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Posted on Jan 20, 2012 in Dear Diary | 49 comments

Year of the Dragon

Monday marks the beginning of Chinese New Year, and it’s an extra special one this time around because it’s the Year of the Dragon!

So fierce. (source)

You see, I wasn’t just speaking figuratively when I said that 2012 was going to be my year. I am a dragon, which not only means that I have the best of all the Chinese Zodiacs (duh), but it means that this is literally my year! And we all know that I am definitely planning on making the most of it.


Though it is tradition to celebrate on new year’s eve, which would be Sunday, my family is having our big dinner on Saturday instead. Some of my extended family is coming up from Virginia Beach and it’s sure to be a loud, boisterous, Whasian celebration!


According to the unfailingly accurate sources of the internet, “those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon are energetic and warm-hearted, charismatic, lucky at love and egotistic. They’re natural born leaders, good at giving orders and doing what’s necessary to remain on top.”

The noble knowledge house of Wikipedia adds the following descriptors: “Magnanimous, stately, vigorous, strong, self-assured, proud, noble, direct, dignified, eccentric, intellectual, fiery, passionate, decisive, pioneering, artistic, generous, loyal. Can be tactless, arrogant, imperious, tyrannical, demanding, intolerant, dogmatic, violent, impetuous, brash.”


Though I’m not sure if every adjective on that second list holds true (arrrrrgh, I’m so violent, I must punch things!), in general I think that the first description is pretty accurate for me! (Well, the lucky in love part remains to be seen, but I’m yet a mere dragonling, so I’ve got time, haha.) I am definitely energetic, I consider myself a fairly charismatic person, and as for egotistical? Well, I write about and take pictures of myself 5 days a week, so you tell me. πŸ˜‰

Dragon. Rawr.

When I was in college, I actually came close to getting a tattoo of the Chinese character for dragon (“LΓ³ng“) and a dragon design encircling it. I ended up chickening out, partly because I couldn’t decide where to place it, and partly because I’m a wuss. I’m just not sure I’m enough of a rockstar to pull off a tattoo. I still think about it sometimes though, and I would want the same thing if I were to get one someday (and would have to hope that people don’t think of me as just another girl with a dragon tattoo, haha.)

This artist at DeviantArt must love me very much to create a Chinese zodiac using Gir! Ahhh! I love it!

I’m looking forward (well, somewhat apprehensively) to the craziness that I’m sure this weekend will bring. Saturday also marks Daxter’s birthday, so you better believe there will be celebrating on that end as well. Have a great weekend everyone, and gong xi fa cai!

Hey baby, what’s your sign?


  1. I’m a rat (despite being boring in ’85) and my manfriend is a snake. We’re celebrating it on Monday too. He tells me we have to have fish and noodles.

    Umm, that calendar is fantastic. I’m a wicked big GIR fan too. Excuse me while I just stare at the cuteness for a while.

  2. I’m a dragon too! Apparently according to some website I pulled up on Google, I am more specifically an Earth dragon. I’m trying to figure out if that dragon stuff describes me!

    In other astrology, I am a Taurus. I definitely have the stubborn characteristic to go along with that!

  3. I’m an ox. My baby brother is a 2000 Dragon so it’s extra special for him this year πŸ™‚

  4. I’m a rat. I just read the description and it seems pretty accurate. I DO have mighty fine taste. haha. Also, you and I are compatible πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Hey hey pretty lady. *cough*

    Happy New Year! Maybe I’ll muster up the motivation to do a Chinese Sunday night meal?

    • I’d say anything that includes some form of rice or noodle counts, so do it up!! πŸ˜€

  5. I’m a monkey, although now that I think about it, I was probably born before the Chinese New Year (my birthday is Jan 17) — so I might actually be a … sheep. Neither of which are as fierce-sounding as dragon, sadly.

    I thought idly about getting a dragon tattoo when I was in my early/mid 20s too, but like you I couldn’t decide where to place it! Maybe for my 50th birthday I’ll take the plunge. πŸ™‚

    Happy new year!

    • Aw, I just realized my baby (due in April) is going to be a dragon! Whee!

      • Yay! And not that I’m biased or anything, but April is DEFINITELY the best month to be born in as well… πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m a horse.

  7. I’m a rat and my fiance is a sheep. I loved this post and I can’t wait to see the post about y’alls dinner. I love learning about cultures other than my own.

    • Well, you might not be a Burninator (RAWR), Miss Piggy, but you’ve got a lot of other awesomeness going on: Honest, gallant, sturdy, sociable, peace-loving, patient, loyal, hard-working, trusting, sincere, calm, understanding, thoughtful, scrupulous, passionate, intelligent.

      My favorite is “sturdy”, hahahaha.

  8. I’m a (proud!) monkey and my husband is a dragon. I’d say that description fits his personality very well. I’d like to add ‘stubborn’, though. πŸ˜‰
    Oh, and his parents went a little overboard with that whole dragon thing, in my opinion. They even used the Korean word for dragon as part of his first name. So he’s a dragonΒ²!
    Happy New Year, again!

    • Haha, I love that! I would much have preferred to have my middle name be the Chinese word for dragon than the word it actually is (“Ho”, ahahaha)

  9. I am a rat. I think you could TOTALLY pull off a dragon tattoo – or any other tattoo you wanted. You’re definitely spunky enough to rock some ink!

  10. I am a Sheep, which I think is perfect. I love fluffy things, like to graze, and seem a little dumb but am actually very smart. I will also follow around pigs. Did I mention that all my knowledge about sheep comes from the movie “Babe”?

  11. Well as you know, I’m a dog (cue laughter) but since seeing the GIR calendar and noting that I get the ACTUAL Gir as my symbol i’m much happier. The characteristics of the dog fit me pretty well. Hubby is a rooster- but we’re both Leos interestingly enough. love astrology- both western and eastern!

    • I think we need to commission an artist to come up with renderings of our Eastern and Western zodiacs to create true Whasian zodiacs! I’ll be a ram-dragon (awesome), you’ll be a tiger-dog (kinda awesome), and Ben will be a pig-centaur (LOLOLOLOLOL).

  12. Gretchen! as a fellow Azn I must warn you to be extra careful during your year! It is the year we are most vulnerable to malevolent outside forces, or that’s what my elders tell me! They suggest keeping a jade figurine of your animal under your pillow to protect your spirit. This makes me seems quite the superstitious girl eh? But I figure the more to protect our spirit the better right? Happy Chinese New Year!! πŸ™‚

    • I certainly appreciate you looking out for me! πŸ˜‰

  13. I am a Rat, and, while I already have a ton of tattoos, I can say with certainty that I will not be adding a rat to that collection. But you could definitely pull off a dragon. Do it! It doesn’t hurt…that bad. πŸ™‚

  14. Gretch!! don’t want to rain on your parade (although i see someone else already has) but when it’s your year you actually are more susceptible to bad luck, so you’re supposed to lie low and have your parents pray for you. this happens every 6 years (your year and six years from now, which i guess is the year of the dog. just fyi πŸ˜‰

    • If only I had known this before I made such declarative statements about how I was going to rock this year out! Hahahaha πŸ˜›

  15. Im a Tiger. Rawr!

    I like it.

  16. I’m a rat, which I suppose is not as bad as it sounds because I’m “Forthright, tenacious, intense, meticulous, charismatic, sensitive, intellectual, industrious, charming, eloquent, sociable, artistic, and shrewd.” And then also some less-awesome things like potentially self-destructive (yikes!). Eh, why focus on the negative?

    • I think I’d rather be self-destructive than tyrannical, but either way, let’s focus on the positive fo’ sho’. πŸ˜‰

  17. So… as a dragon you are both a born leader AND tyrannical. That sounds dangerous! I’m a Tiger πŸ˜€

    >\ == //<
    :== q''p ==: _
    .__ qp __. .' )
    / ^–^ /.'
    /_` / ) '/
    ( ) |-'-/
    ^^, |-|–'
    ( `' |_| )
    – |-|/
    (( )^—( ))

    • Ok my tiger pic did NOT work out D:

      • Lol! Gretchen for supreme dictator!

  18. It said I’m a goat, but I always thought I was a monkey…? Hmm. And the descriptions of a goat are nothing like me.
    I have a chinese dragon tattoo on my upper back, right below my neck. I got it when I was 19 and it was inspired by Angelina’s dragon tattoo: http://thehobbitmoviepremiere.tumblr.com/post/10601375574/angelina-jolie-black-dragon-tattoo-design-on

    It has no personal meaning to me. I thought it was awesome for about a year. Now I hate it and plan to have it removed. It was really awesome at my wedding when it was right there for everyone to see. I made some really stupid choices when I was a kid!


    “Generally quiet, avoids the spotlight, very social, shrewd negotiator, diplomatic, likes to stay close to friends and family, artistic”

    Wiki: “Gracious, good friend, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, shy, astute, compassionate, lucky, flexible. Can be moody, detached, superficial, self-indulgent, opportunistic, stubborn.”

    I think that sounds about right! πŸ™‚

  20. I’m a snake [or a snack as I typed in the first time haha]! Guess I have to wait two more years for “my year” πŸ˜›

  21. I’m a rat and mine was REALLY spot on…almost weirdly. It also told me to do yoga. Thanks Chinese year symbol for knowing that I do, in fact, suck at going to yoga.

  22. GIR is my very favorite!

  23. I’m a Tiger, which seems to fit perfectly. My husband is a Rat and that description doesn’t sound like him at all. Oh wait now that I look, he was born just after the new year in ’84 so he’s actually an Ox. And yeah that sounds right, stubborn? Hot tempered? Yeah sounds right hah.

    • Pupcakes were most definitely devoured (and closely photographed! ;))

  24. my chinese sign is oxen. which i didn’t even know about haha
    but my zodiac is cancer πŸ™‚

  25. Gretchen, why aren’t you celebrating Daxter’s birthday today? Today is the 21st!

    • Oh we definitely had a celebration today! It’s just that between pupcakes and Chinese New Year dinner it’s been too busy to recap quite yet. But rest assured that MANY happy puppy pics will be coming!

  26. Happy New Year! I met my husband during my year (ox), so you may rock this Dragon out after all! Just get a red belt to ward off bad luck. Dumplings tonight! (Pork, scallion, cilantro, ginger, garlic and a tiny bit of carrot . . . nommmm)


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