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Posted on Feb 7, 2012 in Dear Diary, Food | 20 comments


Last night my family (sans my sister and her husband who are in Australia right now — the punks) went out to celebrate my mom’s birthday!


My dad made a reservation at 2941, which is a fancy-schmancy restaurant that I’ve heard scores about but had never been to. The restaurant recently finished a big renovation and redesign, and it looked great.


As I understand it, 2941 used to be traditional French cuisine (not 100% sure about this?) but it now has a more modernist neauvou-French vibe to it. The restaurant is in Fairview Park, which is just slightly off the beaten path in the greater Falls Church area, but I can see why it’s tucked away back there. It’s on a lake, with fountains and waterfalls and a freakin’ koi pond out front. Our reservation was pretty late (8:00) so it was really dark, but I can definitely see myself wanting to go back when it’s still light enough to be able to take in the scenery a little bit more.


As this was yet another special occasion (aren’t they all?), I’ll tell you right off the bat that this wasn’t the healthiest meal ever. But all things considered, I think I did pretty well! We started off with a bottle of pinot noir that my dad ordered for us all, which was actually very delicious (I’m still pretty scared of red wines, haha).


Before ordering a couple of items off of the “Nosh” part of the menu (essentially small plates/tapas). We went for the black truffle mac & cheese croquettes (!) and the calamari with a romesco dipping sauce. Be proud, I limited myself to just one croquette (though I could have easily inhaled all six) and a few pieces of calamari.


Since 2941 does small, appetizer-sizes of all their pasta dishes and I really wanted to try one, I got a starter salad as well as a small pasta for my entree.


The salad was a pear and endive salad with a walnut vinaigrette and — I kid you not — blue cheese marshmallows. I know. I KNOW. They were amazing. The waiter said they make them in house and they were SO amazing. Blue-cheesy, salty, and a little bit sweet, they melted in my mouth and… augh. So good.


The pasta dish I chose was a fresh buckwheat pasta with pancetta and mushrooms. I had absolutely NO idea that it would come out with a butter sauce on it as well, but oh how it did. Literally, the “sauce” was just melted butter. And it was drenched in it, as you can see. Don’t get me wrong, it was frackin’ amazing but also probably the least healthy thing on the table, haha. Oops, a happy accident! I also got to try my dad’s lamb loin and it was really fantastic. I would probably get that next time.


After our dinner plates were cleared, my mom opened up her presents and we perused the “Naughty” menu for our dessert options! As with all gourmet restaurants, the portion sizes here were basically perfect and I wasn’t stuffed to the brim, so I could actually fathom the idea of dessert.


I opted for a single scoop of pistachio ice cream (my favorite!), which came with a little sliver of biscotti (a nice touch). I did, of course, get to sample some of the other options too though…


Of which my mom’s caramel-pineapple eclair was my favorite. The vanilla bean ice cream it was served with? To die for.


They also brought out a little tangerine sorbet, uh, thing as an extra birthday treat for her! I thought it was a little bit bitter, but it had great presentation and was a nice surprise.


And finally, if ALL of that weren’t enough, at the very end of the meal they supplied us with fresh glazed beignets. They were soft, pillowy, and still warm. Drool.


So there you have it! Yet another decadent family celebration that, paired with Sunday’s Super Bowl snackage, is sure to inform quite the disappointing weigh-in tomorrow, ahahaha. Not that I’m complaining, per se, just preparing myself, hehe. FYI: 2941 is still in “soft re-opening” mode, so from now until February 9th they’re taking 12% off of the food portion of your check if you’re interested in checking it out over the next couple of days!

How do you prefer to celebrate your birthday? Dinner at home? New restaurant? Old favorite? I am ALL about trying new restaurants for my birthday — ones I probably wouldn’t go to just for any random occasion. Birthdays of the past introduced me to amazing places like Volt and Zaytinya… as well as a less amazing experience at Founding Farmers. Who knows where I’ll end up this year come April — I’m happy to take suggestions!


  1. scared of red wine?! we’re going to have to fix that πŸ˜‰

    • Hehehe, I’m happy to make many, many attempts. πŸ˜›

  2. Wonderful review of the new and improved 2941. I actually got married there last year, and have yet to be back to try the new menu. I was skeptical of the big change (since we have so many treasured memories of the original), but your food pics and comments are peaking my interest! Maybe I will convince my hubby to make the trek back out there soon.

    • How wonderful! My mom commented when we walked in that it would be a great place for a wedding or rehearsal dinner. I don’t know what it looked like before, but it’s just so OPEN. Those ceilings… amazing.

    • I was going to comment because 2941 is the venue for my wedding this September! I had been a few times to the “original” and I was scared spitless that AFTER I put a deposit down I found out they were refreshing the place!

      I actually don’t think it makes a difference to the wedding menu, but still! I am actually a little sad that the glass jellyfish are gone from the entrance, but as long as the chef stays there and the food is still amazing I’ll be happy.

  3. Everything looks so delicious…I’ll have to figure out a way of getting my husband to take me! (I recently gave him a hard time for trying to sabotage my lifestyle change! We’re trying to eat healthier and exercise regularly, which I’ve been doing great at…but he insists on bringing home giant bags of doritos and beer :/ don’t you think that’s sabotage?!)

  4. Looks and sounds deeelish! I love the idea of the mac & cheese croquettes. (OK, basically I love anything with mac and cheese in it.).

    I like to have my birthday at home. We live right near this awesome fresh pasta shop, so that’s always a must. Gotta have long-life noodles! And chocolate cake with white frosting and peppermint ice-cream.

    Please tell your Mom many happy returns, η”Ÿζ—₯εΏ«δΉοΌŒδΈ‡δΊ‹ε¦‚ζ„οΌShe looks too young to be your Mom!

  5. Have you been to BoneFish?!?!?! AHH SO GOOD πŸ™‚

    uh last night we went to a Chinese buffet in Falls Church for my sister in law’s 21st birthday.. oh boy.. I am STILL full.

    • I haven’t been to Bonefish, but I keep hearing about it! What Chinese restaurant did you go to?

        • I haven’t, but I pass by it all the time and am always wondering about it. Good?

          • If you like seafood there is a lot of options, but I don’t so… it wasn’t bad.. they have a pretty good sushi bar, and they have a place where you can get the grill stuff.. you know where you choose your veggies and they cook it for you.

            Expensive on the weekends, especially if you don’t eat seafood, but for $20 last night it was a pretty good deal πŸ™‚

  6. Happy belated birthday to your momma! We usually opt to cook in or go to one of our fave restaurants for bday celebrations- rather be safe than sorry… And to add to above, red wine is my fave[unless it’s a special occasion and we splurge for a bottle of bubbly] and I’ve only been to BoneFish once but it was awesome!

  7. Volt! Volt! Come to Volt! There’s actually quite a few really good restaurants in Frederick.
    I was trying to get a reservation on Saturday at Founding Farmers in Potomac for my birthday, but they’re all booked up! Damn Valentines Day. We’re checking out the Wine Kitchen instead (there’s one in Frederick and one in Leesburg).
    I wasn’t a red wine fan until I was 26 and went to Sonoma and Napa and learned how to taste properly. Now I’m about 75% red wine drinker. Pinot Noir is my FAVORITE- and any 2008 Pinot from Oregon is the best (I learned all about Pinot this summer when I visited Oregon).

    • To be honest, I wouldn’t try for Founding Farmers on a busy occasion like that anyway. I really wasn’t very impressed when I went for my birthday last year. I think I already told you that I’ve heard great things about several Frederick restaurants! I need to try more of ’em… sounds like an excuse for us to get together if I’ve ever heard one! πŸ˜‰

      • I was thinking of just going to FF for lunch sometime. We’ll see..
        You let me know when you want to come to Frederick and we’ll make a date! There are so many good places to choose from!

  8. This all looks amazing!
    The same thing happened to me today, I ordered gluten free penne with lots of veggies (the dish sounded really healthy) and everything was drenched in olive oil… still tasty, though πŸ˜‰
    I love going out to restaurants for birthdays, but also like to have everyone over for a nice dinner.

  9. Jealous that I missed out on the fun family dinner at a new restaurant! But I guess Australia is worth it πŸ™‚


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