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Posted on Feb 17, 2012 in Dear Diary | 35 comments

All Aboard…

… the Hogwarts Express!

Yes, I am FINALLY going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I don’t care how lame you think it is! Right now I am en route to Orlando, headed towards a totally awesome, totally nerd-tastic weekend with the ‘rents. Though yesterday was full of emotion (thank you all SO much for your kind words in response to my incredibly raw and emotional post, by the way), I know that this trip will be just the thing to pull me firmly out of the doldrums.

Though, to be honest, I’m not really sure why I’m so excited. I mean, it’s not like I’m some huge Harry Potter fan.

It’s not like I own multiple items of Harry Potter clothing and related paraphernalia.


It’s not like I took off work on the day that the last book was released.

It’s not like I read all 759 pages in one sitting, fell asleep, then woke up and started reading it all over again from the beginning.


It’s not like I have ever stood in line for hours to attend a midnight release of the movies.

I especially didn’t see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the theatre four times.

And I was as cool as cucumber and didn’t freak out at all when I met Daniel Radcliffe.


Nope, I’m just not that girl.



Clearly, none of you are fooled. I absolutely AM that girl, and I am not ashamed! Harry Potter is awesome, and haters can feel free to hate on me, my inappropriate obsession with my dogs, my laziness, and my hatred of getting sweaty, but don’t mess with the HP, yo. Rest assured, you will be getting a VERY detailed recap of my adventures at Universal Studios this weekend, hehe. I come back on Monday afternoon (Happy Presidents Day weekend!), so I have a fantastic guest post lined up before I overwhelm your eyeballs with pictures of wands, wizards, and the 10 gallons of butterbeer I intend on consuming (“All hands on deck, Granger!“). SQUEEEEE, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

Have a magical weekend, friends!


  1. Jealous.

    Maybe I’ll have a baby while you’re gone.

  2. Don’t hate me, but I’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie OR read a book. Actually, I tried reading the very first one when it came out (I was a junior in college I think) and couldn’t get past the first few pages.
    BUT, I’m a TOTAL Lord of the Rings nerd- so I get it. I saw the first movie 5x in the theater and probably 4x for the others. And I own every version of the movies. You better believe I will be camping out when the Hobbit comes to theaters later this year!!
    Have fun, nerd!!! xoxo

    • ooooh LOTR. How it makes my heart happy. Even the wordiness that consumes those pages. I bet Tolkien loved to hear himself talk. 🙂

    • I predict a Lord of the Rings New Zealand movie set tour in your future, nerd! 😉

  3. I’m jealous too, and would never hate on your HP fandom. I’m still trying to talk myself out of getting a dark mark tattoo. Hope you have an amazing time!

  4. I loooooove HP! I was so sad at the end of the last movie because I knew it was over. I think I need to read all the books again. Have a blast!!!

  5. hmmmm now you have me thinking about my options for this weekend…

    A. get all the stuff done that I said I would…
    B. have a marathon on Downton Abbey
    C. have a marathon of Harry Potter

    So many choices. I love that clip from Half Blood Prince! Also “She’s got nice skin.” Was that the same movie or the one before?

    • I’m pretty sure it was Half Blood Prince, too! Great scene.

  6. ooo that’s so exciting! I’m not a huge HP fan but even I would want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! My best friend from high school is going there for her honeymoon haha

  7. SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear how it is 🙂 Funny we’re both in FL this weekend!

  8. HP ROCKS yo!

    (that could be the beginning of an HP hip-hop, I guess, but I’m not really creative enough to continue it)

    Have a great time!


    • 32948390439483294803 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR


  11. So jealous!! Have a great time!!!

  12. Have a great time!

  13. Well, color me incredibly ridiculously insanely jealous! Have a blast, I can’t wait to live vicariously through your return post!

  14. Yay!! Have a great time. Hahaha I love that you took off work to read. Priorities, people.

  15. Haha too funny 😛 I can’t say that my weekend will be magical, but I sure do hope you have a “wizarding” weekend!

  16. Haha!! Very cute post. I don’t think you’re a nerd…I’m excited for you!! Have a WONDERFUL TIME!!! I’m so looking forward to your recaps. 🙂

  17. I have heard SO many good things about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I hope you have LOADS of fun!

  18. I am so incredibly jealous. Enjoy a butterbeer for those of us stuck at work!

  19. I’m actually not quite the Potter fan that you are, seeing as I am on book 1 for the FIRST time (yikes, I know, blasphemy!) STILL this trip sounds like so much fun! When I move back to South Georgia I’ll live less than 4 hours away, so I plan to read up quick, and go for a visit myself. Have FUN!

  20. I hope you have an amazing awesome weekend. I would call you a totally geek-y nerdface because I never really got into HP, but I can’t because this is totally how I am about the Hunger Games.

    Let’s not talk about how the Babyface and I are definitely going to a midnight showing of the Hunger Games in the middle of our romantic beach vacation.

  21. Have a wonderful weekend. We took my daughter the weekend that it opened as she’s big into HP. It was so crowded, but an awesome adventure. You will LOVE it.

  22. I loved it last year when I attended Memorial Day weekend! You will have blast! I’m going to go again when they finish the extension.

    Have funnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  23. Aaaah! I took the day off too! Actually, aside from meeting Daniel Radcliff (!!!) it’s like reading about my own Harry Potter obsession. A girl after my own heart!

  24. LOVEEEE harry potter. and i am completely jealous. wouldnt it be awesome if we have magical powers?!?! (ok i’m lame haha)

  25. First I want to comment on “nice to see you wallabee” hahahahaha, i completely forgot about that scene and LOL’d.
    I’ve been to HP world twice now(perks of living in florida), the butterbeer is sooo good!!! I love the whole feel of the place, when i was younger i would day dream about being at hogwarts…i’ll leave it at that because it’s just embarassing to go into detail about the nerdiness.
    and finally!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU MET DANIEL RADCLIFFE!! That was my goal in life all through middle and high school. i am so insanely jealous!!!

  26. PS i love the picture of you as a blonde with the lightning scar and red jacket…looking super sexy!


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