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Posted on Jun 28, 2012 in Food | 2 comments

Honey Pig Izakaya

It’s been a little heavy in these parts lately (but thank you all for your awesome and supportive comments!), so how’s about we lighten the mood on this hot and sunny Thursday, hmm?

All photos taken by Taylor!

That’s the spirit!

Last night, the fam, Sean, and I headed out to Honey Pig Izakaya for dinner. I went in full of boastful pride about how I knew aaaaall about Honey Pig from the one time I’d been there before. I was going on and on about how it was a hot-top-style Korean BBQ place, about how we’d have to get there crazy early because there’d be a huge wait, etc, etc.

Well, evidently, Honey Pig Izakaya, while run by the same people, is a completely different restaurant than Honey Pig. (Mind you, they’re like, down the street from each other as well, so you can see how I would have gotten confused.) Instead of offering raw meats cooked on the hot top in front of you, it’s more of a general Asian fusion restaurant. Whoops! Oh well, at least the Living Social deal that my dad had was definitely for this place, so I hadn’t led us all to the wrong restaurant!

Alas, it wasn’t quite the experience I think we were all hoping for, but the food was still quite tasty. It was pretty unique, too, getting to order all manner of cuisine: Japanese, Korean, you name it!

We mainly feasted on yakitori: Japanese-style skewers of meat and vegetables (the fried vegetable skewers were my favorite, hehe). We also nommed on one of their sushi samplers (not bad!) as well as their bulgogi. You can’t have Korean food without bulgogi, no matter if it’s eaten hot pot style or not!

Ben and my dad also got giant beers. What is it about Asian beers that make the serving size so huge, despite the fact that we can’t hold our alcohol for squat? Seriously, if I was to drink one this size, well, you’d probably be carting me home in a wheelbarrow, hahaha.

All in all, the food was good but the experience is much better at the original Honey Pig. That said, if you’re ever craving some Asian flavor in the Annandale area, but don’t feel like dealing with the line or the noise of the other one (it was seriously crazy when I went before!), why not give this Honey Pig a try?


  1. Oh my goodness I need to get myself there ASAP! I wish Annadale were closer to DC…

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