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Posted on Mar 23, 2012 in Dear Diary, Reviews | 43 comments

The Hunger Games: Initial Reactions

First off, I got less than four hours of sleep last night, so you’ll have to forgive me if it seems like I’m pumped full of tracker jacker venom as I type this.

Secondly, as you already know I went to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games last night. I had all the best intentions to nap between work and getting to the theatre which, of course, didn’t happen. Instead, I paced around my house, braiding and re-braiding my hair for a few hours.

Team Peeta

Oh, and I also did my Girl on Fire makeup, natch.

We got to Tysons just before 10, which my fellow Tributes Sean and Erin were not super excited about. It ended up being a good call though, because instead of being greeted with a long line of anxious moviegoers, we walked into an essentially empty lobby. At first, I felt really sheepish. Where were the legions of squealing teenagers? After talking to an employee what the deal was, however, we realized that they had been letting people in as they arrived. We walked in to our theatre (okay, okay, so maybe I ran… sprinted… whatever) just in time to snag the last three non-front-section seats that were together.

A good boyfriend supports your dreams… of regressing to your 14-year-old self.

I have a love-hate relationship with midnight premieres. On the one hand, I am totally That Girl, the one who needs to see the movie OMGASAP! But there are always some unfortunate side-effects of choosing to see an incredibly popular movie with a theatre full of puberty-ridden teenagers. Sometimes it’s fun, like pretty much any time before the movie actually starts. But once the opening credits start rolling, I swear, you need to shut your mouth hole or I will punch you in the throat.

Naturally, the most annoying ones in attendance always end up either directly in front of or behind me. I misled myself and got my hopes up last night, because the entire theatre was ahush and enraptured as soon as the movie started. Of course, as soon as Josh Hutcherson made his first appearance I knew I had spoken too soon. (“Heeheeheehee, he’s so cute! LOL OMG SHHHHHH!”). But hey, it’s not like I won’t be seeing it again. (Duh.) I’ll just have to select a pre-noon movie time (while the legions are still curled up under their comforters) next time to avoid as much inappropriately-timed laughter as possible.

Okay, so now for the the down and dirty of it. My overall take on the movie?

So excited for The Hunger Games!

It. Was. Awesome.

I am going to bite my tongue (er, fingers?) and not give an in-depth review of the movie yet, since it technically only opens today and most of you haven’t seen it yet. That said, I do have a lot of thoughts on it and can’t wait to hear what you all think! I will say this much: I was not disappointed, and I support all of the (for the most part, insignificant) deviations and changes from the book. There was really only one part/aspect that gave me a little pause, but I’m already over it. I also don’t think you need to have read the book in order to A) understand what’s happening or B) enjoy it.

UGH. It was so awesome, I can’t even stand it. I cried no less than four separate times, and was essentially in a heightened emotional state for the entire 2.5 hours. Combine that with the aforementioned few hours of sleep that I got (yes, I am at work today), and I am a total zombie right now. But do you even need to ask? OF COURSE it was worth it. 🙂


Have a great weekend, everyone! And Happy Hunger Games! Friday!


  1. ZOMG SO STOKED NOW!! Also, wishing I could braid my hair.

    ANYWHO, bit of a busy weekend ahead BUT I have my tix for the Sunday showing in the IMAX theater in Raleigh and I just keep watching trailers obsessively. Maybe the overhyped teens won’t be around Sunday afternoon? May the odds (of that happening) be ever in my favor…

  2. Okay, first off all, I JUST got it … the boy with the bread? Peeta? PITA BREAD!

    Ha ha ha ha.


    Can’t believe I didn’t put that together while I was reading the book.

    Seeing the movie at the drive-in tomorrow! woot woot!

    Hair tutorial to help me get those awesome braids?

    • They’re definitely nothing fancy, but sure! Now that I know I can braid my hair with confidence even at this short length, I’m sure I’ll want to wear it that way more often anyway. 😀

  3. You’re really making me re-think my decision to wait until next week when it might not be so crazy at the theater! But I dont know if I can wait!!!!!

  4. SOOOO EXCITED to see it Saturday and read your review (duh!!)

  5. Loved it. I thought they did a spectacular job!! I cannot wait to hear more detailed thoughts!!!

    • Augh, I am like chomping at the bit to discuss it in detail!! What is an appropriate amount of time to wait before I dissect it in writing and risk spoiling something for an unsuspecting reader? Hahahaha

  6. Excellent reveiw to get me even more psyched! I did midnight showings for all of the Harry Potter movies except the first, and now I feel OLD! We are seeing 21 Jump Street tonight and will wait until later in the week to see The Hunger Games. Gram and Gramps over here try to avoid the crowds 😉 HEART!

    • Haha! I heard that 21 Jump Street is pretty effing fantastic, and incredibly hilarious. I want to see that one too!

  7. Thanks for the review! I’m dying to see this one and none of my friends want to go. I need new friends!!! I’m going to drag my SO when he gets back into town next week!

    • DUDE. Drop those friends like you’re dropping out of an alliance in The Arena. You MUST go!!

  8. can’t wait to go see it! Dan is finishing the book first!

  9. It sounds fabulous!
    I love your hair and makeup :). You are totally spot on about the boyfriend thing. I dragged my bf to too many chick flicks to count haha

  10. Tweens who talk during the movie: one of the reasons why I’m choosing to wait a little bit before seeing it. When they’re in front of me chatting and commenting, it takes every fiber in my being not to punch them in the back of the head.

    Once I see it, I think I will end up writing my own review as well. We could compare notes!

  11. Haha, FABULOUS! I went to the midnight showing of Dark Knight with a girlfriend at Tysons a few years ago… I hate how the theaters fill up so quickly and I am also the “lucky one” who always ends up sitting sit next to the popcorn muchner who chews with their mouth wide open or the giggly teenager who can’t put their cell phone down for more than 15 seconds *sigh*… I’m going Sunday afternoon to see it- I haven’t read any of the books, my gf’s have, so I have NO clue what to expect 😛

  12. I loved it too!!! Glad you had fun!!! : )

  13. ahhhhhh!!! I am so excited, I’m seeing it tonight! We’re discussing snacks at the moment and what to sneak into the theater =P

  14. I loooooove your shirt. Where did you get it?

    I’m seeing it this weekend. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

  15. I’m going tonight, I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!

  16. Going tonight with 12 friends all in our 30’s and can’t wait!!!!!!!

  17. WOOO!! I’m so glad it’s good! I thought of you last night, I see you saw my tweet! Hee hee…can’t wait to dissect it after I see it on Sunday!

  18. Oooh, I hate tweens who talk during the movies. We sat in front of some super obnoxious boys at the HP 7 Part 2 movie who wouldn’t shut up about how hot Hermione/Emma Watson is. I finally told them to shut it, but the movie was almost over by that point. Seriously, it’s a midnight showing. Only the most rabid of fans are here! Shut up!

    Can’t wait to see it. We’re actually going to play trivia tonight that is Hunger Games themed. I have a cheat sheet. 🙂

  19. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Ahem. Sorry. I’ve been waiting anxiously for your review! This so so great to hear!!! I cannot wait to go see it!

    ps. i freaking love your shirt. as a die hard member of team peeta, i want one myself! 😉
    pps. love your make up!
    ppps. SO feel u on your thought re: adolescent spectators.

  20. Oh, I love that NZ is a day ahead, I saw it a couple of days ago. Midnight screening, of course. A lot of people here had never heard of The Hunger Games (gasp)! By the way, WHERE did you get your shirt, I want one so badly!

  21. cant wait for me and my son to go see it

  22. I saw the Hunger Games last night! However, I read all the books about a month ago and I’m one of those super nitpicky people about book-to-movie transitions, so I thought it was good but not great. Was still an awesome date night though 🙂

  23. I just saw it today & LOVED IT. Perfect casting. Insane costuming. We went to the noon showing & the theater was 1/2 empty with no talk-during-the-movie Tweens! Can’t wait to see it again & can’t wait to discuss!

  24. IT WAS SO AWESOMEEEE. I was so nervous that it was going to majorly suck; either tons of “artistic freedoms” or bad acting. But so not the case! In one interview, Jennifer Lawrence said something along the lines of “everyone involved with this movie is a fan of the books, so we want it to stay true to the story as well.” And it did!

    What part was it that you didn’t like?

    • I felt that there wasn’t enough time devoted to the development of Rue and Katniss’s relationship is all. So obviously, from the books I knew how significant that part was, but if I hadn’t read the books I’m not sure I would have felt it as strongly, y’know?

      • Agreed. I was weepy at those scenes, but if I hadn’t read the book, it wouldn’t have been as deep. That said, I think they did a great job with the time allotted. I mean, the movie would have been 5 hours if it was the way I wanted it to be! 🙂

        • I totally agree. There’s only so much you can cram into a movie, especially from a book that’s SO action-packed!

  25. I think there could have been more character development in general… That and um, Peeta’s leg was cut off in the book.. not in the movie…? I dont like when they change significant things.

    But I did love the movie!

    • I don’t consider that to be a significant change at all! I mean, it doesn’t end up affecting him in any way moving forward in the books — in fact, I kind of forget about it even when reading 2 and 3!

      And I agree with you on character development but, the movie was already 2.5 hours long! There’s only so much they can do without boring the non-book-readers. I’m seeing it again tonight and will be writing up many more of my thoughts on it for tomorrow’s post though!!

  26. I MUST DISCUSS THIS MORE WITH YOU. I didn’t want to read this post until I had seen it. Now that I’ve seen it, WE MUST DISCUSSSSSSSSS. I cried within the first few minutes. Now THAT is embarrassing. My sister was actually sobbing. REALLY embarrassing. 🙂 Even just seeing the previews with “I VOLUNTEER! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!” I cry.

  27. Favorite line of this post: “But once the opening credits start rolling, I swear, you need to shut your mouth hole or I will punch you in the throat.” LOL… I cannot picture you being so violent/angry to say this.. but it is hilarious!

  28. Having not read the books and being introduced to Gail first, and thinking he was the more attractive actor anyway, I found myself immediately on Team Gail (though I didn’t know there were teams until I read your blog). Throughout the whole movie I felt bad for Gail and didn’t really feel sure that Katniss really loved Peeta. It could have been the acting? I wonder how I would have felt had I read the books first. I would have surely had MORE feelings, if nothing else.
    If Team Peeta is at all like Team Jacob I can already confirm I would not be on it. I don’t know if there is any Twilight/Hunger Games translat-ability though.

    • There really isn’t a Team Gale in the same way that there was a Team Jacob. It’s always Peeta. Peeta forever. But it’s awesome that you picked up on how you don’t know if Katniss really loves Peeta or not, because that’s a key part of the book! You really should read them… in between baby naps maybe? 😀

      • There should be a Team Gale though. Isn’t he her best friend? I didn’t really love Peeta. I’ll just have to read the books:)

        • I can’t even talk to you about this until you do read the books and come to love Peeta as he deserves to be loved. 😉


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