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Posted on Oct 29, 2012 in Blogging | 14 comments


Hello all! I am writing this from the comfort of my own home, whilst still in my pajamas, since Hurricane Sandy is about to wipe through the eastern seaboard. My office (and the federal government) both announced their closures last night, so I’m working from home and trying to make the most of the time I have left with power. Last time anything remotely close to this happened (the derecho that I got caught driving in!), our house lost power for a good 3 or 4 days (though it was worse for a lot of people — including my parents!) I know that the companies are more prepared this time, having heard about the storm for days, but I’m sure we’ll still be without power for a good while.

Guess that means I better get this post out while I can, eh?

Saturday night, we had a Halloween party at the Powell household!

My friend Holly, from Canada, has been visiting this week, thus making this the second Halloween we’ve been able to spend with each other in a row! (I was in Ottawa at this time last year.) The year before was the first Halloween party that my brother, Ben, his fiancee, Taylor, and I were able to throw at our house.

As you may already know from my glorious Harry Potter-themed birthday party this past April, I kind of love throwing parties. We don’t do it craaaazy often (just once or twice a year), but I love being a hostess! Decorating, prepping snacks, making sure that people are having fun (er, I hope they had fun!) and all that good stuff. Holly and I spookified the house just a smidge, made sure there were snacks-a-plenty (including the ah-mazing cupcakes that we decorated, pictured above and below, which I could not stop staring at like a total creeper), and before we knew it… party time!

At our last Halloween party, Ben did a great job of capturing almost all of the guests costumes when they arrived. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a camera mishap pretty early on in the party, so we only snapped pics of a few people. Sad! There were a tons of great costumes that came after, but here is a small sampling of what our awesome friends came dressed as. Can you guess who they all are?

Aileen and Jackie, in the last photo, definitely win in my book for best costumes, as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Though Tom’s Sean of the Dead costume + accompanying zombie was pretty epic, too. Oh, what was my costume, you ask? Well, first, let me show you my costumed (and reluctant) partners-in-crime.

Yep, Harry and Daxter were buggin’ out… in all senses. But they looked flippin’ adorable, and were, in fact, the inspiration for my own costume!

My costume is actually a reversible ladybug/bumblee costume (the bee print is on the inside), and I had a bit of a hard time deciding which one to be. In the end, though, polka dots always win. But I guess I have a fallback costume for next year?

And Sean was a bugcatcher. Kekeke.

Definitely a fun party! It wrapped up earlier than most of our parties have in the past, but I was actually kind of grateful for that since I was exhaaaausted. I feel like as we get older (I say as if I am so very ancient indeed, haha), parties that last until 4 AM just don’t really happen anymore? I gotta say, I’m kind of okay with that. You still get all the fun, but half of the residual next-day exhaustion/hangovers. At least until next year’s birthday party, that is. (Spoiler alert: it’s going to be Hunger Games-themed! My Quarter Quell!)

I hope that everyone is able to stay safe and dry through the hurricane as it worsens, especially if you’re in a coastal area. Hopefully things will blow over (too soon?) sooner rather than later!



  1. OMG you and Sean are SOOOO adorable!!!! And I love all of the costumes- everyone looks great! I’m so sorry we had to miss the party. One of these days I won’t be an old grandma and I’ll make it to one! The cupcakes are AMAZING!!! And the doggies… I love it all!!! (And you!)

  2. You look great, very cute costume! My boyfriend and I went as Price is Right contestants on the Showcase Showdown, it was a lot of fun lol


    Also, when I’m rich and famous, I will pay you a million dollars to throw all my parties for me.

  4. Your costume is absolutely adorable! You look so great. And those cupcakes look delish–looks like a great party!

  5. Love Love Love your costume!!!! Hope you are staying safe and fingers crossed you aren’t without power for too long.

  6. You look SO cute! So do your precious pups!!! Please stay safe and I hope you are ok! Enjoy your time at home!!!

  7. Afreakindorable 😀 Glad to see you had fun! I was confused about when Halloween should be this year =P It falls on a Wednesday and I don’t have kids so I’m like “Erm.. when do I expect to hand out candy?”

  8. I adore your costume! I love that it’s reversible 🙂

    Hope you, your family and friends stay safe through all of this chaos.

  9. Your costume + the pups + the boy are adorable! Awesome idea! And your hair and make-up look great, you were one cute lady bug! Truth, polka dots always win 😉


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