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Posted on Jan 18, 2012 in Dear Diary, Pup Posts | 26 comments

Shave and a Haircut

Two bits!

So my hair appointment isn’t until this afternoon (the results of which I’m sure you will be waiting for with baited breath!), but there were a couple others that did get their hair, uh, did yesterday! As with any good makeover story, allow me to share with you the befores:

Eyes? Who needs eyes?

The hobo look is so hot right now.

Harry and Daxter received LONG overdue haircuts last night, and they’ve never looked better! Because getting two dogs professionally groomed is so expensive, I try to maintain their haircuts on our own and only go for a full-out groom a few times a year. Despite a few not-so-successful self-grooming attempts at first, we’ve actually gotten pretty good at it! That said, it is still nice to see them so sharp, dapper, and above all, CLEAN — as only a pro can do it. Voila!

I hate you for doing this to me.

But damn it if I don’t look good.

Sorry if this is a little more for those of you (crazies) who may not be as canine-inclined as me, but c’mon. They’re pretty cute, right?

Actually, I just traded in Daxter for a brand new dog.

Harry, on the other hand, is pretty much the same. Only cleaner.

You know, between the torturous grooming sessions, the number of sweaters I make them wear, and the amount of time they spend in front of a camera, they really do put up with a lot. Aside from their cuteness, their tolerance is hands-down the number one reason why they are so awesome.

Whoops, you blinked!

Now, the pupsters getting their haircuts on, of course, made me think about my own looming groomery. I have an appointment with hair dresser to the stars, Sarah, who saved me from a horrid self-haircut a year and a half ago (though apparently I haven’t learned my lesson, since I keep cutting my own bangs anyway, haha) and has never steered me wrong. I’m trying to maintain the self-control necessary to grow my hair back out, but since my hair is starting to teeter dangerously on mullet territory, I definitely need a trim.

Enter the most incredibly awesome waste of $1.99 ever: the Hairstyle app!

Through the magic of the iPhone (and my knack for buying unnecessary things), I have now discovered many new looks for myself, and a new way to feed my self-obsession! You get the gist, of course: you take a picture of yourself, line up the hair, and get to play with multiple styles and colors for a full head MAKEOVER! Wheeee! To my surprise, some of the looks were actually fairly realistic and doable…

Some were slightly more far-fetched (and make me really anxious to grow my hair out for reals!)

And some are just wrong on various levels.

And yes, that last one is what I would look like with Snooki hair…

… and Ginnifer Goodwin hair… and Ariel hair. Kekeke.

ANYWAY. The point is that I’m not really sure how my hair is going to end up post-haircut today, but it’s fun to experiment. Also, the app is obviously way, way too much fun. But hey, since I ask for your guys’ advice on pretty much everything else, I’d love to hear your opinions on how I should have my hair cut during this in-between, still-growing phase! Do I cut it into a new style? Just have her even it out so it can grow (this seems like a boring option). Thoughts?


  1. Oh man, Gretchen! I totally just spent $1.99 for that app. Ive been toying around with the idea of chopping my hair off again and this is just way too much fun. I love the first and second pictures on the left side column. There is just something way fun about choppy short hair.

    • Ahahahaha, I love it! It’s so addictive. And though obviously most of them look really fake, if you calibrate the photo just right, some of them really do line up pretty well!

  2. Lol that app is amazing. I vote Snooki hair 😉

    p.s. It’s crazy how different dogs look when they get shaved! So young and fresh, ha.

  3. Harry and Daxter look mighty handsome! How old are they? They are so cute! Your hairstyle options are pretty awesome. How fun!

    • Harry is 7 and Daxter turns 2 on Saturday! (Prepare for a puppy party, hahaha)

  4. The growing phase is so tricky! I never know how to handle that. Suffer with boring (or awkward) hair for a few months or so while it grows? Or just resign yourself to a short cut until you can stomach the growing out part?

    I love freshly groomed puppy pictures. Almost as much as I love freshly groomed puppy snuggles.

    • The snuggles are pretty awesome. Especially while they still smell good from the shampooing and spraying and drying and torture. Bwahahaha.

  5. That app looks amazing and you have such a good face for so many styles. My vote is either of the first two or the bottom right on the first set of four! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  6. Ah, your pups are just too cute to handle but Daxter is beyond words!! Can’t wait to see the results of your ‘do – I’m getting groomed myself in a few weeks, very much looking forward to it!

  7. Oh my goodness- look at those handsome boys!! I love it! Daxter does look like a whole new dog! My guys don’t really require trims, but definitely need to be washed on a regular basis. We take them to a self-service dog wash- it’s always a lot of “fun.”
    Love the app too- but I LOVE your short hair!! Short hair is the best- I just don’t have the balls to cut mine!

  8. When I was growing my short cut out (which sometimes I kind of want back) I just had my hairdresser keep cutting the back and relayering it. For some reason the hair in the back of my head grows faster until my hair gets longer and then its just forever too short to stay in a ponytail. Boring in between time but that’s what hair dye is for.

  9. I love the pups cuts. They look so much younger when they are all shorn! Now I am waiting with baited breath to see yours! Two bits!

  10. Love your short hair. The first three are my favorites. I have a bob now, but am contemplating going back to short.

  11. I’m growing my hair out, too, and have had to take action against the mullet stage twice now. I just keep getting trims and evening out the back because if I go with a new style I know I’ll never grow it out. It doesn’t help that it’s like a two year process. Grow, damnit, growww!

  12. 1. I want that app. I hope android has one too!
    2. The blunt bangs one is super cute!! Or you could just shave your head to match your dogs because we all know it’s super cool to look like our animals 😉

  13. i love your do on the the very top left w/ the short cut. but I love the cut by your “honey I shrunk the gretchen” w/ the leather jacket.
    I have to say, im not one to change my do…..but maybe i should mix it up a bit haha

  14. haha, i like this app! looks super fun!

    so, i might be ridic but i actually really like the pic of you with ginnifer goodwin hair. short hair looks really great on you in general. a short, fun pixie cut would be cool!

    growing out short hair is so tricky. i’m thinking of growing out my short ‘do and i’m not entirely sure how to tackle it. this might just be my excuse for leaving it short! 🙂

    love your blog! really like your positive attitude. keep it up!

  15. I think you are someone who could actually pull off the Ginnifer ‘do. Not a lot of people can. No one should ever go the Snooki route. Ever.

    Clean doggies are awesome. My dog is perpetually stinky. He’ll go straight from the bathtub to rolling in a dead squirrel.

  16. Cool app! You totes can rock the shoulder length styles 😀

    P.S. You groom your own dogs?! We’ve given our pup a bath twice and he’s done well but I can’t imagine trying to cut his hair… It would be quite the experience!

  17. Ahhhh–they look so handsome!! Lincoln is in major need of a grooming. I kinda don’t want to touch him because he looks that mangy but of course I can’t do that so it’s been snuggle city here. But he smells rank and looks homeless so yeah, I need to book an appointment stat!

  18. The pups are so cute with their cuts! I love it when my mom’s dogs get shaved and bathed, they look like brand new puppers!!

  19. I’m getting my hair did today, and I totally just searched your blog to download this app.


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