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Posted on Oct 14, 2012 in Dear Diary | 22 comments

F(Anne)tasy Wedding

Holy schmoly. You guys. This wedding.

Anne's Wedding-28

It was amazing, surreal, beautiful… oh gosh. I don’t even know how to properly describe it. I don’t even know where to begin!

Anne's Wedding-17

But I’ll try. (Warning: your eyeballs may implode from the sheer number of photos you are about to see. Not that you’re shocked at this point, I’m sure. But still.)

Anne's Wedding-20

So, as some of you already knew from previous posts, I spent the weekend celebrating the wedding (and, you know, subsequent marriage) of my friend Anne and her now-husband Matt! Some of you may know her as Anne P., blogger extraordinaire, but long before she started fANNEtastic Food — and before she and I became friends in our own right — she was simply my older sister’s BFF(FFFFF).

Anne's Wedding-18

The two of them were so inseparable during high school that they were collectively known as “Janny” (Anne + Jenny). Fortunately, as I’ve grown up and out of the “annoying younger sister” phase, Anne and I have grown quite close. We were both bridesmaids in my sister’s wedding, where I was the MOH, and my sister was Anne’s MOH this past weekend. Full circle!

Anne's Wedding-16

Anne’s wedding was a true family affair for us. Not only was Jenny her maid (er, matron?) of honor, but my brother Ben and his fiancee Taylor were the photographers AND I did the makeup for the bridesmaids! And as if that weren’t enough of a Powell overload, my parents were also in attendance. It was so much fun for all of us to get to celebrate Anne and Matt’s big day together!

Anne's Wedding-12

Things started on the early side for me Saturday, as I headed over to the estate where the wedding was taking place at around 10 AM. The wedding location was about an hour+ outside of Northern Virginia, and I had actually gone down Friday night since Anne’s parents hosted a post-rehearsal dinner reception. Since I was on makeup artist duty for the four bridesmaids, I came well equipped.

Anne's Wedding-2
Anne's Wedding-1

Uh, yeah. The next time I complain about how I don’t have any money? Please remind me of this. Kthx.

Anne's Wedding-3

Things were already underway in terms of beautifying the bridal party, so I didn’t waste any time getting down to work.

Anne's Wedding-4
Anne's Wedding-5

Can I just tell you how much fun it was to get my big sister, who didn’t start wearing mascara until like 6 months ago, into a makeup chair? Hehehe.

Anne's Wedding-6Anne's Wedding-7
Anne's Wedding-9Anne's Wedding-8
Jenny, Turner, Jessica, and Kris!

My handiwork. What do you guys think? This was my first time doing “real” makeup for someone else. I think it turned out pretty great! Of course, it helped that I had some pretty great faces to work with in the first place. πŸ™‚

Anne's Wedding-11
Anne's Wedding-13

Meanwhile, the bride was getting totally beautified herself, and the bro was there to capture it all on (official) camera. I may or may not have taken the time to do my own face up while I was waiting for the girls to finish with their hair, too. Hehehe.

Anne's Wedding-14Anne's Wedding-15

Before long, it was time to hightail it over to wardrobe so everyone could get dressed! I stuck around for a little while to be able to touch up makeup before bridal portraits began. It’s no secret that I absolutely, totally, completely LOVE weddings, so I really enjoyed getting to stick around for the “backstage” stuff.

Anne's Wedding-19
Anne's Wedding-10Anne's Wedding-21
Anne's Wedding-23
Anne's Wedding-22

Anne was SUCH a beautiful bride. I know that everyone says that about all weddings, but seriously. Her dress was incredibly beautiful. Simple, but breathtaking. She looked classic and elegant, an absolute dream.

Anne's Wedding-24

After the dresses were fully on and the lip gloss was triple-checked, I made my way back to the hotel to meet up with Sean (who was bromancing it up with my brother-in-law by watching football in some pub far away from the dresses and makeup, hahaha) and get ready. We moseyed back to the wedding site and I took advantage of the fact that we were all fancied up to take some portraits of our own.

Anne's Wedding-25
Anne's Wedding-27

And before you knew it, it was time for the ceremony! It was beautiful, funny, and moving. I’ll let the following pictures speak for themselves.

Anne's Wedding-29
Anne's Wedding-30Anne's Wedding-35
Anne's Wedding-34
Anne's Wedding-36
Anne's Wedding-37
Anne's Wedding-38


Anne's Wedding-40Anne's Wedding-39

Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Anne's Wedding-44
Anne's Wedding-43

While the bride & groom were whisked away to take their newlywed photos together, the rest of us enjoyed cocktail hour and eventually made our way down to the tent where dinner was being served.

Anne's Wedding-42
Hello, lover.

Look who I found at our table! πŸ™‚

Anne's Wedding-46
Anne's Wedding-45

I was seated with fellow bloggers Theodora, Meghann, and Heather! Ben and Taylor also got to take a few minutes to breathe and get a bite to eat at our table (since Anne didn’t particularly want photo after photo of her wedding guests stuffing their faces anyway, I’m assuming). As Anne put it, she was grouping all the cameras together, ahahaha.

Anne's Wedding-41

The food was, as I expected, specatular. Anne had blogged about the menu for the wedding quite some time ago, and I’d been salivating ever since! We all started out with a plated salad that included greens, cherry tomatoes, candied pecans, and an herbed goat cheese medallion. Absolutely tremendous.

Anne's Wedding-47

There was bread on the table (whole grain, of course) and dinner was served buffet style. I apologize for the definitely-doesn’t-do-it-justice photos. By this time, the sun had completely set and the uplighting inside the tent was blue so they lost a little something in editing. Still, rest assured that it was absolutely delicious!

Anne's Wedding-48Anne's Wedding-49
Anne's Wedding-50Anne's Wedding-51
Anne's Wedding-52

There was quinoa salad, a tofu & bean dish, roast chicken, and prime rib, as well as a whole slew of roasted veggies. The chicken and quinoa salad in particular were delectable. Love, love, loved it. I actually didn’t even get to eat as much as I probably would have otherwise, because I was saving myself (as I always do) for cake. Before we could dig into that frosted bad boy, though there were speeches to hear and dances to watch!

Anne's Wedding-53Anne's Wedding-54

My sister gave a moving and heartful homage to her friendship with Anne, as well as to how perfect Matt & Anne are for each other. It was beautiful, and I was a bit of a mess by the end. I wasn’t the only one, either! Of course, this can mostly be blamed on Jenny, who also started to cry before she finished her speech. C’mon, you can’t put a crying pregnant woman in front of a crowd and expect us to keep our eyes dry!

In addition to Jenny’s MOH speech and Matt’s brother’s Best Man speech, there was also a pre-recorded speech from Anne’s younger brother (who was also my middle school classmate!) because he wasn’t able to attend the wedding as he’s currently overseas. It was so touching and meaningful and I did not tear up and start crying all over again. Nope, definitely didn’t. Not one bit.

Anne's Wedding-55

Anne and Matt had a great first dance routine, too. Matt is QUITE the dancer! They were spinning and twirling all over the dance floor — it actually made it hard to get a photo, haha. It was such a great deviance from the standard slowly-turn-in-a-circle first dances that you usually see. Though I will admit, I did get a little misty during the father-daughter dance.

Anne's Wedding-56
Anne's Wedding-57

As soon as the dances were done, plates of cake began making their way past me. I wasted NO TIME in snagging a slice in each flavor: lemon raspberry and napoleon! Sean and I shared our slices and they were a literally sweet ending to an even sweeter evening. We spent the rest of the night dancing and partying and photoboothing it up. Like I said, an amaaaaaazing wedding!

Anne & Matt are on their mini-moon right now, and I seriously wish them every happiness as they embark on this next phase of their relationship together. As my sister said in her speech: to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

Man, I love weddings.


  1. These are gorgeous photos! Anne looked amazing! I love that there were so many bloggers there, now I get to read everyone’s recaps without having to wait for Anne to post!

  2. You seriously look STUNNING! I am sooo happy for Anne πŸ™‚

  3. Great photos and great makeup job. Yay!!! Such a wonderful wedding πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! Awesome wedding! I love your makeup work!! Are you for hire?? …seriously

    • Haha! I never really considered it, but I guess I am! You know I love this makeuppy schtuff, hehe. If you really are interested, shoot me an email I guess? gretchen@honeyishrunkthegretchen.com! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Yep. You did good with the makeup G! Nice and natural.

  5. You look so pretty and Anne of course looks absolutely stunning. You did an awesome job on the makeup and you described the wedding so well I feel like I was there. I like that Anne had a buffet because I’m doing the same for my wedding so it’s always nice to hear. Great photos!

    • I am a huge proponent of buffet-style wedding dinners! The food always seems like it comes out a little bit better, IMO. Congratulations on your own upcoming nuptials, Dori!

  6. Beautiful wedding. I have been reading Anne’s blog since it’s beginning. As I told Anne, I figured out her identity right from the beginning. She is such a lovely girl and from such a lovely family. Thanks for the photo’s Gretchen

  7. OOops I think I accidentally sent just one letter in my previous comment. Anyway, I just wanted to say that this was such a beautiful recap and I thought you looked so beautiful and happy in all the pictures. I just recently began following your blog and I am excited to finally find a genuine, sincere, and relatable blog. Thank you! P.S obviously I thought Anne looked gorgeous too!

    • Thanks so much, Jenny! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. πŸ™‚

  8. Nope! not tearing up at all right now.. :’)

    beautiful recap of, what was surely, a beautiful day.

  9. beautiful pictures! anne looks absolutely amazing- LOVEEEEE her dress.
    You did a great job with the makeup too. And I love that it was a family affair. Congrats Anne and Matt!

  10. What a beautiful wedding — you did a great job on the makeup, sort of natural plus. I LOVE Anne’s dress. I love that it has SLEEVES. It’s been so long since I’ve seen a wedding dress with sleeves, except Kate Middleton’s. So unusual and classic and gorgeous. And the food looks fantastic!

  11. Wow-what an absolutely gorgeous wedding! You did a great job with the make-up! Beautiful and flawless!

  12. Gorgeous! Absolutely lovely photos Gretchen. Everyone looks amazing, happy … well rested + definitely ready to party-hearty with Anne & Matt.

    Love her dress. The fellas are darling! Dark blue dresses for the bridesmaids. Pretty & a popular shade for October.

    You look radiant G! Didn’t realize how long your hair is now. So nice.

    P.S. Desperatly need some (of that) cake!

  13. Hi Gretchen… I met you at the bridal shower and welcome party. Just checking out your blog. It’s great! Loved the pics and recap of the wedding (perfect title!).

  14. Great post Gretchen! I love all your photos! You did a fabulous job with the makeup- OMG SO AMAZING… also, when you apply eyeliner it is like a massage πŸ˜‰ I will have to check out your blog from now on!

  15. Wow! Thank you for the lovely pictures and the recap! I enjoyed reading every single word ;). Anne looked breathtaking! And wow, kudos (no more than kudos..) for doing the bridesmaids’ makeup! It’s so awesome that your whole family was involved! My sister actually did my makeup on my special day (yes yes I must trust her a lot,huh) and that just made it that much more special. I got to smell and look at her VERY up close and personal ;).
    You look amazing and that cake….I would’ve had NO problem cleaning rather licking that plate!
    I really tried hard not to cry but who was I kidding? I just lost it when I had to bow to my parents (why oh why do we do that? I mean how can any bride keep herself from crying a river?) and of course the father and daughter dance.

  16. Thank you again for sharing in our special day, and for the beautiful makeup jobs! Everyone looked fabulous. Enjoy your massage πŸ™‚


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