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Posted on Dec 23, 2011 in Dear Diary | 18 comments

Christmas Eve Eve

Happy Friday, folks!


At the last minute I decided to take today off from work and get a four-day holiday weekend out of Christmas (since I only actually get the 26th off). Huzzah!

Other than that though, I don’t really have much to report. Today will be spent making the gingerbread house, decorating cookies, and spending time with the fam. Can you believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve?! Ahhhh! I LOVE IT.

And just in case you weren’t full of enough holiday merriment, I present the following video of sheer adorableness to you. Apologies if you’ve already seen it through my posting it on Facebook. Actually, I’m not sorry. It’s so cute, you know you want to watch it again!

(If you’re reading this via email subscription, be sure to click through to watch the video!)

What’s your Christmas Eve tradition? My family’s is to go to church, have a light dinner afterward (to ready ourselves for the actual Christmas Beast Feast), and open a single present before bed. SQUEE CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. Ok, so we’re totally going to be the creepy family here:

    My dad still reads us two stories; How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Twas the Night Before Christmas. At our ages, 28, 25, and 18, its more about making fun of my dad and his accent. Some of the words just sound silly so we sit and the living room and let him read. Then, we exchange family presents and always find ourselves with an awesome new pair of pajamas.

    Yay Christmas!!!

    • I love that! I always love the Modern Family episode where it’s Christmas Eve and their tradition is to open one present, but it’s always the same present (pajamas to wear that night). I always put a lot of thought into my Christmas PJs — not that that’s surprising, I’m sure, hahahaha.

  2. je suis jalouse that you have the day off! woe is me! haha! my parental units arrive today and I can’t wait. we’re all about making some new traditions this year as no one was able to go home to Arkansas. I hope you have an amazing day off!

    • Yay for new traditions! I wish it were a little colder around here right now, but I’m excited that you and your fam are going to get to experience a DC Xmas. 😀

  3. That is by far the cutest video I’ve ever seen. Oh my gosh. I want all the puppies. All of them.

    We spend Christmas eve watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, going to church, and eating enchiladas. Some years we beg to open one present on Christmas eve, but now that we’re adults that doesn’t happen so much – mostly cause the presents aren’t even wrapped at this point!

    • We watched Christmas Vacation last night! Always so hilarious.

  4. I called off, too…there’s so much to get done! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Oh my gosh I want all the puppies right now!

    Growing up we did the one present on Christmas Eve and my dad would read The Night Before Christmas. Now that I’m a grown up…or at least older and have my own family, we have been growing new traditions every year. Starting last year the hubster and I put the kids to bed and pop open a bottle of Sam Adams Infinium Champagne Beer. They made it again this year so we will continue that tradition. Then we eat Santa’s cookies and write a note to my girls from Santa and watch The Christmas Story (It’s a major award!) No church cause I am a Christmas lovin’ atheist! I can’t wait! Almost better than Christmas day is Boxing Day and after Christmas sales! Hells Yeah!

  6. Every year, since I was a baby (I’m 26 now), my mom has read my sister and I “The Littlest Angel” before we open our stocking goodies and watch a cheesy TV special from the 80s called Claymation Christmas. Sad as it sounds, when I got married, that was the biggest sacrifice I had to make–knowing that every other year I’d be with HIS family on Christmas Eve and would miss my Christmas story. But my hubby’s family has some wonderful Christmas Eve traditions too–we got to Christmas Eve mass and then have breakfast for dinner with grandparents.

    Old and new holiday traditions are the best!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Before my brothers got married and had kids, we all used to have dinner at my parents, open presents, go to the Christmas Eve service and then come back for treats, coffee and tea with friends and family. Things have changed the last few years and this will be my first Christmas Eve alone. I think I am going to find a Christmas Eve service and then get packed up so I am ready to go visit part of my family on Christmas 🙂

    The video is adorable! It makes me want to get a dog…until I realize I am never home 😉

    Merry Christmas!

  8. I do the traditional Jewish Christmas – Chinese food and a movie. It’s pretty fun actually.

  9. my son and I love the video! (I want a puppy now! haha)
    For christmas eve, we will have a big dinner at my parents, exchanged presents between the siblings, go to mass at 10:30, then andrew will be able to open his ornament and pjs!

  10. I sent this video to my 17 y.o. daughter who wants a pet, and we both fell in love with it. So cute. Our tradition is Christmas Eve church, light snacks/grazing food and opening gifts.

  11. Those puppies are too adorable.

    Our Christmas Eve traditions are to finish up Kettles at 3 or 4 PM and then watch a movie. We wake up Christmas morning and read Luke 2 and relax together just me and Hunni. It’s a nice rest after the crazy past two months of work.

  12. We make the same snacks every year on Christmas eve just because its tradition and no one can stand the thought of eating anything other then little meatballs and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon along with the other goodies. We also go to church and my two kids even though theyre 15 and 23 still open one gift. Merry Christmas

    • Merry Christmas! It sounds like our evenings were similar (though we didn’t have bacon-wrapped water chestnuts unfortunately — YUM.) Merry Christmas!!

  13. My family has had a long standing Christmas tradition of movies on Christmas Eve night. We used to close out the theater to see one. This year we’re staying in to watch “How to Train Your Dragon” on Netflix. It’s still magical. 🙂

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