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Posted on Jan 25, 2012 in Dear Diary, Weigh Ins | 0 comments


Oh hey. Remember when I accidentally kicked my computer in the face and then spent eight months complaining about it?


Well, I finally decided that I’m a grown-up (who has officially destroyed her credit card debt — roar!) and did something about it. Nerd alert!


Thanks to a few of my (even nerdier) friends, I did the possimpible: I ordered individual parts for a computer online and built it with Ben’s my bare hands.


Okay, you caught me. I didn’t do most of the actual wiring and connecting and whatnot. But I did hunt down bargain prices for all the pieces, and I paid close attention to what my brother was doing as I documented the entire process in photos. Turns out, it’s really not all that hard! I feel like my cred as a self-proclaimed technogeek is finally starting to rise. You know, for a girl. 😉


True, it’s no glorious Macbook Pro. But it didn’t cost me any of my appendages, and it’s a PC that can handle my awesomely nerdy games as well as allow me to edit photos without having to navigate around the spider cracks down its screen. Also, the screen is my TV. So it’s huge. That’s what she said. Somebody stop me.


Even though there’s no way that a PC can ever be as sexy and gorgeous as a Mac, I did try to make sure there was at least something going on with it aesthetically. Just be proud of me for skipping the Hello Kitty keyboard, yes? Ahaha.

IMG_5293 IMG_5265

Not everyone was as confident in my ability to actually do something this technologically savvy right, but the joke’s on them…

IMG_5284 IMG_5283

Since they’re the ones who are going to have to deal with the glare off of my GIANT AWESOME TV SLASH COMPUTER NOW. Bwahahaha!


All in all, it should lead to good things. I’m going to hang onto my Macbook as a secondary option. I still plan on getting a new one sometime down the road since this one is over four years old now, has a battery life of roughly seven minutes, and, you know, the whole screen thing is still an issue. But for now, this works out! I still have something (semi) portable for when I need it, but a higher-end machine for higher-end stuff. Hooray for progress!

What’s your machine setup? Mac or PC? Laptop or tower?

PS: I didn’t forget my weigh-in this week. I just didn’t feel it warranted a big announcement since it was almost exactly the same as last week. A -0.1 loss, bringing me to 193.8. Not much fun, but given all that Chinese New Year celebrating I did, I’ll take it. Ah well, keep on keeping on, eh?

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