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Posted on Dec 7, 2012 in Fashion | 16 comments

Fashion Friday: Snow Queen

In yet another misleading blog title, this is a makeup post hiding under the guise of Fashion Friday. Because, even though I still haven’t really figured out if makeup falls under the full “fashion” headline, “Makeup Friday” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. So, here we are. 🙂


I actually had a pretty interesting (and hilarious) conversation with Sean the other night regarding winter makeup looks. It went something like this:

Me: I’m thinking about doing a winter makeup post on Friday. So basically I’m thinking it’ll just be like, glitter.
Sean: Makeup provides neither warmth nor coolness, so why is winter makeup different from summer makeup? Do you wear depressing makeup in the winter because winter is depressing?
Me: You are such a boy.
Sean: I just don’t understand women.


Now, Sean’s unfortunate lack of knowledge regarding the intimate workings of makeup aside, he does make an interesting point. I mean, there’s no physical reason to sport different makeup looks just because of the weather. But I do it anyway, because I doubt I’m the only person who feels like there’s a shift in the air (and not just the temperature) when a new season rolls around. So over the next couple of months, as the weather continually gets colder and colder, expect to see more makeup looks on here that are winter appropro. Which, as stated above, essentially just means we’ll be diving further and further into the land of shimmer and glitter.


Digression: I got contact lenses in the 6th grade, which means I was 10 years old (I skipped 2nd grade, so I’ve always been young for my year in school). I had to sit through this little class thing at the optometrist’s office where they instruct you on what not to do with your contacts. One of their rules was to be very careful when applying eye makeup (a rule that I obviously disregard wholeheartedly these days, hahaha). Well, little 10-year-old me had only one question throughout the entire training session (which, it should be said, was a group of people, all the rest of whom were adults). That question: Can I still wear eye glitter? I then proceeded to pull out my grape-scented purple glitter rollerball and show it to the technician. I am really serious about glitter.


Anyway, this look is actually not very glittertastic (somewhat ironically, given that ridiculous story I just told, hahaha). But, it is super WINTERtastic. I used to think that light, shimmery makeup was retired back in high school, along with the light lipstick + dark lipliner trend (I’m looking at you, Jen Powell Robinson!), lest it conjure unfortunately dated looks like this one:

Yes, that is Katherine Heigl in the 1996 Disney Channel Original Movie, Wish Upon a Star, which was like Freaky Friday except totally awesomer. ANYWAY. As long as you’re not too heavy-handed, I’ve recently come to reappreciate the light, shimmery makeup look. And if you can look past the terrible lighting and bags under my eyes in these pics, since I took them at like, 11 PM last night, I think you might possibly be able to see why. It gives me this whole ethereal, winter-faerie-like look that I can totally vibe on.

And when paired with a subtle, shimmery lip, pink cheeks, and an icy blue eyeliner? It’s like a winter wonderland on your face, in a completely wearable, everyday way.


Eyeshadow(s): Sephora Collection Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Aspen Summit (23), all the way from my lash line to my brow bone. Then Urban Decay eyeshadow in Toasted along the outer half of my lid and in the crease (courtesy of my Naked palette, but they’re also sold individually).

Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Electric, on both top and bottom lids.

Mascara: CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe (it has glitter IN THE MASCARA!) in Black Platinum.

Brow Pencil: Too Faced Brownies

Lipgloss: I got it for free when I was trying out BeautyMint (a subscription skincare thing), but any light-colored, shimmery gloss would do.

Blush and highlighter: NARS blush in Orgasm and Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand in Gold, as always.

Are you drawn to different makeup looks in the winter?

PS: Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for two cans of Blue Diamond Almonds’ exclusive seasonal flavors!


  1. You already know how I feel about roll-on body glitter. IT’S COMING BACK. But also worth mentioning, WISH UPON A STAR!!!!!!!!!! Second only to “Stepsister From Planet Weird.”

    Oh, and Zenon. Who probably agrees with us about the body glitter, and with you about the rest of this post.

    • Man, Disney Channel Original movies seriously are the bomb diggity. I feel a deep-seeded need to watch Motocross again now.

  2. OMG. I LOVED that movie back in the day… I thought that I was the only one who had seen it. I also had no idea (back then) that the older sister was Katherine Heigl. Crazy. Thanks for the flashback. 🙂

  3. You use an eyebrow pencil?? The only person I think I’ve ever seen use one was my grandmother. I thought it was something old people did, no offense! 🙂 You know me though, I’m makeup illiterate…

    • Haaaaahahahaha! Yeah, it’s a new thing for me. I wrote about it in my last makeup post about natural makeup. I know I don’t really NEED to fill in my brows, but doing so gives me this whole Brooke Shields/Camilla Belle/Lily Collins vibe that I dig, hahaha. 🙂

  4. I disagree with Sean and totally change my makeup based on the season.
    Spring- more pastel eyeshadow and blush with lighter lips
    Summer- more natural and bronzey (that is a word to us Californians, promise)
    Fall- smokey eyes, dark lips and nails
    Winter- Shimmer everywhere!!!! I love that eyeliner on you, it’s perfect.

  5. Is that the Urban Naked Pallette? Is it as good as everyone says. I’ve got a couple of Sephora GCs so I am thinking about picking it up. I already love smog and chopper by UD so maybe I will just pull the plug.

    • In a word, YES. I love it, and use it almost every single day. It’s SO versatile, and you can craft so many looks from it. I think it’s a great value, too, given how pricey UD’s individual shadows are. 🙂

  6. I love the makeup posts! Could you do an eyebrow pencil post sometime?

    • Sure thing!

  7. I love Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, and I just got the Naked2 palette. I’m totally obsessed, but I had never really thought about different make-up for the seasons. Although I love glitter so much, I want to wear it all year round. 🙂

  8. Loving your beautiful fresh face! I love glitter too-it can be so subtle even for daytime looks. Looooove! : )

  9. Considering that I have zero makeup skills beyond the basic mascara+blush+undereye concealer look, I keep the same makeup look all seasons, haha.

  10. I just bought the naked palette (was wanting to expand my mostly-neutral options beyond my standard 3-color smashbox eye shadow), but while looking at the urban decay display, a salesperson at Ulta told me they were just bought by L’Oreal. 🙁 Makes me disappointed in particular because that basically means they’re inherently not vegan any more (L’Oreal does animal testing on most products, is my understanding), but the salesperson also was assuming the qualify will likely decrease.

    • Noooooooooo! That makes me so sad!!!

  11. Ohhhh I loved Wish Upon a Star! I used to try to do my makeup just like Katherine’s in the movie! Hahaha.

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