY. SO there you have it! My top 5. And if you are like Sean, and find yourself surprised that A Christmas Story wasn’t on this list, I have some potentially shocking news for you. I… don’t actually like A Christmas Story very much. I mean, I can appreciate it from a cultural perspective, and I’ve seen it enough times to get all the references, of course. But, as a movie, I’m just kinda like, ehhhhh? Don’t hate me!

Favorite holiday film: GO!

PS: Final reminder about the Blue Diamond Almonds giveaway! I’m drawing the winners tomorrow AM, so get your last minute entries in now!


  1. Great choices! I would have to add A Charlie Brown Christmas (no matter how old I get that movie gets it me every time) and also Home Alone and Bing’s White Christmas.

    Happy Holidays – can’t wait to read the book tomorrow!

  2. Good thing you included Elf, because I would have hated to have to stop being friends with you.

    • You know the best is always saved for last!

  3. I have to admit- I’ve never seen #4 or #5- but love the other 3! Elf and Love, Actually would definitely be in my top 5, but #1 is Christmas Vacation, Hands down.

  4. I love Elf! I’m not a big Will Farrel fan, but I love him in this movie. I can watch it over and over again… I’ve already watched it twice this year 😉

    My boyfriends’ favourite is A Christmas Story as well and it’s one of the few Christmas movies that I really don’t like ha. I don’t think I’ve ever watched the entire movie, even when they used to play it for 24 hours straight on TBS!

  5. Good list, but I would add a few. Definitely Christmas Vacation, that’s a classic. Growing up we always watched the 1970s Scrooge with Albert Finney (seriously amazing) and Little Women with Winona Ryder. I don’t know if that really counts as a Christmas movie, but it’s a wintry movie, so we always watched it around Christmas.

  6. The Holiday is SUCH a good movie. It makes me happy. I should go watch it. And of course ELF is hilarious but my all-time favorite holiday movie is White Christmas. Always has been, probably always will be. It never quite feels like the holidays until my family watches White Christmas.

  7. Oh the Christmas movie list is long! Christmas Vacation is a must, as are Elf, Home Alone, White Christmas, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (just added this year – soo funny if you like that type of movie), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original cartoon of course!), One Magic Christmas (very 80s but wonderful!), Elf, Scrooged, and Die Hard (Christmas Eve tradition for hubby and I). Yup, I definitely love me some Christmas movies 🙂

  8. Muppets Christmas Carol is my all time favourite.

    Home Alone is a close second.

    • Ooooh, Muppets Christmas Carol! Can’t believe I forgot that! That might edge out one of the ones on my list, actually! So many good songs… so much Michael Caine… mmm…

  9. Wow, love them all. I have to add Christmas Vacation to the list!

  10. Great list but Andrew Lincoln will forever be Egg in This Life, I don’t care how many zombies he kills! If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s about 20 something lawyers sharing a house in London. It was such a part of my 20’s! I don’t know if you can get DVD’s or Netflix it but you will understand so much about 90’s British culture if do!

    • I’ve never heard of this! Must check it out, thanks!!

    • Nic I’m with you re This Life … our friends over the pond missed out on that one.

      No one’s mentioned the classics that are Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful life!

  11. Elf is my favorite, but I also love Rudolph. I love the misfit toys and the Bumble. Christmas Vacation is also hilarious. and i’m with you on A Christmas Story. i’m meh about it. It has it’s funny parts (leg lamp!) but I don’t think it’s the greatest christmas movie, and I don’t feel that it needs to be played for 24 hours straight.

  12. Great list! I have much, much love for The Holiday and Love Actually. My favorite Christmas movies are the old claymation ones like Jack Frost and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. They are just classic.

  13. i totally agree with your list, but i would have to have a top 10, i think. i would also include polar express, santa clause (and maybe santa clause 2 – i have no shame), home alone and home alone 2… muppets christmas carol… there are so many wonderful movies to watch in december! 🙂

  14. DIE HARD 1 & 2! I dare anyone to tell me that those aren’t Christmas movies. You can’t argue against lines like “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho!”

    Also adding White Christmas, Home Alone, The Muppets Christmas Carol, and The Santa Clause (yes, with Tim Allen, but only the first one).

  15. I don’t like A Christmas Story either. I’m always so put off by it being on 24hrs on loop on Christmas at my in-laws that my default response is TURN THIS OFF.

    Gotta say that you need to see/add Christmas Vacation. THAT is the best Xmas movie. 🙂

  16. We found this cute British movie last year on Hulu called Nativity! It is soooo cute and funny. We ended watching it like 5 times and recommended it to everyone we saw. My absolute favorite Holiday Movie tho has to be White Christmas. I started watching it as a kid and make sure I watch it at least once every Christmas season.

  17. We can no longer be friends.


    You just haven’t watched it with me. We need a gallon of egg nog, a handle of bourbon and Christmas Story on DVD. I’ll totally convert you.

    Until then….NO FRIENDSIES.

    P.S. Please tell me you watched The Mistle-tones, the first ever ABC Family musical Christmas movie featuring Tia Mowry and Tori Spelling. IT WAS EPIC. AND AMAZING.


    • I have the Mistle-tones set to DVR Thursday because I missed the premier!

  18. I’ve seen “Elf” a thousand times & am a HUGE fan of “New Girl” (which is, in my opinion, the best sitcom on TV right now), but I am STILL thrown off whenever I see Zooey in “Elf”. Everything about her appearance and even personality is just so different in that role!

    • I totally agree. I forget she’s in it and then get kind of creeped out by her blondeness and the fact that she’s not in polka dotted hot pants.

      • It always (and unfortunately) reminds me of the time that I, too, went blonde. Brunettes… we should stay brunette. Hahahahaha.

        • I like Blonde Gretchen!

  19. I TOTALLY DID NOT REALIZE THAT RICK WAS IN LOVE, ACTUALLY UNTIL YOU JUST MENTIONED IT. I’ve been watching the show for a few weeks (I’m a late television bloomer) and could not place where I knew him from.

    Thank goodness. You itched my brain scratch.

    • Anytime. 😉

  20. Best Christmas movie EVER = PRANCER. And not the crappy remake/sequel/what the eff ever…but the ORIGINAL one with Sam Elliott (sigh).

    Also: the original Miracle on 34th Street and Charlie Brown Christmas (for the dancing alone, even if the rest of it weren’t awesome as well).

  21. Oh, I am right with you on a few of these. Love, Actually is my faaaaave holiday movie – we watch it every Christmas Eve, along with It’s A Wonderful Life. Also watch The Holiday every Dec when my husband is on an every-year-right-before-Xmas-ridiculously-long business trip.

    My childhood favorite is Muppet Christmas Carol.

    And every copy of A Christmas Story can seriously just go rot in … somewhere no one will ever be able to show it again. Ugh, it is so annoying!

  22. I love Love Actually…I will have to find time over my break to watch it again!

  23. I watched The Holiday today and I do love it. ut how can you say that Love Actually isn’t better?!?!?

  24. hi im dont speak much english filme tatilat ghashang bud dishab mbc2 neshun dad zaban asli ba zirnevise arabi y vazi bud !!!!!

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