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Posted on Mar 22, 2012 in Dear Diary | 42 comments

Girl on Fire


Midnight release, baby! I’m sure you are not surprised, given my past experience with midnight releases, hehe. I’ve been going on and on about the books and this movie for a while now, and it’s finally here! Initial reviews from Rotten Tomatoes are showing really favorable scores (90%!) which makes me incredibly happy. I AM SO EXCITED. (I may not be the best at tempering my expectations.) Let’s be honest though, even if it was of Twilight-level craptasticness, I’d probably still love it. IT’S THE HUNGER GAMES.


I’ve got my Teem Peeta shirt at the ready, have big plans for a pre-movie nap after work, and have even crafted a Katniss-inspired makeup look for tonight that would make The Capitol proud!


I tried really hard to take photos that would allow me to piece together a tutorial for this, but alas, I have no remote for my camera and thus no mad skillz. So forgive the bad lighting and inconsistent shots, haha. Here are the best of my (bad) attempts, nonetheless. You know, just in case anyone else out there is as crazy as I am (unlikely) and wants to try to create something similar for their movie-going experience.

Makeup Forever Yellow Gold #10, Tangerine #18, and Neon Pink #75; Sephora Aspen Summit #23; Urban Decay Primer Potion; Two Faced Lashgasm mascara; Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion.


Start by priming your eyes and applying the yellow shade over the entire lid using a flat shadow brush.


Apply the orange shade in an outward “V” shape to the outer corner of your eyelids, winging it out as far as you are comfortable. Blend.


Using a liner brush, trace a line underneath the shadows from the outer corner of your eye with the pink shade. Duplicate on your lower lash line. Line your upper lid with liquid liner (I did a bad job of this here, haha) and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes (curling is optional).


Using a brush or the tip of your pinky, apply the shimmery white shade to the inner corner of your eyes, around your tear duct and blend well. Done!

So let’s move past the facts that A) the lighting is pretty lousy, B) it’s really hard to take pictures of yourself with a DSLR, and C) I am clearly le tired in these photos. As you can see, it’s a flame-inspired eye look that I feel Cinna would wholly approve of. If you’re looking for a wilder look, simply layer on more color and let the shadow reach higher up on your brow line. To tone it down, just don’t wing out the shadow past your eyelid for a look that’s still colorful and fun but much more subtle. Ta-da!


Also, if you haven’t heard this song by my girl T.Swift from the soundtrack, you should give it a listen. It’s soft and eerie and haunting and beautiful. It illuminates a very specific part of the book/movie for me, which I will not reveal (no spoilers!), but just… yes. It’s gorgeous, as is the video for it, so here you go:

You may have to click through to view the video if you’re reading this via email subscription.

AUUUUGH, I AM SO EXCITED. I can’t promise as to whether or not I’ll be conscious enough to write a post in any sort of timely manner tomorrow, so for now I shall simply say: May the odds be EVER in your favor!

So who’s seeing The Hunger Games this weekend? Any fellow midnight-release crazies out there?


  1. LOVE/STEALING. I’m also premiering my Girl on Fire nails tonight. Red shatter polish is involved. My hair’s in a braid, too, but that’s just because they shut off our gas and I have no hot water. Life in the Capitol is hard.

    • That sounds AWESOME. I now feel like I need to make that happen too. If I were artistic I would want to do black nail polish and a gold nail polish pen to draw mockingjay pins on my thumbs or something but… that seems hard.

      • P.S. Did you pre-order through Fandango? They sent over a free download of the Secret Sisters song “Tomorrow Will be Kinder,” which I then listened to on repeat six times during my morning metro commute in the rain. So. Poignant.

        • I did preorder, but I don’t think I got anything about the song download! Or if I did, I didn’t notice. To the Gmail search box!

    • Come into my web… obsess with me… gwahahahaaaa

  2. Okay, I love your eye make-up AND your enthusiasm! But, I know nothing about Hunger Games, and once again, seem to be the only person I know that isn’t obsessed with the books and the movie! It’s kind of like Twilight all over again!
    I finally did see Twilight, three years later though, and LOVED it.
    Have fun, crazy kid!

    • Im with you. I know nothing about this. But when they make The Alchemyst series (by Michael Scott, go check it out!) I will be there for every film!

      And you can bet your bottom dollar I will be tuning in for the return of Game of Thrones! Such a good book series.

      • I JUST got the first season of Game of Thrones on blu ray. Everyone says it’s amazing!! I’m trying to wait until I have like a free weekend where I can just canonball the whole season in one go, hahaha.

        • Thats pretty much the way I did it. I wasnt really able to keep up with it because I had so much going on. If you haven’t read the series, the first episode might be SUPER lame-o. But I promise, it just gets more and more fantastic as every episode goes on.

  3. I’m going tomorrow night to the opening at the Renaissance Centre in Detroit.
    I’d steal your make-up idea but I’m too cheap to buy those colours. It looks great though.

    I <3 Peeta too. I definitely had a crush on him while I read the series.

    • I still have a crush on him.

      Peeta: 10,000 times better than Edward Cullen.

      • Well I hated Twilight, so I have to agree. Though I only read the first book then I gave up on it so I don’t know if anything changed.

        And Edward was a douche.

  4. I am soo jealous!! I wanted to see it tonight, but am holding out to see it with my brother on Saturday. Have fun!! ps: love the taylor swift song!!

  5. I am going too!!! SOOOOO excited! Except this is my FIRST midnight premiere! I’m a teacher and this is my spring break so why not!!! Hope we enjoy it-I will have my HG t-shirt on as well!!!

    • If you can stay awake, it’s so much fun! I’ll be suffering at work tomorrow but it’ll have been worth it. 😀

  6. *Squeal!* Your make-up is GORGEOUS! So, so pretty. I wish I could get away with wearing super bright shades at work.

    I’m more than half-way through the book now (I’ve had it on my Kindle since December, but haven’t gotten around to starting it until this week. Bad, I know.) and am going to wait for some of the craziness to die down before I see the movie. I can’t stand crowded theaters because I’m chronically afraid of having to sit in the front row!

    • Haha, that’s probably a good call. I was just warning Sean that I get a little aggressive when it comes to seating and premieres like this. I have no problem sprinting in front of a few 14-year-olds to get a decent seat! Bahaha

  7. I love your makeup! It’s so sultry and gorgeous 🙂

    Enjoy your midnight viewing! I can’t wait to hear what you thought about it.

  8. Mannnnn I am SO jealous you’re going tonight!! As you know I am going to be out of town this weekend, so I think I’m going to wait until next week to see it, but I am SO EXCITED too!

  9. I.cannot.wait. well I will have to wait until Saturday because we are seeing it with our friends BUT we got tshirts 🙂 YES.

  10. I will be seeing The Hunger Games next weekend. There is just an abundance of overly-hyped, loud, obnoxious tweens in Toronto and Julia and I want to wait for the first wave of insanity to pass. I can’t even begin to describe our frustration with tweens.

    • They are my brethren when it comes to this stuff, but I can understand where you’re coming from. I just wouldn’t be able to delay seeing it for that long!

  11. Love the eye look!! I will be seeing it this weekend but probably not tonight. I haven’t done a midnight show. I should lol

  12. I haven’t even read the hunger games (I started the first few pages last week, but stopped because I wanted to see the movie first) but you have made me so excited about it that I just bought a ticket to the IMAX show Sunday morning! Hahahah! I love your blog, it’s so fun.

    PS I love primer potion. That thing saved my life. Never before would eyeshadow stay on my lids more than 20 minutes! Now it lasts until the next morning.

  13. I am not midnight-premiering, but I AM going this weekend and I can’t WAIT! Ahhh!! And that Taylor Swift vid/song gave me chills, I know exactly what part of the book you are referencing!

    Again I say AHHHH!!

    PS Love the eyes.

  14. dude, I’m so jealous of your whasian eyes. My friend Kim is Korean and she can rock pretty much everything as far as eye makeup goes … super jealous. Thanks for the tut! 🙂

  15. I am so jealous!!! I probably wouldn’t be able to deal with the crush of midnight openings though. Have fun and I cannot wait to hear your review!

  16. My coworker who lent me the books a couple of weeks ago and I are going on Sunday! Thank goodness I’ve only had to deal with this obsession for a couple of weeks before the movie comes out. I did the same thing with Twilight…read the first book the weekend the movie came out. I’m always a little late to the party but I have a fabulous time! Hope you have fun at the movie tonight!

  17. I can’t do a midnight showing (things like that are off the table when you have young children), but I am going on Saturday night…date night with the hubby! Can’t wait!

  18. I had vowed up to today that I wouldn’t go to the midnight showing — instead I was going to go tomorrow morning when all the teenagers and people that I teach on a regular basis would be sleeping.

    Then one of my friends bought my ticket to make me a liar.


  19. TEAM PEETA!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was going to see the Hunger Games this week… But I promised my sister I’d watch it with her and she’s not available this weekend. UGH. I’m digging the makeup btw!

  20. I’m so jealous of everyone seeing the movie tonight! Living in Italy obviously has its perks, but since we see our movies on base, we have to wait until April 5 to see The Hunger Games. That’s TWO weeks of hearing what everyone else thinks of it. GAH!!!

  21. HAVE FUN!!! I have my tickets and am going tomorrow after work!! =D Also, my 3rd book came in the mail today, so I’ll be reading that this weekend.

  22. Have a great time tonight! It should be a blast.

    Btw, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! As a new blogger, your blog is such an inspiration to me. So thank you! For more information about the award, click here!

    Have a good one!

  23. I plan to see it this weekend!

  24. You look amazing!! Um, can you please come do my makeup every morning so I can be cool, too? 🙂 Have a great time tonight!

  25. Seeing it tomorrow at a noon showing with my husband, mom, aunt, and two cousins. Tickets were only $5!


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