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Posted on Dec 28, 2011 in Dear Diary | 32 comments

Christmas Swag: A Poem

‘Twas Christmas that came on Sunday past,


With gifts for all, it came at last!

Santa's Little Helper

An iPhone for Mom,

Mom on Christmas

A Keurig for Pop,

Santa for Papa

New running gear from Jenny,


Presents were nonstop!


With new plates from Taylor,

My food photos will improve,

As my kitchen arsenal keeps growing,

Even though Instagram’s still my groove.

Tuckered Out

These are just a few examples
Of our awesome Christmas swag.
So as you can see,
We had this holiday in the bag.

This showcase doesn’t show all,
The best part isn’t yet pictured:
Come February I will be,
Amongst the witches and wizards!

My parents are taking me to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in February! AHHHHH!!

So spill: what did you get for Christmas?


  1. You made out very nicely!!!

    My favorite gifts are always the most random. Ex: The Alabama gloves my sister gave to me. ROLL TIDE!!!

    Plus, new workout gear never hurts and I certainly got plenty of that.

  2. AHHHH!!! That is so cool!!

    I think my fav thing is our new soda stream from my parents! We go through at least 2 cases of seltzer a week and I always feel really bad about the waste, but no more! I am excited to try new flavors, but a little nervous about the pressurized gas. I can’t even deal with opening a Pillsbury biscuit tube so I am foreseeing some issues when it is time to change the cartridge.

    • We got a Sodastream too! I love it already, I’ve used it like 12 times, hahahaha. But like you, I still cringe a little even when I’m just taking the bottle off of the spigot… I can’t imagine what cartridge changing will be like, but at this rate, I’m sure I’ll find out soon!

    • Awesome tips — I am so going to be referring back to this. I’m hoping that because it’ll be February and it’s been open for over a year now that it might not be as crowded? Although we are going on a holiday weekend… so I know I’m probably hoping in vain. Still going to be worth it. 😀

  3. We took my daughter to WW of HP when it opened. I’m just an occasional fan and I thought it was amazing! You are going to love it. I want to go back and see it when it’s not so crowded.

    • I’m hoping that the crowds won’t be toooooo crazy, but I know they probably will be. I am completely prepared to elbow some kids in the face if they get grabby with the wands. 😉

      • Just remember that feeling you get with your first glimpse of Hogwarts. Drink a butterbeer or pumpkin ale too. We couldn’t get into the wand area at all. Just too crowded.

  4. Love the ending! My boyfriend gave me a trip to Harry Potter World for my birthday, & I went ballistic. We were there in October, & it was amazing!

  5. Cute poem! Yes we all made out very nicely!

  6. A new turquoise Kitchenaid Mixer!!! And the kindle fire — sometimes it pays off to have divorced parents. I made homemade amaretto for everyone in my family and that was my favorite gift to give!

    • Whaaaat! That’s amazing!! Also, homemade amaretto sounds incredible — make me some? 😉

  7. I got a pizza stone, too! It is my 2nd, in order to be able to make two at once – but even with just one, it was one of my favorite things in my kitchen. You will get a lot of use out of it

    • I got one for my sister and her husband last Christmas, and this year they returned the favor! I’ve made pizza with them once on it, and it really just comes out better. I can’t wait to use it!!

  8. Oh HP!!!!! That’s the only reason I want Universal annual passes again….it’s sooooooooo amazing!

  9. How fun!

    I got new workout gear including yoga pants, shoes, a heart rate monitor, and the nike+ gadget for my shoes! I am going to be walking the 3 day 60 mile again this year in November so all of my goodies will help me in my training! So happy to see you had such a great Christmas 🙂

  10. I’m torn between getting a coffee/ espresso combo machine or a Keurig- gahhh, any advice?!

    • I love having a Keurig because it’s just so easy. But I’ll admit that it’s probably not the BEST coffee, so if quality is more important than convenience, or if you really like espresso, then maybe it’s not for you. On the other hand, if you love how easy it is to get a specific flavor or just one cup, do the k-cups!

  11. Yaaay HP! I haven’t been yet (I’ve been a little attached to Disney lately…) but you’ll totally have to let me know the dates, since I’m down in Orlando whenever I get the chance, maybe I can maneuver it so I’ll be around when you’re there! ;D

    • YAY! It’ll be over Presidents’ Day weekend, just fyi… 🙂

  12. You are going to love Harry Potter World! I just went on Christmas Day and LOVED it. Get there early and go straight to the Forbidden Journey!!!

  13. Uhh I don’t have a cool rhyme, but we got a ton of Lowe’s gift cards, a grill, an over-the-range microwave, and a Keurig. All very boring unless you’re a new homeowner… which I am 😉 Alsooooo I will be in Orlando in Feb as well for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon….. JUST SAYING… it’s awesome.

    • Not boring at all! As you can see, I still love getting appliances!

  14. Great gifts! I’m anxious to see your review of the Biggest Loser blender (or is it a smoothie maker?). My husband gave me Tiffany’s earrings (my first blue box and I’m 36!), a delicate aquamarine/sterling silver necklace, a Coach wristlet and perfume, and two pandora charms. 🙂 I’m SUPER jealous of your trip to Universal! I can’t wait to go!

  15. Twilight graphic novel??? I’m sorry, but puke! On the other hand, awesome pizza stone set and Daxter is even more adorable… if that’s possible.

    My bag of nerdiness included, Futurame Beyond the Wild Green Yonder, An American Tail, Feivel Goes West, and some money from my parents to help me buy furniture when I finally move out of my tiny bachelor of an apartment. I also got some cookies from France from my bestie.

    Boxing Day gifts I got for myself: Pixar Shorts, Futurama vol 6, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 2, Florence + the Machine Ceremonials, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Blitz.

  16. I am now the prowd owner of a digital camera, a new pot, a knife and the almost traditional postcard calendar. Oh, and a cooking magazine subscription.


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