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Posted on Mar 7, 2012 in Daily Eats | 6 comments

Daily Eats – 3/6/12

Oh hey. Remember when I used to actually do the things that I said I’d do? Like start posting Daily Eats again? Yeah, about that…

Better late than never, right?

Breakfast: Trader Joe’s frozen blueberry waffle (110 cal) and a Pineapple 2% Chobani (160 cal).

Lunch (Part 1): Romaine salad with pineapple, feta, and raspberry vinaigrette (~220 cal).

Lunch (Part 2): Frozen Trader Joe’s vegetarian pad thai (520 cal).

Dinner: SUSHIIIIIII! (~400 cal).

Total: ~1410 calories. Yee-haw!


  1. Impressive!! I am taking photos of everything I am eating today b/c I REALLY need to real it in. It’s eye opening how much I have been eating lately. Ooops!!

    • Notice I did not take pictures of the 2 cupcakes + over half of the goat cheese dip that I consumed on book club night though… 😉

  2. How was the Veg Pad Thai? Now I want sushi…

    • It wasn’t bad, but they make a better one that’s less calories. Or maybe they don’t make that one anymore… either way, it was still good, and is a great frozen meal to keep on hand for when you’re in a pinch!

  3. I find daily eats quite interesting!

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