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Posted on Jan 23, 2012 in Food | 14 comments

Chinese New Year 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!


Today marks the first official day of CNY, which as of now it is the Year of the Dragon, friends.


And you better believe that my Whasian family kicked it off in style this weekend!


Some of my extended family came up from Virginia Beach to ring in the new year with us. It was great getting to catch up with uncles and cousins alike: chatting together, cooking together, and, of course, eating together!


So, er, this is supposed to be a weight loss blog, right?






Weeeeell, what can I say? It was a(nother) celebration! Oy, so much food. We had an entire duck, pickled cucumbers, beef and onions, tofu and bean sprouts, mushrooms and bok choy, prawns, new year’s soup, and a whole fish. There was also an unpictured vegetarian dish made with soy and fungus, which sounds gross but was awesome.


Almost all of the dishes we ate had some sort of significance in terms of what they stood for. The noodle soup had egg dumplings that represented gold bars (for prosperity), the fish represented longevity… or something… you get the idea. It definitely made for both a meaningful AND delicious smorgasbord of traditional dishes. My tough cousin Sidney even took care of the fish eye and duck head, ahahaha.


It was, overall, a wonderful time with my family that I obviously never see and never hang out with. Ever. Cooking with my mom and learning her secret ninja kitchen skillz is something I always enjoy regardless of the occasion… though admittedly I don’t think I’ll be frying up whole fish anytime soon.


I was back over at my parents’ place for lunch the next day as well, to eat more. And, you know, spend more time with my extended family. Heh. As a doubleplusbonus, the whole new year-filled weekend was capped off with me getting money! (Don’t worry, it’s legit. Receiving red packets — “hong bao” or “lai see” — from your elders is part of CNY tradition.) Even if you weren’t ringing in the other new year this weekend, I hope you all had a good one. And stayed warm and dry!

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy New Year!


  1. Seeing posts like this makes me wish I had a culture other than superamericanmutt. So jealous! I’m now going to eat my twinkies and watch football. Because that’s my sad, sad “culture”.

    • That sounds like a bangin’ cultural tradition to me! 😉

  2. What beautiful pictures! Your mom must be an AMAZING cook. We just had dumplings — but they were super yummy!

  3. Happy new year to you and your family! Beautiful smorgasbord board of food- chuckled reading “soy and fungus” [aka soy and mushrooms?]… That and the fish eye and duck head sound so exotic! Makes me wanna start celebrating or at least making some Chinese food on the new year!

  4. Oh my yum! Look at all that delicious food! Happy Chinese New Year to you! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Is that right? I hope so! 🙂

  5. Om nom nom nom. Except for the eyeballs. Delicacy? Eh neh!

    Also love that color on your nails! What is it?

  6. yum yum! That looks sooooo good! I made a vegetable and vermicelli noodle dish with some pork mini egg rolls! The egg rolls were definitely a new experience for me. Are egg rolls legit chinese or American chinese?

  7. WHITE RABBIT CANDY!! AAAHHHH!!! Childhood favorite!! Nostalgia overload! Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year, Gretchen!
    I also celebrated last night, although my family is over 500km away. So instead I had a friend over and I cooked up some Chinese food for a delicious picnic on the floor of my bachelor apartment. There wasn’t as much as what your mom cooked, but still a good time.
    Own this year Dragon!

    • That sounds awesome though! And good on you for celebrating even though you don’t “have” to since your family is back in Ottawa. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  9. Gung Hai Fat Choi Gretchen!!! What beautiful photos of a beautiful feast. May this year of the dragon be a good one for you!!!

  10. I have never been so hungry looking at pictures of food in my entire life. This is like food blogging porn. YUMMY!

  11. YAY for keeping our fun Chinese traditions alive- gung hay fat choi to your dragon year!


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