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Posted on Jan 24, 2012 in Pup Posts | 33 comments

Belated Birthday

So you are now all acquainted with what Chinese New Year is like in the Powell household, but I neglected to tell you about the other celebration that was held!


It was somebody’s birthday on Saturday, and being the crazy dog lady that I am, you know I couldn’t NOT make something of it! Fair warning: there are about to be a lot of pictures of some really cute dogs coming up.


It was a true puppy party! Daxter had the support of big bro Harry…


… as well as cousin Oreo to help him ring in the big 0-2!



Equipped with a giant rawhide from his aunt and cousin (which he immediately trotted away with) and a Busy Buddy from Harry and me, I think that he made out pretty well!


I picked up some pupcakes for the birthday gang from Dogma Bakery, and I think the rest of the photos will speak for themselves. Call me crazy if you like, but this ish makes me happy, okay? And I like to think that it made the birthday boy happy too. 😉





So put my mind at ease: am I the only crazy person who does this kind of birthday celebration for her pets? And do you judge me for it? I mean, even if you do, it’s not like it’ll stop me in the future. I’m just curious, hahaha.

Oh, he’s definitely judging me. But I don’t care. 🙂


  1. I noticed the dogs wearing their Thundershirts – we had one for my mom’s super nervous/anxious shepherd mix, and it really helped during storms and times when he’d likely freak out and hide in the bathtub. Do your dogs just wear for certain occasions or just all the time?

    I have always celebrated dog birthdays! We often do “birthday cakes” that consist of raw hamburger patties, topped with cheese and sardines – they love it! My current dog, a stray I rescued off the street, celebrates his “rescueversary” with a trip to the dog store to pick out a new bone. We love our dogs!

    • I just got Thundershirts for my pups after my sister got one for her dog and said it really helped with his energy and anxiety (he’s weird around new people). Since Harry and Daxter each have their separate issues (Harry is crazypants around other dogs, Daxter barks at every human, animal, and inanimate object that comes through the front door) I figured I’d give it a try. They don’t wear them all the time, but I definitely notice a difference in their behavior when they have them on! It’s like they’re sedated, they’re so calm. Daxter still barks when people come in sometimes, but not always, and that alone means success to me, haha.

  2. Our last dog birthday celebration included special dog-made ice cream and cake served on special bought birthday plates. You are lot alone.

    • Phew! Special dog ice cream sounds amazing! Is it just ice cream without all the sugar?

      • I assume so. We actually got it at the store (can’t recall which). It’s cleverly called Frosty Paws. 🙂

  3. I definitely celebrate dog birthdays!! I just wish my dog were a little more friendly around other dogs so I could have a party for him. He’d rather hide behind me than play with the other dogs. Also, I had no idea that Dogma Bakery even existed. I’ll be making a visit soon!

    • Definitely give them a visit! They have a big variety of fresh-baked treats, and the rest of the shop is a dog boutique. Totally panders to us crazy dog people. 😀

  4. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!! I would totally throw a birthday party for my babies if I knew when their birthdays were! 🙂 I think I might do an adoption-day party instead…. hmmm. Why were they wearing thundershirts? Do those really work? My parents swear by it… just curious 🙂 I am totally ordering pupcakes too. What a cute idea 🙂

    • omg. sorry about all the smilies…

      • Hahahahahahaha, no apologies – I love it!

    • They both have issues riding in the car without going nutso, and Harry’s weird around other dogs (even Oreo), so I had their thundershirts on them for part of the party. They do work! They probably work better on other dogs, but I defintiely notice a difference in behavior — ESPECIALLY in the car which is amaaaazing because I don’t feel like I’m going deaf/will crash, haha.

  5. Not the only one at all. I’m so obsessed with our little guy. I wish I could cut and paste a pic of him in here. I love your dogs so much, and I don’t even know them. The video you posted with the little booties, I could watch it for hours. Dogs are so funny, and make everyday AWESOME.

  6. My dog Ares’ birthday was Saturday too…he was the big 0-3.

    Let’s just say if having birthday parties is wrong I don’t want to be right. But seriously we had first birthday parties for both of our dogs that involved party hats. Now they just get gifts mainly because Ares likes to eat things and the hat might not fair so well.

    Your pictures are way too cute and yes I think you are being judged in the last one.

  7. Aww, so cute! The new haircuts make them look like wee young pups. Aren’t pets the best? I love how happy they make us, and how happy it makes us to be silly to make THEM happy!

  8. Birthday parties for dogs are awesome!!! Don’t feel weird at all. And if you do, then just know that I’m weird right along with you. 🙂

  9. In my house, we always celebrate our pets’ birthdays. Not as much as you, but we do. We had a litter born in our house and kept three of the cats, so we always commemorate the day in April.

    • Haha, I haven’t tried it yet, but I still have an extra one at home so maybe I’ll have to give it a try. It’s peanut butter flavored, I’m told! 😛

  10. Absolutely adorable! I had no clue that there were dog treat bakeries! In the past we’ve always baked a vanilla cake and given our pup a piece… I really wanna check it out! Maybe Charlie will receive a special VDday treat ;P

    P.S. How did you get Harry [I think that’s him?] to hold the card in his mouth? A treat inside?!

    • I WISH Harry knew how to do that! That’s my sister’s dog, Oreo, and they somehow just taught him how “Take it”, and he’ll hold whatever they give to him in his mouth! I don’t know what her secret is…

      • Um CLEARLY i’m a dog whisperer!…. or it’s his retriever instinct that makes him hold things in his mouth 😛

  11. So cute! I love all your doggie pictures. 🙂 We always throw a party for our dog on his birthday. The last one included 16 dogs & 25 humans. haha.

  12. You know what Yotsuba would say: enjoy everything! Besides, dogs SHOULD be celebrated, right? They celebrate us very single day. All we have to do is walk in the door.

  13. Um, I 100% do this for my dad’s dog, so I can only imagine what kind of crazy dog lady I’m going to be when I can FINALLY get one of my own!!! I’m loving Daxter’s haircut…he’s such a prince!

  14. he is adorable! Happy Birthday Dexter!

  15. My mom made poodle cupcakes to celebrate our poodles 1st birthday! You aren’t the only one! Always love the pictures of the dogs. 🙂

  16. I am totally going to plan something for Oreo’s 1st birthday- March 24th!! Hmmm how fortunate that happens to fall on a Saturday… 😛

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