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Posted on Dec 27, 2011 in Food | 0 comments

A Christmas (Food) Story

I really do not want to be at work today, she thought with a sigh.

She looked down with disdain at the half-empty styrofoam cup of weak coffee on her desk, already on her second of the morning, and cracked her knuckles to give them respite from their endless plodding on the keyboard. Leaning back in her chair, she let her mind wander back to the deliciousness that had occurred just a few days prior.


It had started innocently enough with a few, ahem, “accidental” cookie casualties from her family’s annual Christmas cookie decorating and gingerbread house-making extravaganza.


Three Dog Bakery

Cookie Tin

Gingerbread House

But it was Christmas weekend, after all, so this was only the beginning.

"Light" Lunch

Christmas Eve brought a “light” lunch of glazed ham, broccoli slaw, and potato salad.


And was followed with a snack of grapes, cheese, and crackers that afternoon.

Christmas Eve Fettucine

Before the finale of spinach fettucine and salads with golden beets. So much for her plans to take it easy food-wise on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Brunch

She figured that all the calories she burned ripping through presents the next morning must have helped balance it out somehow… even if they were only to be undone by a Christmas brunch of eggnog pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Of course, all of this was simply a precursor to the real main event: Christmas dinner!

Christmas Plate

Just remembering the dishes from that night was making her mouth water all over again. There was roast beef stuffed with garlic, grilled asparagus, mushroom napoleon, tomato and mozzarella salad with fresh basil, and the best batch of her roasted garlic mashed potatoes she’s ever made.

Roast BeastLoverly
Aspargus'dMushrooms Napolean
CapreseMashed Taters

Incredible, she thought. And the leftovers were fantastic, too.


The phone on her desk began to bleep mercilessly, jolting her back to the present. The reality was that the past four months days of deliciousness sans-calorie counting had been wonderful, but ultimately left her feeling kind of lousy. She knew that soon she would have to face the music, step back on the scale, and get working on her new year’s resolution (and blog-long goal) to finish out her weight loss.

Still, she thought, at least it’s been one delicious ride.

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