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Posted on Apr 17, 2012 in Dear Diary | 17 comments

Harry Potter and the Epic Party (Part 2)

Awwwwwww yeah. Here we go. The final chapter, as it were. I promise after today we shall return to our regularly scheduled, wizard-free (well, probably) programming. I edited the photos that Ben took at the party, and I think it can now be confirmed that a good time was had by all. I love having a professional photographer for a brother!

Naturally, I couldn’t have kicked off my epic Harry Potter birthday party without forcing said brother to take some studio shots of me. After all, it’s not every day that I’m dressed up in my finest Harr(iet) Potter attire! (If only, though. If only…)

I want YOU to love Harry Potter as much as me.

I would like to point out that this costume is marketed as a dress. A DRESS! Maybe wizards have a hefty dose of exhibitionism, but I cannot imagine a girl who would be willing to wear this “dress” without something to provide some serious opaqueness underneath. Or without something to cover up top, for that matter!

God, I’m such a dork. I love it.

Okay, enough narcissism (for now). Onto the party! BRACE YOURSELVES FOR PHOTO OVERLOAD.

Quidditch Pong!

Oh hai, Hermione!

Dobby & Kreacher

Snitches and House Elves and Muggles, oh my!

No squibs in this family!

Hey Cho. You lookin’ fine, girl.

Dumbledax with his adoring fans.

Theresa came as a talking painting – brilliant, no?

Snape, Hermione, and your average wrong-place-wrong-time Muggle.

I think the party got to be a little much for Harry the Lion and Padfoot. They ended up hiding upstairs!

Most magical photobomb ever, Rik.

And finally: Felix Felicis. You burn so good.

And there you have it. A glimpse into the secret world of wizard parties. Of course, I can’t let you Muggles actually LEAVE here with this knowledge, oh no sirree. Such information is far too valuable, after all. Sorry folks. Imagine I’m putting on my sunglasses right now, MIB-style.



  1. There’s still glitter covering my bathroom floor. WORTH IT.
    P.S. Recipes for the chocolate frogs?

    • There wasn’t so much a recipe as me carefully swirling around melted chocolate in a mold (this mold, in fact: http://amzn.to/HUEfYq), and then stuffing them with cookie dough or peanut butter or whatever you like. That said… I would enjoy the chance to make them again, so maybe I’ll post something after all… kekeke.

  2. That looked like such a fun party!! You’re so creative!

  3. You are SO CUTE and such a dork. And you make an adorable Harriet Potter!!
    I have to say again… love that the doggies participated too. 🙂

  4. YAY! fun had by all.

  5. It definitely looked like it was worth all the prep for the party. Happy birthday one last time!

  6. Uh. Where is Sean’s costume? I am unimpressed by his muggleness.


    • I knooooow, right? He hasn’t even seen all the movies! And he’s only read like, one of the books! Augh, the shame. THE SHAME.

      Sidenote: *I* love yooooou.

  7. I totes work with the girl in the red dress 🙂

    • Haha! Prasana? Small world! I just met her for the first time that night — love it!

  8. Gretchen, I don’t think I’ve ever left you a comment but this party made me! You look awesome!! Congrats on all the hardwork…no more bad self talk


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