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Posted on Nov 8, 2012 in Food, Races | 23 comments

Lunch Packer

Confession time, guys. I have been REALLY bad about packing my lunch to work over the past month. Like, really, really bad. Like, I’m pretty sure I could have bought an iPad with the money I’ve been spending on food lately, bad.


That all changes today.

Because I actually went grocery shopping last night (shock!), and I picked up some of my favorite lunchtime snack items. Also, when my friend Holly was here last week, I got a totes adorbs (shaddup) new lunchbox from the Vera Bradley outlet.


(Please note that is not my Yingling in the background… sadly. Hahaha.) I knew that it was time for this puppy to be USED! So, here is my lunch du jour! I just know you have all been waiting with baited breath.


Item #1 is a sandwich of ham, cheese, and potato bread (my faaaaav!) with mustard and a smear of mayo. (~280 calories)


Then we have some delicious snacks in the form of 2% string cheese (70 calories), a mini babybel light wheel (50 calories) and a fruit cup (80 calories).


I also packed a teeny tiny PB&J sammy, made with some ultrathin bread my parents gave me. (~110 calories)


And last, but not least, grapes. Nom nommity nom. (60 calories)


Oh, and dessert. Leftover Halloween candy FTW! (50 calories)

I know it seems like a lot of food, especially for someone who is supposedly on a “diet” (still hate that word, but you know what I mean). It’s 700 calories’ worth, in fact. But I’m trying really, really hard to shift back the focus of my daily meals. I was doing pretty well with feeling satiated and with my weight loss when I was able to maintain more of an inverted triangle (making the “big” meal of the day breakfast or lunch instead of dinner). I’m still not great at eating a HUGE breakfast (although breakfast is back in general, thank goodness), so I’m trying to make it happen for lunch.

Who knows if I’ll actually end up eating ALL this stuff today (um, actually, who are we kidding, of course I will!), but it’s not like I’m going to eat it all in a single sitting. Spread throughout the day, this list encompasses my morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack, which means it’s all totally within regular limits. Huzzah!

Now, hopefully, this ends up being a long-lasting lunch-bringing streak (say that five times fast!) so I can save money AND know exactly what I’m putting in my mouth (Oh no, I CAN’T STOP).

Okay bye.



  1. Your lunch bag would DEFINITELY make me want to bring lunch every day! I know you can do this-it will make such a big difference in your wallet and in your health! Keep it up lady! I know the last two days I have not had time to bring lunch and I have just felt awful because of the junk I have been putting into my body…ick.

    • The worst thing about when I fail to bring my lunch is that I feel like I’m forced to choose between health and money. Because I do have the ability to eat (relatively) healthy from the various eatery options around me (the salad bar/hot bar from the deli in our building actually has some great choices) but it’s like 80x more expensive to do it that way, than to just grab something quick, cheap, and easy.

      I’m gonna wreck it do it!

  2. The bag is almost as cute as the artichoke, which just screams “Pack me, pick me!”

    • I love my artichoke bag, but the problem with it was always that it was too small to fit any tupperware containers or anything. And, today being an exception, I usually like to bring leftovers to work for lunch, which wasn’t artichoke-appropro, hahaha.

  3. I have a the same lunch bag from Vera Bradley, just a different color! I love it! 🙂

    • I’m really, really happy with it. It can fit so much! And I love the wipeable interior, and the inside pockets. Yayyy!

  4. It doesn’t look like a lot of food, to me at least. In fact, I actually thought, “That’s not enough for a whole workday!”
    I literally use a 24-can cooler as my lunchbox for work. I pack so much foods! Eating is my favorite.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I usually bring quite a bit more food. Sometimes I even bring breakfast too since I have a hard time waking up early enough to make it and eat it at home.

  5. I’m proud of you for getting back to packing lunches! It really does save so much money and is so much healthier for you in the end. YAY.

  6. It’s not that much food! Just a lot of variety!!

  7. Yay for snacks– it kills me when I forget to pack snacks. My boss is a wonderful baker and there is always something delicious in the break room. Snacks are essentials for me so I don’t get the entire pan of brownies. Your lunch bag is adorable!

  8. I hear ya. If I don’t eat a good lunch and breakfast, at dinner I just EAT ALL THE THINGS. I also hear you on expensive/healthy eating out. I work in kind of an upscale town and a good lunch at, say, saladworks, is about $12 for just me. Whereas popping over to McD’s is about half that.

  9. I live in Fort Wayne, home of Vera Bradley, and I’m always so amazed to see people loving it in other parts of the country. I’m weird, I know.

    I am terrible with lunches, as well, but the downtown delis with their fresh sandwiches and homemade soups are hard to resist! I always do better, losing weight wise, if I pack – and I probably pack more than that. And really, 700 calories over the course of a work day isn’t bad considering you have an a.m. snack, lunch and p.m. snack. That’s me, of course.

    Off to buy some Babybels!

  10. At first I was all “Gretchen eats white bread?!” and then you said it was potato bread. Why do I care about what you eat?!?! haha.. Love the lunch box–it’s adorable.

    • Hahahaha. According to the Martin’s bag, it’s even Whole Wheat Potato Bread (whatever that means?) so we can ALL feel good about it. 😉

  11. Lunch is my biggest meal of the day! I like eating heavier in the afternoon to have the rest of the day to digest and feel energetic. PB&J Sandwich is my absolute favorite indulgence LOL.

    I love your lunch box. It’s so pretty.

  12. I’ve been struggling with packing my lunches this week!!! That bag would make me want to pack my lunch every single day. So adorable!

  13. Oh. my. lord. I need to get a lunch box like that. I don’t even care how dorky I am for being so excited about that, but it’s seriously just too cute.

  14. I feel like a total dork thinking that I prefer packing my lunch > going out to lunch?! Anddd even worse, I usually use a Lululemon small bag for my lunch because it doesn’t all fit in my actual lunch bag ha- all those veggies, fruit, string cheeses, and treats take up too much room 😛

  15. Do you want comments on your lunch? I dunno? I don’t want to be too presumptive but what helps me stay fuller is adding more color to my meal.

    I would put some sprouts, bell peppers or something else crunchy on that sandwich. I would also say goodbye to the mayo because I hate it. Instead I would top with protein rich hummus. I love me some whole wheat potato but I’ve honestly come to think most sandwich bread is crap. If you can ball it up really easily, it’s probably not as nutrient rich as you want. I love Ezekial bread. I don’t know if the science behind it is legit but it’s yum and hearty.

    I’ve gotta cut my sugar addiction and I think it comes from eating too much fake food and added sugar foods. If it works for me, I will let you know.

  16. Loving your blog!

  17. I think your lunch looks great! Better to be able to snack all afternoon on healthy things + a little dessert than have one cheeseburger for 700 calories… 😉


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