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Posted on Mar 20, 2012 in Working Out | 43 comments

The Long and Short(s) of It

I know that I have already declared it to be so, but it bears repeating: I hate running. Yesterday’s torturous 3-mile jaunt around the hallowed streets of Falls Church only served to reinforce this fact. But, I did it anyway, since I’m training for the Reach the Beach Relay in May and will need to be able to complete three separate legs of 3 to 4.5 miles each. (Which I know is nothing compared to what the rest of my teammates will be running, but it’s a lot for me!)

So, as mentioned, I took to the streets to take advantage of yesterday’s beautiful weather, and also used it as an opportunity to test out one of the clothing items that New Balance sent me a little while ago. I gave the Prism Run Shorts a try — my first time running in run shorts — and what did I find? I found that I do not, in fact, like running in run shorts.

I really should have taken these photos pre-run, haha.

Yes, having now officially tested the gamut of running legwear, I can officially say that running in shorts is not for me. Maybe things would be different if I had thighs that didn’t touch, shorts that had no way of riding up, and confidence that would stop Giselle in her tracks but alas, that is not the case. I was blessed with Powell thighs, and Powell thighs touch. Good for all that pioneerin’ and baby-makin’. The chafing! I’ll need some serious Astro Glide if I’m to continue running in these puppies! Not to mention the whole thing where they rode up to my chatch and basically made it look like I was running down Broad street in a bikini bottom. I’ve really come around to my legs as a beloved body part, but I’m pretty sure nobody needs to see that.


I’m willing to give the other pair of running shorts and the running skirt that NB sent me a try, but I’m skeptical as to whether I’ll find them any different. They’re a smidgen looser/longer though, so who knows? As of right now, however, I’m pretty sold on my past capri-lovin’ ways. I don’t really like running tights except for when winter weather necessitates them because I find them too constricting (and they get pulled down more easily as I go along), but capri-length fitness pants are my jam. Despite all of my personal issues with actually running in the shorts, they’re very comfortable. They’re definitely booty shorts, so again, this may simply be stemming from a confidence issue. Regardless, I will absolutely keep them in my arsenal for non-running fitness activities. They’d be perfect for hot yoga!

What is your run wear of choice? Are you a shorts person? Fellow capri lover? Running skirt fanatic?


  1. Oh my goodness! Better you than me trying to run in shorts, brave girl! I hate short, and the way they ride up my inner thighs and you have to try to put that hitch in your giddup to dislodge them, then it’s back 10 steps later. ARGGH! No thank you.

    I do love my running skirt that I wear over my compression capris though. Makes me feel pretty and girly while I’m sweating profusely.

  2. I am the same way! If I run in shorts, they are long men’s basketball shorts that almost touch my knees. Those don’t really ride up and keep my legs from chafing. And now that I own 5 pairs of all weather capris I just wear those ALL THE TIME 😛 Love capris!

    • NO shorts ….. fully agree. Very uncomfortable.

      I try and find medium stretch (at least 50% cotton) running pants that are in the middle of your leg. I also prefer white. That’s just me. Dark clothing increases heat …. attracts sun.

      Gretchen …. you look good. Working hard. Really girl!

  3. I had the same experience yesterday. My 2.5 miles was such a hard run and I had to fight everything inside me to keep myself form just stopping and walking. And I feel silly about it. I’m sure people read this and laugh at 2.5 miles, but it’s a lot for me, too! (So I can relate).

    I am a fellow capri wearer! I just started running outside, though… so we’ll see wear that takes me… I’m having trouble finding shirts that I feel comfortable in when running in public though. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  4. I have to agree! I am so not one to wear running shorts at all, they ride up, my legs chaff and it’s just awful. Not to mention that I look like an idiot as I run and try to pull down my shorts as they are riding up further and further eventually looking like I walked out of the house in my underwear (not a pretty site). So instead i stick to capris and sometimes I wear the clam digger style (just above the knee because those tend to not ride up but shorts gah they are awful.

  5. I used to be a shorts girl b/c I get so stinkin’ hot. My thighs touched but the rubbing together was not too bad. Now that I’ve had my daughter, I have much chub rub and have been wearing capris.

  6. I love running in shorts, but I would certainly have all the same problems you do in shorts like those. I go for a nice, spandexy bike short. 7″ inseam, or something equally matronly. Even if they ride up, you still get a respectable 5 inches of coverage! I like to wear shorts because, well for one, I’m a hot blooded mama who needs every inch of fresh air she can get, and two, my legs feel strong when I’m running and I want to embrace that feeling. Cute top!

  7. Capris all the way! I have 2 amazing pairs from Lucy (both bought on sale) that have compression and are hands down awesome! Try the Lucy propel knee pant (capri)!

  8. I’m not a runner at all, but I can imagine the chaffing issue. Last year I participated in the Washington Post Post Hunt and it was HOT HOT HOT out! We were running all over looking for clues and my legs were killing me just from that (I was wearing shorts), so I can only imagine running a lot longer/further and how painful it must’ve been.

    Speaking of yoga though… did you see the Groupon for 10 Bikram Yoga classes in Tysons a while back?! I bought it and can’t wait to go. I did a class out in Fairfax a while back and loved it.

  9. Go team capris! I also have thighs that touch, which make for very uncomfortable running in shorts. I completely understand the issue of chaffing. Plus, I have a pair of capris with pockets, which makes it easier for me to carry around my keys, cell phone, and iPod.

  10. running skirt fanatic!! ok, maybe not a fanatic, but I do love my running skirt. Just don’t wear one to a gym class where you do squats. There is obviously coverage, but it is just a little too scandelous for me. 😉

  11. I wear knee length shorts when I run and works for me. I too get chaffing if I wear shorts that are short. Knee length all the way! Keeps the thighs separated, but a bit more comfortable in the hot hot heat of summer than capris.

  12. I hear you on the pioneering thighs. I am learning to love my pear shape because it’s nice to have an ass in certain clothes 🙂

    I run in running shorts but not the tight ones. Their elastic from Nike and are great. I actually need to go buy some new running gear since I’m reluctant to rock a t-shirt tan in the coming months lol!

    Best of luck on your race. It sounds like it’s going to be a blast 🙂

  13. Long lacrosse, soccer and basketball shorts or capris for this girl! My solid soccer thighs like to rub together and I dont see that changing no matter how much weight I drop.

  14. Hey! Try throwing on some knee length compressions shorts on under running shorts! They provide the booty coverage AND keep you from chafing!

    Also, even if you hate running, start telling yourself that you love the end of the run, so that you’ll think about your love for that more than your dislike for the running part. It’s a little trick to learn to love running! 🙂

  15. Ugh, good running shorts can be so hard to find. You wouldn’t think it would be so, but we pear shapes have to search high and low. I’ve found I really like running skirts — some people think they’re kind of silly, but I think they are so cute! Overall though, I am with you on loving capris. They’re comfortable, flattering, and provide excellent coverage. 🙂

    Good luck with your training!

  16. First time commenter here!! HOWDY! Where did you get your shirt?? Tre cute.

    • Howdy back at ya! The shirt in the first pictures? Old Navy! I have one in white too – I love ’em! The shirt in the jumping picture is UnderArmour.

  17. When I see women running in shorts, all I can think is “How??”
    I can’t even walk in shorts, to be honest, and when they ride up it’s some of the worst kind ot chafing you can get.
    If I were to wear shorts they would have to be knee-length to guarantee no riding up/thigh rubbing.
    I do not understand the concept or purpose of running skirts? Why?

    I usually run in capris or pants (if I’m running outside in the cold). Shorts are reserved for weightlifting sessions.

  18. I have what I like to call Irish thighs. Same as Powell, only different periods of making babies.

    I, too, am a capri lover. Can’t get enough, need to buy more.

    Good luck with training!

  19. This post cracked me up! I am an avid lover and wearer of running shorts, but I got a particularly bad case of chafing this weekend … to the point that my thighs would stick together while I was laying on the couch and praying them apart was so painful it felt like ripping off a million tiny Band-Aids.

    Don’t worry. Delicate thighs I do NOT have either. I’m a … sturdy young lass.

  20. I do enjoy wearing run shorts- but loose ones, not tight. You were wearing compression run shorts which aren’t frankly that common! I also enjoy running in capris but when it gets REAL warm out, even that is too much coverage. I want to try a run skirt- they are really trending!!

  21. I’ve learned thru this half marathon training process that running shorts are not for me. First of all, I prefer soccer shorts for their looseness and length, but those are not helpful during long runs. What I need is to find me petite length compression knee capris for the summer because compression is where it’s at, fo’shizzle.

  22. Ugh. I hate running in shorts. I’ve only done it two or three times. Major chafing, major annoyance at having to yank them down every two minutes. I much prefer capris!

  23. I prefer to run in pants because shorts ride up and I don’t want chafing. Although with my 8K this past weekend I had some chafing so I think I need to look at some tighter fitting pants or capris. I do like the skirts I think they are cute.

    Does anyone wear compression socks when running? Just curious if there were any recommendations.

  24. Is that last picture in Boulder, CO by chance 🙂 Did you go to school there?

    • That is Boulder! Good eye! I didn’t go to school there (unfortunately!) but I went out there for a conference over the summer. I loved it!!

  25. Love your post today, I can soooo relate! Must have capris to run in. Nothing worse than having an uncomfortable run!

  26. I love wearing spandex to run [if it fits properly] but I cannot help but feel self-conscious… Usually I’ll wear shorts with the built in undies or campri’s if it’s not too hot… I’ve found that I prefer UA > Nike.

  27. You are one brave soul to run down Broad Street with shorts. I would never dream of wearing shorts when I run. I actually don’t own any shorts. Being a big girl all of my life, I knew that shorts was not/never for me. I’m team capri and tights, all of the way!

  28. Your post made me crack up…I have the same problem!! Thank you for the after lunch laugh!!!

  29. I am a capri / long short runner 100%. I’ve experienced way too many leg rubbing accidents to try shorts ever again, until I can stand and my thighs don’t touch which I don’t think I’m physically made that way.

  30. LOL!!! I HATE running in running shorts for the very same reason. From my quads down, I love my legs. But no matter what I do, I can not get my inner thighs to shrink and they most definitely touch when I’m running! I’ve had that same thought to- like everyone is looking at me running in my underwear and my thighs are a jigglin.’
    I do own a few pairs of running shorts- and I wear them if I’m using the elliptical or stair climber or other machine that does not require my thighs to touch, or when doing Bodypump. I prefer Capris (I love the ones by Moving Comfort- definitely my favorite brand of running clothes!) I wear compression or bike shorts otherwise (and for spin).
    AMEN and THANK YOU for being honest and public about this! 🙂

  31. Capris for sure. I hate wearing shorts. They always ride up.

  32. I hate running in shorts!!!! And recently have started to hate running too- why is that? I run in a tshirt and capri pants.

  33. I like running in shorts… But I have to alternate between shorts and capris, because my thighs rub and gets painful… Is that jumping picture of you taken in Boulder? (I’m from there and I think I spotted the Flatirons in the back.) hehe…

  34. I ran this evening… and totally thought of this post. Ok, here’s something I apparently can’t run in: workout pants that are too big. I spent the whole time pulling them up! Ridiculous! Capris (that fit) will be the pants I wear moving forward…

    Like, Hil… I cracked up at your use of the word chatch!

  35. I don’t like running in shorts either. Same problem as you. I found some really great running thights (3/4) from Under Armour on Amazon. I love them.

  36. I’m all about the capri pants. I have one pair of running shorts but every time I wear them I’m constantly messing w them so that they stay down. No wedgies!

  37. PSST: Puts Shorts Straight Today can help. Just trim them to the length of your inseam and iron them into your shorts. They work best on natural fabrics and blends. I wear mostly-cotton-with-a-bit-of-spandex shorts when I run. http://www.TryPSST.com

    Full disclosure here — I’m the inventor so am biased 🙂

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