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Posted on Dec 16, 2011 in Pup Posts | 21 comments

Some Boots Ain’t Made for Walkin’

So, Christmas came a little bit early this year for someone.

Pugz Line 'em up

For who, you ask?


Why, for ME, of course! BWAHAHAHA.

Li'l Booties

Aren’t they amazing?

I hate you.

Yes, I bought Pugz for Daxter. They were meant to be his Christmas present, but I just couldn’t keep them under wraps. (Badoom-ching!)

Rage. Closeup

I’m pretty sure he’ll hate me forever. Worth it.

Harry in Boots

Don’t worry, Harry got in on the action for a little while, too. I’m an equal-opportunity schnauzer exploiter. (They really are good dogs to put up with me, aren’t they?)

Really? Why me?

And in case the above photo-showcase wasn’t enough to horrify delight you, please enjoy the following video of Daxter trying to walk in them. (Click through to view the video if you’re reading this in email!)

Happy Friday!


  1. I can’t tell if I’m disgusted or delighted.
    I do know that when I first saw the open box, I thought, “Why did they send two pairs? She must have gotten them on BOGO.”

    My ditziness astounds me.

    • I myself am a little bit of both. I think that straddling the line between horror and hilarity is kind what I was going for. Ahahahahaaaaaa

  2. Can’t wait to see what happens when you have children…;)

    • I seriously think about this all the time. I’m pretty sure my future kids have absolutely no chance of being normals. And I love it. 😛

  3. At least they look great! 😀 It does feel a bit like the equivalent of putting tape on the bottom of their paws…

    • Hahaha, well based on his unwillingness to actually, you know, walk in them, I’ve resigned myself to the idea that they will only actually go on his feet when I’m in desperate need of a mood pick-me-up. I do hear people tell me about how their dogs like wearing boots, though! I need to get me one of THOSE dogs, hahaha. 😛

  4. Yes!!! I went through the same thing with my dog a few years ago but he actually manages to get his paws out of the boots. SO priceless. This just cracked me up.

  5. Haaahaha this made my morning!! Poor Daxter, lifting he feet all funky, looking at you like, “MOM, WTF?!”

    • I love that shot at the end, where he looks at me as if to say “why…?”

  6. Read your post and the first thing I thought of was this little Youttube gem:


    I’m not one to dress up my dog in sweaters or any kind of people clothes, but you cannot deny that watching your beloved canine meander around your kitchen in mini Ugg boots is hilariously adorable.

    But my beagle gets frost bite on his paws VERY easily once the below 0 temperatures arrives, so I totally get the functionality of these boots. 🙂

  7. *picking myself up off the floor laughing* Poor Daxter!!!!!! Oh that made my day.

  8. Omg I love. Lovvvvveeeeeeee. It kind of makes me want to get boots for Fin just so I can get a good laugh.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I think I just might have to watch the video 5 more times. And get those boots for my puppies….

  10. Love it! We put socks on our dog and he does the same thing.. and on a side note… I have children and they are almost completely normal. bwaahhaaaa!

  11. Gretchen – you are off the hook! LOL Those are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the video too… wonder how my cats would do with those? I guess we’ll find out 😉

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