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Posted on Jul 30, 2012 in Dear Diary, Fashion, Food | 14 comments

Weekend Update: Vanity Edition

Happy (?) Monday, friends! I hope you all had excellent weekends. Mine was pretty rockin’, if I do say so myself. It started out Friday with an amazing ladydate that combined these two wonderful, wonderful things:

Sushi at my beloved Koi Koi



Even though Claire and I live less than a mile from each other, we actually don’t see each other very often! We read each other’s blogs, obviously, but it’s always much nicer to be able to catch up in person. Especially when doing so involves sushi, too.


We had so much to talk about this time around, that neither of us ended up finishing our rolls (and for once, I only ordered one. Shock!) I also took advantage of her DSLR-familiarity to have her shoot some photos of me for this week’s fashion post. Unfortunately, I felt incredibly awkward shooting pictures out on the street, right in front of the restaurant. I’m not sure how fashion bloggers do this every single day (shamelessly, I suppose?).

Oh, hello imaginary person sitting in this chair.

I felt so foolish that I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible, so I didn’t manage to get all the shots I wanted (details and whatnot). So I’ll just have to come up with something new for this Friday’s post. And will definitely be shooting it in Ben‘s studio again, where strangers can’t judge me for my vanity. Buuuuut since you all are probably judging me anyway, I figured I’d just post these pictures now anyway.

“I feel so awkward…”

The one pretty decent shot (though I had to crop out some creeper photobombing in the background, haha.)

Still, a great way to kick off the weekend! Oh, and for those of you who might be interested:

Lace tank, jeans, and purse: Old Navy
Blazer: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Wrap bracelets: Stella & Dot
Stone cuff: gift from my parents

Saturday was spent being predominantly lazy during the day (I got a bunch of writing done though – huzzah!), with a nighttime birthday extravaganza for Sean’s friend Megan. So I’m not going to lie, I’m actually a terrible DC twenty-something. I rarely ever go out, and I think this was maybe the third time I’ve gone out in actual DC proper. Before Saturday night, I’d never even tasted Jumbo Slice! I know, I know. So getting to go out to Alero on U Street was a total learning experience for me!

It also left me full of questions, such as: how are all the young women of DC not incredibly overweight? Boatloads of sugary cocktails and empty calories thanks to alcohol, to be followed by a slice of pizza so huge that it could feed an entire third-world village? Seriously, I was not properly prepared for how, uh, jumbo the Jumbo Slice, uh, slices are. I’m pretty sure that if this was my regular weekend lifestyle, I would be back up to 250 pounds in no time.

But you know me. I never pass up an occasion to get dressed up. I spent like 2 hours trying to figure out how to do a nighttime-appropriate smokey eye (without looking too, y’know, whorish), and stepped into my most comfortable heeled shoes. Also, I bought that dress for $16.99 at TJ Maxx! What uppppp good deals! Anyway, since I have (aptly) titled this post “Vanity Edition”, here are just a few more pictures of me (meeeee, meeeeeeee, MEEEEEE!), pilfered from the birthday girl.

Were you/are you a weekend partier? How do you balance that with trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight?


  1. I’d forgotten about U street and jumbo slice… mmmm jumbo slice. There is also this AH-MAZING falafel late night place (well, at least there WAS one about a decade ago… d’oh) that we would switch up the Jumbo Slice with. Yeah- it’s hard to go out, drink a lot, then eat a lot, and not gain weight- which is why most girls DO. πŸ™‚

  2. I have so many comments!
    First-that sushi looks amazing!!! I think you looked SUPER cute in that blazer and I love your hair-I’m jealous of people who can change their look so often and rock it every time-I’ve been sporting the same boring hair cut for the last 20 years…and I’m only 26. I should look into changing that…
    Glad to see you went with a dress-it looks like a perfect combo of dressed up but still casual-well done! I agree with you about the abundance of calories out there-how is it that we aren’t all 400+ pounds?! Everything in moderation, I guess…
    …and yes, I was a total party animal…in college. Now I’m boring.
    Happy Monday indeed!

    • Oh you flatterer you. I’m blushing! And don’t worry, I’m boring too. This was a total anomaly of a Saturday night for me!

  3. Hi – forgive me for not reading in a bit, but catching up and wanted to say – looking good Gretchen!!

    • No apologies necessary — thank you!!

  4. Gretchen you look great! Your hair is fab!
    Wanted to say that I find this to be one of the hardest blockades to losing weight–going out! I don’t want to miss going out with friends because I want to lose weight, but every time I go out I end up drinking and eating way more than I should, staying out super late (which then inevitably late night eats), which also throws off my whole schedule the next day too. So far, I have not been able to stop at just one drink, especially if I am out dancing or out for a long time. I haven’t figured out how to balance this yet, but if someone has, let me know!

  5. You look so fantastic and stylish in both your sushi dinner and downtown outfits! Looking good girl! But you’ve GOT to get downtown more πŸ™‚ Before you feel too old to do it anymore! 31 comes really fast…and I miss our nights out. Oh, and when I was in the height of my weightloss, I only drank on Saturday nights. Maybe moderation (or rather, only binge drinking one night a week!) is how those girls do it. If it’s just metabolism, I’m filled with envy/hatred πŸ˜‰

  6. I just have to say I absolutely love your hair this length, and the color! super cute! πŸ™‚

  7. When I was in my mid-late 20s, I was definitely a weekend partier, not so much the jumbo slice (although I have had that; I’m originally from DC) but the drinking. Somehow, it didn’t seem to have any effect on my weight. And then I turned 30…

  8. Oh I’ve decided they aren’t overweight cuz they don’t eat at any other time other than the late night Jumbo slice.. which I LOVE.. mmm

    But I don’t like going out anymore.. Too many crazy people.. πŸ™‚

  9. i love your outfits!!! I’m not much of a partier, but when the moment arises you can always find me on the dance floor! But otherwise, its just me, my pjs, and right now the olympics haha


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